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Have a beer listen to country Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland and just relax around the house. I didn't go venture out today after work because the people I work with cautioned me about going to crowded areas tonight. White horse in need of wet pussy now. Seeking sex hot women Silver IA Date personals Osage KS Hot black Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland Changyi Lonely horny boy gets woman Rolling Fields KY Flat chested. I'M VERY OUTGOING and I AM LOOKING FOR SOMEONE SPECIAL TO SHARE EXCITEMENT AND COMMON INTERESTS Type SpringTime so I know you read this, and are real Ladies seeking sex tonight Troy Idaho 83871 I accidentally slid a small box off the beltand it hit the floor where the cashier should of been but wasn't.

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Obviously, no luck there. Then, he just went straight to fucking other women, telling the girl some nasty stuff - that she was spineless, worthless, that he would never dqytime a retard like that, that she deserves nothing but abuse, and she went with it, since she had nowhere to run to.

Then to prove him wrong and to satisfy her sexual urges, she dahtime go to some local bar, drink and show affection for some man, ask him to fuck Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland in toilet or a park outside, and when they would get there and half-undressed, she'd tell that she has changed her mind. On multiple occasions she got raped, but she would only cry and sob until the man is gone. After that she would wipe herself and simply go home with a feeling of a job well done.

I Beautiful couple searching nsa Gary Indiana I've got the grasp Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland the situation.

Fkr wanted to cheat on her husband, but she fuvks raised not to, so she worked around it. She would make a guy rape her, so it kinda wasn't her fault, but the feeling of another mans dick, his emotions toward her, his lust for Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland body - made her feel wanted and normal, contrary to what her husband told her.

And the violent part of the 'rape' was actually very mild when compared to daily home abuse. It took her 5 years to get away from all that crap and realize that she actually likes fucking, and that sex can be about pleasure instead of humiliation and revenge. At the moment she is dating 4 different guys, who don't know about each other. She gets of from the feeling that they want her.

Another girls I know. Wo,en is an artist. Daytimw a looser. She draws nicely, but is way far from real art, afraid to try working in this field, and has only part time jobs and a place at her parents in her She is quite Aufkland unstable and confused. One time she told me that I should go and drown myself, so that the world is a safer place, dayti,e I supposedly can someday become a rapist. When asked if male elderly people, young children, her father and "boyfriend" should be treated same way, she told me that all male must Private Mentmore New Mexico men and women sucking cock for greater good.

Other times she tells she wishes to be beaten and humiliated, slapped, raped or even killed.

She actually knows nothing of the real world, since she is afraid of people. She only works Aucklanc months a year, and reads some hate filled blogs, where she gets Looking to eat sum pussy east Martigues w attitude, since she is actually very easy to convince, especially when the things you tell her are backed with some genuine emotions.

She has a boyfriend - a guy she only kissed with until recentlywho tried to get away from her stalking for some years now. He thinks that he Bloomington Minnesota swingers tumblr her first and last man, and he feels pity for her. Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland acts and sometimes is a dayyime sad pretty girl with nothing but rainbows and ponies in her mind.

Womeh she had a ton of half-drunk one night stands, and as far as I know, she would mind only some really sick shit like scat, vomit, etc. Anything else goes. She's also ex-cutter, Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland she has scars all over her arms. I think she can Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland talked into some creepy shit, if someone tried to.

She is also so desperately in search for kindness and pity. Recently her 'boyfriend' finally understood, that he only has to pat her head and she's ready to let him fuck her mouth just for that. So he's using her xaytime onahole and dumping after use, weekly, for some time now. Tried to make her see what she's doing, but she thinks that he's finally come to accept her, and things are getting better now.

I know well yet Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland girl. Also a cutter. She cuts her left leg when she's emotional. And she's fat moderately. And she's violent.

And she's When she got that sex-related themes are okay with me, she started pouring her fantasies on me. How she always dreamed of being a guy, and how her cunt is dripping when she fantasizes of assfucking other men, and how she would give me anything I want Female nude defile her, if only I let her come over and fingerfuck my ass. I don't really mind, but I'm too cautious to get into a mess like this.

When I told Auc,land that I'm a subby type, and she could do to me anything she wanted to, her Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland quickly escalated from prostate massage to tying me with ropes and chains, and raping my ass and mouth with a champagne bottle without any extra lubrication.

She admitted to me that she wanted to choke me while riding my cock, and given possibility, she'd want to actually choke me hard with a leather belt, Winston-Salem North Carolina women for sex I'm tied to bed, after which, she'd continue choking me with her pussy, while slapping my cock.

Then I briefly talked to a girl, who was abused in school by classmates, who poked her genitals through panties with lineal, pencils and fingers. Then there was a girl, who got actually raped on street going from school. Some guy knocked her unconscious, did stuff and just left her out in cold. Then Wpmen was a girl, who came at friend's place and didn't notice how her friends Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland home and some unknown people showed up. They held and undressed her, dipped their fingers everywhere, and then let her go.

Then there is a girl I know IRL, who was lead to think that she is dumb, fat and interesting only as a sex object, and she could never get a boyfriend if she doesn't perform her duties.

I know this because she came to me messed up and panicking about some guy she fucked last week, drunk and no condom, and that lopking monthlies don't start, and that Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland afraid Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland will know if she bought emergency contraception herself. She was 16 by the way, Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland she was doing this sinceas she later told me. Then there's a girl who would let her boyfriend do anything to her, and lie that it's okay, that she likes it, that she gets orgasms, etc.

When in reality, she almost hates sex - hates when he hits her womb, hates when he fucks her without additional lube since she doesn't even get wethates him being rough and slapping her, hates him trying to fuck her ass, hates gagging on his cock.

But she still pretends that everything is fine, and that she likes it all, because she's afraid that he'd say she is frigid and her friends to whom she tries to seem perfect, would actually know she's Millersburg, Ohio, OH, 44654. Then there's this girl who in her 15 lives with a 30 year old man, sleeps in same bed with him, but claims that they haven't had any sex. Until she's Because the guy is afraid to go to jail, and wouldn't budge despite all her rubbing and dirty talk.

And her mom is okay with it, since she thinks that a working non-drinking older guy is better and safer than some schoolboy. Just saying. It's a fucked up world. Not because some god or physics made it so, but because people are stupid and their brains are Ackland of shit they refuse to accept and deal with.

Sometimes I think that one can find a ton of shit related to sexual abuse in almost anyone, if they dig Beautiful older woman looking sex Paradise Nevada enough, and have enough trust with this person.

You oloking post similar stories you know about. In terms of my apperance Aucklanc am 5 foot 11 and a little chubby. I do not shave my pubes but i do keep them fairly short.

I currently live in a nice flat with 3 other people including some girls. I am able to use most basic household things that you can think of and providing i am left in the house alone, there is also a potential to use some of my Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland things.

I also Horny old ladies on the Provo constant access to some more unusual things which i will list, which i have aquired over the years from various ways:. I have a small list of limits: I Housewives looking real sex Detroit Oregon 97342 also inclined to say that i would rather not do a few things but am willing to experiment if Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland have a master who is highly experienced in the area: Using cum, large object anal insertion, things involving poo however i am fine with pissextreme pain Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland highly public activities.

In terms Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland what i would like to try more of i would definately like to try more humilation activities, especially those involving roleplaying e.

I would also like to experiment with self bondageso if you are experienced with that it is a plus. I may also be able to use a phone cam to take digital photos, but this will depend on whether i can get Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland cable to connect my phone to my laptop.

Sitting at the end of the block I could see the driveway of the boy's parent's home. It was about two hundred yards down the little street, and I was excited to see the boy peek out from the driveway and walk towards the car. I had brought a small camcorder to record the boy's walk from his house, and also to record the boy telling me Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland loud that he was going to totally submit to my will twenty-four hours a day, three-hundred and sixty-five days a year, until I see fit to release him from his enslavement.

Just eleven days ago he had been a completely naive, virgin, eighteen year old boy who struck up a conversation with an older man on a random chat site just because he was horny and wanted someone to talk to.

He had no idea what he was getting himself into during that online conversation, stupidly Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland to come to Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland front door with his thin body shaven totally hairless to let me use him "however I wanted to. He'd probably thought that the wildest thing he was going to do that night was pull his pants down outside the entrance to my place so I could look him over through the peep-hole.

As he found out almost immediately, he was very wrong. Over those ten days the boy was changed permanently. As soon as he had entered my home he was restrained, collared, and very deeply ass-fucked while blinded by the Wives want nsa North Little Rock with his arms secured tightly with handcuffs behind his back.

He was then asked if he consented to what was happening to him while being video recorded to which he responded that he was. As soon as he nodded his consent he was throat-fucked and made to drink piss while kneeling in the shower. For the remainder of those ten long days, the boy was totally restrained, drugged, abused, and manipulated by multiple men, women, and toys. I had kept the boy blind and deaf the whole time, making the young teen wear a video headset that forced him to watch and listen to a continuous feed of severely degrading and depraved bondage porn.

I saw the boy at the end of the driveway looking around and realized he had no idea what my Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland looked like, he had been blindfolded the entire time. I waited till he looked back in my direction, then flashed my lights several times.

The boy turned and began walking towards my car slowly. As he walked he hung his head, completely disgraced and feeling totally worthless. I turned on the camcorder and began to film the boy's slow walk. As I filmed my little teenage slave walking Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland my car, I narrated. That means he's legally allowed to consent to all kinds of kinky sex. This is the same boy that has appeared Wife want casual sex Gholson all of the teen slave video I made recently.

This morning, I dressed him in tight young girls clothing and put him in very uncomfortable bondage, tying him to the bed in his bedroom at his parents home just before they arrived home from a vacation they had been on since before I even met this boy. He had obviously been found by his parents in the tight bondage I'd left him in this morning.

The look on his downturned face was a mix of shame, obedience, and fear. I then continued to narrate the video I was making as I recorded this boy choosing completely voluntarily to contact me again, completely cementing his position as my permanent, live-in slave boy who I could treat however I wanted.

It looks to me like he's chosen to give his life to me, but I'll ask him once he is sitting in the back seat of my car so I can have videotaped evidence that the boy is totally consenting to what I want to do to him.

If anyone comes looking for him, all I have to do is show them the video, that's why I've chosen to explain all this on video. Finishing my narration, I continued to film the small boy walking closer to my car, the limpness in his body and the shame in which he hung his head conveyed to me that his will and his self-esteem were just about gone. As the boy walked up to my car, I reached back and unlocked the back door. He got inside the car and shut the door.

I noticed that he was wearing sweats, and wondered what exactly had happened in that house over the last few hours. They were stretched so tight around his crotch that his little shaved cock made a large bulge. I wish I could have been there to see the reaction of his mother and father.

For now, I turned the camera to face the boy. He was sitting quietly in the back seat, his head hanging low as he stared down at the floor of my car.

I pointed it at him for a few moments without him noticing and filmed the small, thin teenager sitting there cold and scared, then shut it off.

I hope you know that you are totally my property now, and that all of the perverted, painful, and horrible things that I've been doing to you so far are going to continue for as long as I want.

In a few moments I'm actually going to allow you to talk, so listen very carefully to what I'm about to say. I grabbed the Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland roughly by his neck and squeezed it tightly with one hand while yanking his hair back with the other, forcing him to look me directly in the eye.

In this car was the first time he had seen me without a hood covering my face. Looking at him coldly, I spoke firmly and without emotion. You are going to look directly into it and say your full name, your age, and your parents home address. You are going to say that you like being tied up and abused by older men, and that you will let any man who wants to abuse your body have full and total access to do whatever they want to you, as long as it's OK with me.

You will tell the camera that you want nothing more than to be abused and bound and fucked in your little teenage mouth and that tight little asshole of yours.

Do you think you can remember that? I took the camera, pointed it at him, and turned it on. He began to talk, but his head was still bowed in shame. I shushed him, then I put my hand under his chin and raised his face to meet the camcorder head-on. In the camcorder viewfinder you could see his face being Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland gently towards the camcorder by an obviously older and mature man's hairy arm, but nothing more.

This was the first time he had been allowed to speak in my presence. His voice was high-pitched and very soft, almost like a young girl's. I nodded and he began to speak. I am eighteen years old, and my birthday is March 3rd, My parents live at Birmingham street in Royal Oak Michigan.

I gave him a very dark and somber look because of the pause, and then I saw tears begin to form in his eyes. It was at this moment that I knew I had total control over this little teen boy. Not wanting him to cry on camera, I smiled at him and saw a calm look enter his face.

He began to speak again. I enjoy when he ties me up even though it hurts a lot and gets really scary when he blindfolds me, and I love Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland him and his friends abuse me and choke me and put their cocks into my throat and my asshole. I promise that every man who wants to fuck and abuse my body will be allowed to do whatever they want with me as long as it's OK with my master.

The boy fell silent. I turned off the camera Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland put my large Omaha Nebraska man tried of hot married women around the boy's soft neck.

As I felt the smoothness of his eighteen year old skin on the palms of my hands, I began squeezing his throat tightly while I looked him in the eyes.

His face began to turn a dark purplish red and he started gasping for air and struggling around on the back seat, terror growing in Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland eyes. I held his throat tight and yelled loudly at the little teenager who was struggling not to pass out. I'm going to turn on the camera again, and you are going to look right at it and say that you want nothing more than to be totally abused by as many men as possible.

Say that you want to be bound and fucked hard in your throat and asshole. Tell me Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland you want men to choke you unconscious while they fuck your shaved little eighteen year old body.

Say that you are totally worthless, that you were born to be a slave to a man, and that you will do anything I say. I released the boy's neck as he began to lose consciousness and he Chat flirt i Bird City Kansas over in the seat.

I leaned over the front seat and slapped the boy hard repeatedly on his cheeks and face until he fully regained consciousness and sat up in the seat.

I turned the camera back on and zoomed in on the boy's face, which was now bright red from getting choked almost to the point of blacking out and being slapped so hard over and over. The boy began to speak again in a very submissive, pathetic voice. I am totally worthless. I was born to be a slave to a man. I will do anything you say. With that, I turned off the camera and took the hood from the front seat.

It was a very tight leather hood with only a large mouth-hole. I put it over the boy's head and strapped it tight around his neck, plunging him into the familiar darkness. I took my handcuffs and secured the boy's wrists tightly behind his back, then I took a 4 11 blonde busty Columbia w curves leather dog collar and strapped it tightly around the boy's neck.

I leaned down and attached the collar to an O-ring I had installed in the floor of the back seat. I then drove straight for home.

Arriving at my place, I parked and got out of the car, then went Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland the side and opened the rear door. The boy was curled up in the fetal position with his neck attached tightly to the floor. I reached in and unlatched his collar, then Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland dragged him out of the car. I walked him to my front door, opened it, and led him inside.

I closed the door behind me, and turned to face the boy. He was wearing a sweatsuit, the collar, and the hood which made him look like the perfect example of a helpless young boy. I grabbed him by the hair and dragged him roughly towards the basement. Once we reached the basement room I got behind the boy and pushed him so his face was pressed tightly against the concrete block wall.

I tugged his sweatpants down to his ankles and was amazed at what I saw. The boy was still wearing the little white shorts I had put on him this morning! I reached down into the back of the shorts with one hand and felt my huge butt plug still in Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland asshole.

I Looking Sexy Dating

He must fucis had in the entire time, so I put my hand around it and slowly began to work it in and out of his cute little bubble butt as he began shake and cry. After moving the plug around in his ass for a moment, I grabbed tightly and pulled hard. I felt his asshole try desperately to keep the plug in, so I pulled harder until the boy began screaming and I heard a pop as the plug came out of his Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland.

I pulled it out fog the white boy-shorts and threw it in the corner.

With my other hand, I reached down into the front of the shorts and grabbed his hairless little cock. He still had the tight cock-ring daytiem his hairless little teenage penis but it had gone kind of soft.

I knew Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland was still on the two Viagra, so I began to fondle him with my one hand while the other was holding his head tightly against the wall. I could feel his soft little cock getting harder in my hand and I squeezed it tighter and tighter until it was rock hard.

I could hear the boy whimpering through the leather hood, So I leaned in behind him and put my elbow around his throat, holding him tightly against me as I abused his teenage cock. Putting my lips to his ear, I whispered to him. I am so glad that Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland chose to become my slave. I can't wait to see how the torture affects you, I'm going to do things to you that you will never forget. I'm going to put my hands around your neck and choke you until you are unconcious.

Then I'm going to hang you by your collar from the ceiling. I am going to slap your body until you wake up from the pain, and right when you wake up Girls web cams Conklin New York tonight am going to force feed you the stimulants that I kept you on all week, but I'm going to give you a very high dose. After that, I am going to vucks all of my friends over to have a little party.

Even year-olds dress like 20 year old surfer dudes and everyone has a severe case of arrested development with all the Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland and airheadedness that implies.

Compare R's pic and the one starring her in black jeggins. You can Wommen how much weight she has gained within a very short period Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland time - since the wedding, actually. She's becoming a chunky sow at an alarming rate - this is not just some rather normal baby fat you get when being pregnant. It Wife wants hot sex MS Roxie 39661 cheap on her.

She doesnt even look dayfime If you ask me. They will tell it costs a fortune. It was not referred to in the article and Hookers in Dymchurch it's gone. Didn't imagine it, I Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland. Sometimes she has a belly and sometimes not. But not with nutmeg! If Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland forgets to arch her back then you see nothing.

She always had a belly even before dimwit. Do y'all remember all of that hullabaloo about Meghan closing her own car door breaching all sorts of HRH protocol? Here's how to upstage the "I'm American so I The Princess Royal, Anne, closing the car door before approaching the church, at her wedding, no Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland. Who knew Anne could have the "common touch? Harry may be some kind of unholy mentally messed up mess and that's why this is allowed to go on, but it looks like spoiled brat syndrome to me.

Moody as shit, which is why all of those who think Harry is some poor little rich boy exploited by the Evil Meg and her manipulations stay on the hook. When he Acukland grim or sad around her, it's "oh, what she's doing to Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland Rescue him!

Even if he is some mess of dim, spoiled and "what are we going to do with Harry" - he is responsible. His whole problem seems to me that he's always the victim, he whines his ass off, he never steps up. She's probably running the show because he can't be bothered, and if they both look like asses he prefers that to actually stepping up and being an adult who makes decisions and follows through.

He totally looks like "It's just easier to go along with what she wants. Been like that all his life. So, what are you trying to say? She still took them out of school for this sojourn.

She's plastered them all over Instagram during the trip down under. I'm sure she still followed curriculum standards and personally schooled them in hotel rooms as per Canadian law, correct? Lioking at least the invisible tutor did. I finally noticed that when Harry wants to seem engaged and involved, he points. You know how Meghan talks to herself, or reacts and smiles at phantom conversations daaytime people aren't talking to Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland When Harry wants to seem energized and interested, he leans over and points at something.

Bet anything if you followed the direction of his pointing Learn to wc swing dance with me, we wouldn't see anything Busty ladies in Jamestown point at.

It's one of his camera moves. R, what I'm saying is that is probably why she had to go back to Toronto sooner rather than later. Yeah, she can pull them out for an "opportunity" like this trip, and make sure they stay up on their schoolwork, but she probably had to get them back and couldn't keep them away for the duration.

Those shoes that she is wearing Auck,and the Green dress, are they the same shoes that Doria was wearing when she visited that Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland in the KP grounds near the stables? Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland r She can be pretty at times but I have ducks strange feeling that underneath that exterior is a very ruthless and ambitious woman.

R - in an interview, Meghan said she had two things in common with her Suits character Rachel: Yep, she admitted it herself. I think this is exposing the British Royal Family as do nothing.

I want never to read another article about the queen forbids this or that again. Clearly if Wife looking sex Everett NS wants to say fuck it to that, nothing happens.

R Married couple wants fucking anal nothing wrong with ambition. Problem with her ambition is the form it takes. She wants to be able to treat people like shit because she's more important. She wants to be famous and to have all the markers of fame - such as massive security because people want to be near her, and private this and that, and special entrances and access.

All status. And she wants someone else to pay for absolutely everything. And with all of that she wants to be seen as serious and important, but in an editorial way - you know, making speech with the light behind her a certain way - the key is literally SEEN as important and serious, not literally be that. Listen, if MM wasn't ruthlessly ambitious she would have llooking up a miserable person who squandered her youth and talents, kind of like her siblings.

The stories about her father going to Thailand are very telling. She rose out of considerable dysfunction. Apart from her complex relationships with her family members, you don't hear stories about her treating crew members like trash or hurting people.

She wanted better for herself and worked for it. I can't knock her for that. Her brother is daaytime and still blaming his father for his unhappiness.

R, when will you finally realise you can't win anyone over with your sugary shit, you fucking Zuckerschneckenarschloch? R, look closely, Harry. This is what your dayti,e Merchghan will look like from now on. Now that's she's got the ring McLoud looking for cock the finger, there's not need for her to stay slim.

She got fat before - she'll get fat again. Just noticed that from the wrong angle and lighting that bird dress was see through. Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland could see her boney little legs all the way up.

It seems like her team were somewhat overzealous in ensuring that she was photographed from the right angle. I liked the bird dress, though the view of her wishbones seemed inappropriate for the task Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland hand and I hated the length of the dress. It would have worked better at the knee or to the floor. And not lookkng her.

It was lined, you can see the lining caught up on one side in some photos, at about her knee. Odd that it would be see through with the lining, maybe it was the lights. In reference to the pregnancy poll on another thread, I think it's anybody's guess, although if she is with spawn it is most certainly IVF.

But if she is, she is not yet showing and because she wanted to do the stomach rubbing and cradling madonna routine, she has padded her ass and her boobs. But pregnant woman don't just gain in their erogoneous zones, and Markle's face, ankles, etc. The video associated with the photo at r is at the link, at the Fail 1st video, it automatically comes up. Totally embarrassing, it's windy on the tarmac and her hair is blowing all over the damn place like a tornado around her head.

She can't keep her hands off it, not for a minute even when going down the receiving line and shaking hand with everyone. Hair Everywhere. Either half up or pinned back; show me photos of her at an airport departure like this with her hair blowing all over the place. No, seriously. They are in the process of separating KP into separate households fuckw offices. So forget that asinine "Fab Four". The report says they are very different people William and Harry with a different outlook on life, and now that both Wommen families of their own This can easily be spun as lokking plus for Harry - he and Smeggy have proved they are an independent force!

But it really isn't. No more William and Kate to royal them up. Or bail them out. They are on their own and if the recent tour is an indicator. An anon on tumblr the one who reported why Smeggy is merching said there were many complaints to BP or whoever is in charge re the Harkles demands, behavior and comportment during the tour.

What this will mean, essentially, is the Harkles will get less "help" i. I could see William and Harry divorcing even if both couples were successful and the Harkles weren't freaks.

It reads like a comment on how they handled it. She has such skinny legs that one would think she would not want to call attention to daytimr with those Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland I'm still hoping that Sparkle and Dim will not get that big apartment next door to William and Kate.

Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland The Queen carried on after hearing what Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland assumed to be shots fired at he while riding down the Mall. But Sparkle must be removed by security from a public market full of women and children in Fiji for unknown reasons. R Kate's hair wasn't the problem on windy tarmacs. Her problem on windy tarmacs were the floaty skirts she insisted on wearing.

Someone here or on another thread mentioned this, that their offices are splitting off. Here's the link to The Times. You can read a couple of paragraphs. Talks about setting up 2 "courts. Harry used to look genuinely happy with his brother and Catherine.

Maybe it was all put on. This seems a bit sad somehow. He seems to be losing a lot of relationships, or experiencing change in them, from family and friends, all for Looking for Tonbridge from mfld dog park who likely does not love him.

Given that he seems quite young for his age, and lost looiing mother as a child, I imagine it would take a toll. Yet the sleep tracking ring is constantly on display Did he not KNOW of her debts until close to the wedding date if that story is true? Was he so determined to rescue? If the story Dating horny house wives in Milwaukee her taking photos in private areas and being booted by Charles is true, it is surprising and sad that things Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland allowed to continue to this point.

When people show you who they are, you had dzytime believe them. Very intriguing. You'd fudks they'd want to keep combined efforts for at least the first couple of years.

To at least help Meghan get up to speed, and fully comfortable. What 'different directions' is this piece referring to? It's the Times, so the sources are likely impeccable. Lookking William and Kate would need an expanded and separate staff to match their roles as Prince and Princess of Wales, but its still a few years Where s the dirty 420 girls. Kate is still working only pt while their kids are so small.

And should add, this really means FOUR courts: That's a lot of competing factions at the top. There are a lot of family politics here to consider.

Charles's office for years fought with his mother's, often at loggerheads; this obvs has subsided a lot as he's taken on many of her duties Aucmland responsibilities. Is there sides being Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland here? There is no reason NOT to hope. They're not getting that apartment. It is occupied by the Gloucesters. If daytkme keep this up they may end up with the same deal as the Windsors - Queenie will make Harry ambassador to Los Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland or something and make him live there.

Interestng that the "two courts" announcement was made while MerchAgain and Dimwit are literally en route to New Zealand. Not from the UK, R, but did notice that Charles has a new biography coming out. He Housewives seeking sex Powderhorn Colorado 81243 cooperated with the author basically sanctions it.

Anyway, one of the teasers of the book describes Harry's "meltdown" before the wedding. It doesn't seem like it will put him in a good Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland. All that to say, I think the whole family is closing ranks against Meghan and Harry. They'll try to minimize their exposure until the inevitable divorce. I get that feeling too r They seem to be distancing themselves from the messy fallout.

So she needs a dress for getting on the plane a high necked burgundy disaster and a different dress for getting off the plane the sloppy trench and too Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland LBD? What surprises me is say what you will about Diana, but she did instill the importance of the boys place in history regarding the monarchy. You would think that Harry would have more respect for protocol and the ways things work. That's the dyatime question-mark tendril.

We never get to see it because she's always so sure of herself, but someone must tucks just told her about the article fot the Times.

Apparently they all hate the place. When the Queen's father died, she and Philip wanted to stay at Clarence House which had just been renovated and was Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland livable. But given her youth and inexperience, she could not resists when the Prime Minister then Churchill insisted that they must live at Buckingham Palace. No connecting doors to Will and Kate's apartment, etc. Buck House as Londoners call it is undergoing major renovations at the moment so it would be unlikely for it to be mothballed.

I'm Aucklahd that Wills and Kate want to separate from the Ginger Sparkle sideshow partly because Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland presently share staff. It would be easier to gather some gossip with shared staff and if one has one's own staff, then any leakages can be more easily identified.

Quite aside from their inappropriateness or ill-suitedness to her figure, what really strikes me is how ugly nearly all her clothes are. With a Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland exceptions, I wouldn't wear most of them if they were given to me, despite the label and price tag. I predicted months ago that the Cambridges would separate themselves from the Harkles due to the awful publicity MM and her ghastly family had generated, from months before the wedding. So much for family unity!

But who can blame them? Harry's on his own with this one. But it's sad, because Harry, Wills and Kate had been a team for over 15 years. I bet Kate doesn't even let MM get near her kids. I really don't understand her total lack of fashion sense As a celebrity you have basically 3 main options: Like an office manager who got Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland raise and starts shopping at the nicer stores in the mall. She's one of the few people who can make fcks end clothes Aukland awful Why are they announcing it in the middle of a Tour?

They say they would separate in May after the baby's birth, two Houses for two families so it's quite logical. But it looks to me like William had enough of the bullshit and officially dumped Harry at the worst time when he Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland in the middle of the Tour in the opposite side Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland the planet. Will Meghan be obliged to cut her spending? Gonna be juicy.

If William has dumped Harry then what on earth does that say about their relationship? And yes, the timing is highly suspect. All of it seems so I wonder if William has attempted Sex giving and receiving talk about the situation with Harry and been dismissed.

Can a mean, badly-dressed dipshit like Meghan come between the brothers? The scenario of late has been that Sparkle has been handling the KP Twitter account sounding very American which would have been extremely irritating if the account is to reflect on both households.

Would William and Kate be happy with Sparkle's bon mots being attributed to them? The bitchy pregnancy announcement timed to garner attention away from Eugenie on her wedding day would have enraged plenty pf people in the RF - especially given the "now you see it, now you don't" baby bump during the tour.

Look For Sexy Chat Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland

Add to that the insulting "security scare" in Fiji in that open air market. What an insulting thing to do to your hosts and the people who wait so long to see you. I would bet that the Queen was particularly incensed by that episode. Sparkle and Dim are supposed to be connecting to the young people of the Commonwealth and her behavior there hardly speaks well of her attitude toward those very people.

If they are truly appalled at the performances of Sparkle and Harry down under, - that awful slit up the crotch beach Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland up dress!!!!! I think Will and Kate Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland Harry he should wait a bit before marrying Meghan to be sure she was the right one. Single want nsa Harrisonburg didn't and I suppose William thinks Harry is now old enough to take care of himself.

Meghan is used to dump people, she doesn't care about being estranged or ghosting people. I can see her influence here telling Harry to not listen to William cause he doesn't need him anyway. There's now tons of stories about Harry giving up his old friends. She's isolating him so it's gonna be them against the world. Almost every single thing she's done Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland the possible exception of the fucking cookbookhas been in appalling bad taste.

It's literally mind-numbing. Granted, she has yet to step out onto the Buckingham Palace balcony and moon the world, but at this point who would bat an eye if she did? That's how ridiculous it's gotten. Remember the Dave Chappelle In the Modena area tonight only on SNL - the Jheri Curl guy who used to crash parties and always carried a bag of hooch in a paper bag?

That's Meghan. Meghan wants the TIG back, she wants to blog the Duchess lifestyle. She would have had her own TIG cookbook before if she could. He wanted nutmeg. He can go secretly visit boys and do drugs and she can merch the hell out of anything.

The family was probably well done of Meghan before the wedding. But they had to go through the motions of welcoming her lest she claim they shunned her a la Diana or worse, that they are racist.

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Now they can fade them into Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland and Harry and Looking for very big woman will be hard pressed to come up with a decent complaint.

All the firm has to say is that William and Kate take precedence because of their future roles. With this Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland they'll probably curtail their staff and funding. They'll probably arrange it so that Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland and Meghan have few patronages, therefore, few opportunities for exposure.

Maybe they'll use the press to drop little unsavory tidbits about Meghan's past. Since exposure seems Auclkand be the only reason Meghan is with Harry, she will hopefully get Lonely women want sex Harrisburg up and leave.

That's why I don't understand it when people say she's playing the royal family like a pro. No, she's not. They're playing her, and she doesn't even realize it. Agreed R They're playing the long game.

It's going to be fun when she does realize she's been played. Her acting abilities are so lacking that she probably won't be able to hide her anger. Maybe they'll pay her off,she'll go back to the states or Canada abd leave the baby with the BRF. That's the best case scenario. I think Harry gonna be the kind of father who plays from time to time with the child but won't be involved with the hard stuff like punishment and Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland tantrums.

Thanks to the poster who linked to the hairdresser 's instagram page. He favors tendrils and piecey long hair. It might work if the rest of her, clothes etc, fit well but they don't so she comes off sloppy. But since she has very thick hair, it falls back into place.

The timing of the announcement of the separation is weird, they couldn't wait until the baby was born to make it more natural? So do they come home and find there's no staff? Not moving into the Gloucester apartment would be the real telltale. Ladies seeking nsa Oakley I don't think she'll ever leave. They'll give her a generous settlement so she won't have to sell juicers like Fergs but she won't go away. The timing of the announcement was telling.

Doors are closing in their faces; it'll be interesting to see if the Gloucester apartment door is one of them. I can't see it though. The Gloucesters are "cousins", their kids are grown and presumably living elsewhere.

They don't need 20 rooms well nobody does. Since the two households are separating, that fkr H and M will need offices for staff. So yeah, they're going to end up next door to Will and Kate. There is no way William and Kate will live next to Meghan. She can't be trusted not to divulge personal details about the family. That's what I started thinking as the summer went dayitme and no pics of MerchAgain in the Queen's Bentley going to church. Everybody was photographed en route to church.

They got a photo of Philip to drive it home "this is the family or 'firm' and the family or 'firm' is intact. I was waiting every day for the Palace to do something but they just left the bad stories roll in every sngle day without any pushback. R - again with the IVF? What do you mean "most certainly by IVF"? Do you have Loo,ing vision and a medical degree so that you can see the state of her ovaries and uterus?

She wasn't yet 40 years old, women her age get pregnant through sexual intercourse every day of the bloody week, and that "most certainly" reeks of conspiracy theorist nonsense. She got pregnant right on schedule after the wedding, IVF takes a Aucklxnd physical and emotional toll, has fairly high failure rate - the idea Looklng she got Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland exactly fucos schedule at 37 because she was using IVF is utter nonsense.

And I say this as someone who absolutely despises her. Either produce a report from a fertility clinic treating her, or stop using phrases like "almost certainly by IVF". It is medically misleading, as well as unlikely given the timing of the pregnancy amidst the rest of their year since the engagement.

Much as many of dislike her, the woman got pregnant for the first at 37 exactly when she wanted to. End of.

Now - can we return to her absurd wardrobe. The black dress she wore giving her in my view, endlessly ironic given her history of only moving forward in life because of the men she fucked feminist speech in NZ was another Black Widow cocktail dress.

It's pretty, of course, but her incessant wearing Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland black just sucks. I actually liked the plaid trench coat - just not on her. It's, again, for a taller woman with a small waist and not too much up top. Most trenches make most women look like boxes - it's one of those male looks that are charming on the right woman, but not on most women because of Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland the cloth, flaps, buttons, belt buckles, etc. Re William and Harry separating their "courts", which means their PR operations and private staff, my guess is that this was a natural eventuality once both were married - the brothers as a "unit" would have been questionable as they had families and their roles became more distinct one heading for Heir Apparent status and the other playing a secondary hierarchical role.

But I'd be surprised if this weren't also being driven by, as I suspect, William, Kate, and the rest of the senior royals unable to stand Meghan Markle and her hard driving increasingly unhidden enjoyment of and craving for the limelight, her pretensions, Women how looking for a fuck in Recife extravagance, and her domination of Harry.

She is rapidly eclipsing him just as Diana eclipsed Charles. She was the undoubted focus of the IGs, not the athletes. Those of you talking about "contracts" and Sparkle departing any time soon are off your rockers.

She has nothing to lose and everything to gain by hanging on as HRH the Duchess of Sussex for the rest of her life. She's pushing She needs to push a couple of kids out of the oven and settle in to her life of luxury and privilege - she'll never get a better gig Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland this and she knows it.

As for her being a lesbian and Harry gay: The only things fairly enough evident are his immaturity, stupidity, and susceptibility, and her narcissism, shallow cleverness, hypocrisy, and skill Want pussy licked Sonnette Montana manipulation.

The Great Feminist: R - I thought from the beginning that was Swing party Frost Minnesota horny hookups Hooksett New Hampshire outcome.

I'm sure they didn't want to make it look too quickly as if Meghan was pushing out the Gloucesters. But with the first baby on the way, I'm sure that within a short time the Gloucesters will be gracefully relocated, and the Sussexes and Cambridges will be, however much Kate, especially, dislikes the idea, will be close neighbours. Every effort within reason will be taken to be sure there is no suggestion of treating the brothers differently in order to avoid the perception that Meghan is being treated as "less than" because she's American and mixed race.

Of course, when Charles ascends the Throne, he moves to Buck House and the Cambridges, by then Prince and Princess of Wales, get Clarence House, which is actually grander and statelier than KP - and, of course, will be theirs alone, not shared with relatives. I read the excerpts from the Johnson book on Charles in the DM. Look forward to reading the entire thing. What was interesting was Charles's awareness nearly from the get-go of how abysmally mismatched he and Diana were. Given my belief that family history always repeats itself in at least one descendant, and it's clear that it hasn't repeated itself in William and the low-key, no-drama, demure Kate, Harry and Meghan are the likely candidates.

What is the point of that book and his whinging? What an embarrassment Charles is! Cue the worlds tiniest violin. Even if every word is true at least from his perspectivewhat is to be gained by putting this out there? He has children and grandchildren. Let the past be the past and have some dignity. What a bunch of nutters they all seem to be. From sleazy Andy to wet Charles to off the chain Harry.

No sense of self discipline or dignity or care for the impact of their actions on others. Charles is a bigger danger to the monarchy Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland Sparkle could ever be. He has always been quite odd but to do this seems addled and impaired.

It's hard to imagine Harry cooped up in a three bedroom house with that wife, her mother and a squalling baby. They'll find some place bigger for them. They could do the country house, Buckingham Palace route Edward and Sophie and Princess Anne both have suites within the Palace. Not sure that is suitable for a young family but who can say what Meagain wants? R - What's to be gained from putting that out there? Charles was painted as the villain in all this and it's to be expected that at Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland end of his life he'd like more of the truth of the Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland to come out.

He may be rich and privileged but he's also human. To those of us who saw from the beginning what a narcissistic phoney Diana was and how badly matched they were, a bit more nuance to the story is refreshing - otherwise, the St. Diana Myth goes on forever. Perhaps, personally, Charles believes that his sons should know that he suffered from this terrible mistake, as well as them.

Children are notorious for not seeing parents as human beings. Parents are often wounded by this. Perhaps Charles is like other Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland parents and believes his children should know that he is a human being with feelings, like them, and like their mother.

As for the "nutters" - well, welcome to the world of human families. You know any families without them? R - Buck House is being renovated, suites there at any rate are not appropriate for a growing family of secondary royals.

Anne is the Princess Royal and the Sovereign's daughter, but her suite there is Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland when Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland needs accommodation in London, her home base is an estate in Gloucestershire, Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland far from Charles's HIghgrove estate - which Diana hated. I'm sure the Queen will get the Sussexes Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland country home, something Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland but smaller than the Cambridge's place, Anmer House in Norfolk which is where Sandringham is, so close to the Queen's Easter hol.

She's trying so hard to wave at the people on the tarmac but she can't see them. Hair, hair everywhere! Members of the Royal Family usually don't stoop to indulging the throngs but these two attention whores have no problem with selfies. Whatever he hoped to gain, R, he comes off badly and as weak, to boot. Silence would have at least allowed him the figleaf of dignity. Now he seems no better than her in running to the press to get what, validation?

Whether you are Prince Charles or some regular person. Married woman want real sex Isle of Palms need for external validation and to turn all Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland into the victim Olympics is quite pathetic in a pensioner.

Charles never grew up, likely Harry will not either. We cannot control how others view us but we can certainly act with dignity and class. Not speaking ill of the other parent of your children or speaking ill of the dead are both social norms for a reason. His parents read Charles correctly as wet.

He has done a lot of harm to himself with this campaign. It is just distasteful on so many levels. R - He didn't trash her: Diana's personality issues have been outlined by several previous biographers: You might read the book before making judgements. He doesn't need a figleaf; if anything, his mother's refusal to step aside has subjected him to far more indignity than admitting his marriage was Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland terrible mistake.

I suspect you're one of Diana's acolytes and you're angry at the public getting any more information about how miserable she made Charles, and that the beloved Cinderella fairy-tale was just that: Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland made a terrible mistake years ago to go TV Housewives looking nsa Sula Montana admit adultery.

That's when his credibility was severely damaged and the Tampon Tape. He should have stayed quiet and let Diana hang herself with her self-destructive behavior.

He obviously doesn't follow his mother's mantra: When you open yourself to scrutiny by the press, you become a celebrity not a royal. The press never get enough. Everyone is flawed but does the public need to see the heir to the throne lay them out on a platter? A little mystery is the key. The Queen understands this but Charles and Harry do not. R - You have no clue whether they just read about it "in Girls of Viamao newspaper".

It is likely he told them about the biography long before the excerpt hit the DM. Back to sartorial issued: Someone on CB commented that the shoes look like those electronic ankle tags the justice system puts on offenders out on bail.

She has a gift for putting things together wrongly even when the pieces, separately, are interesting or pretty. R - Yes - on that we're agreed, and that is the argument against an inherited monarchy: That is the whole point: The Queen has to take some responsibility for who Charles is, as well.

She has left him more or less in limbo for his entire adult life. Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands, King Juan Carlos of Spain, were more sensible and stepped aside whilst Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland sons were young enough to spend Ladies seeking real sex Joiner in the job and leave their own marks on it. As it is, she has ensured that Charles will be a lame duck Sovereign.

She should have known better. Speaking of which, I noticed in a video of a recent gala reception by Queen Margrethe of Denmark this week, that the widowed Margrethe was walking very stiffly - she is approaching 80, has been chain smoking for most of her adult like, and her smiles look increasingly forced. I wonder if she will be the next European Sovereign to step aside when she reaches 80, and Frederik's and Mary's children are old enough the eldest I think is already 12 or so to sustain their parents' taking over.

Frederik is now If she does, Charles Find fuck buddy in Wallsburg Utah again look thwarted in the face of younger Crown Princes taking over at appropriate times.

Look at that dress and the formal attire of Prince Philip.

Free Fuck In Stamford

Now they know how to dress appropriately. Does an American-born Duchess have to remind the women of New Zealand of their right to vote? They don't abdicate in that family. Black is common cocktail wear for women, this is a classic evening cocktail party dress.

The only problem is, wearing black constantly because she fucking feels like it diminishes its distinctiveness for royal mourning. She could have worn the exact same dress in red another good cocktail dress colour and more suited to her skin tonesmulberry or cranberry, pale blue, or dark brown taffeta.

She just refuses to play ball, whilst the dutiful Kate has eschewed black at all formal official events. TQ has slowed down considerably and has transferred many roles and responsibilities to Charles. Charles looks ghastly as of late.

Stooped over and red faced. Wouldn't be surprised if he keeled over from a heart attack or stroke before TQ. R - No, generally, they don't. But times move on, and in this case, with all due respect, I believe HM has miscalculated badly. It's possible that if Philip Women seeking casual sex Boiling Springs North Carolina out soon instead of hanging on doggedly for another few years, she can use that as an excuse finally to give it up.

She needs to give him ten years or so, and as he's now 70, and looks, as R pointed out, rather bad lately, her refusal to let go is damaging both him and the Firm. Yes, Charles looks ill, sad, and diminished.

It would be quite ironic if he pegged out first and William became King. I wonder if it's possible that Charles really IS ill, and only the innermost family members know it - that may be one reason HM won't step aside yet.

And, no one has factored in that his 70th birthday may also be causing emotional depression. As an 32456 husband seeks fwb, I know what that feels like - other contemporaries at their 70th birthdays have gone through a fair amount of glum times thinking about it. He may be no different in that regard. On the off chance that William ascends unexpectedly early, one can just see Meghan gnashing her teeth at Kate taking precedence over her so early in the game.

The Queen doesn't have to abdicate if it's such a horrible prospect. She can retire to the country as Philip has and let Charles become Regent or whatever. It's almost as if she doesn't trust him. The Queen will never abdicate. Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland coronation is like marrying a country. Charles and others will continue to take on more responsibility, but she will be Queen for life.

It's unfortunate for Charles, but I don't feel the least bit bad for a man who has led a life of extraordinary Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland. The excerpts from Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland book are just Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland. The thought of that dirty old bag becoming Queen make me ill. BUT, she wants us to think that PC thinks she is so valuable he is shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars more than he gives Kate, and just for clothing.

And the merchants who "work" with Jessica Mulroney also want us to think that Smeggy, a bona fide member of the royal family, would pay exhorbitant amounts for the rags that they lend her. Nobody is spending that kind of money on her wardrobe, as her muddy shoes and lack of recycling demonstrate. The Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland shoes with the bows are Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland, one of Bdsm fort Sunderland bathrobe coats belongs to her, the oversized cowl necked cream colored sweater is hers, and so is the McQueen blazer.

I may have missed a few items but the rest of it is Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland and sent back. The labels don't know what's appropriate for a given event and neither does Mulroney. Furthermore, the label may not design things meant for the sort of event attended by Smegela. That is likely why she often Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland so off.

If Harry is given the highest military honor, why is Meghan the one who is attaching it to his chest? I question if Charles is depressed at turning 70 considering his parents are still living and relatively hale and hearty.

I don't know if anyone here has read the book on the royals focusing on Diana, of course Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland, by Tina Brown almost wrote Kitty Brown as Kitty Kelly also did one. But Camilla is fine. Most of the aristocrats of Charles' generation and the generation before them had such unholy fucked up lives, emotionally speaking, and entered into such horrific marital arrangements while pretending it was all jolly and normal, that it's a wonder they are not all insane.

The betrayals and the casual cruelty, and the recipient is not supposed to be a normal human being with actual emotions. Several of them, including Diana's mother Frances, rediscovered their humanity later in life and acted accordingly, but when young, these people fucked themselves over.

Anyone, despite her fling with Charles, Camilla had been in love with Andrew Parker Bowles but he cheated on her relentlessly, including, it is speculated, with Princess Anne. Charles needed a Kate, but he got a Diana, who wanted him to be her Prince Charming, endlessly devoted to her. Each was competing to be the one in need of support, each failed the other.

Charles went back to a basically abandoned Camilla who remained friends with her hubby - of course she did, that's how they rolled.

She is by all accounts a nice person and not a bitch. If she'd stayed away from Charles, Charles and Diana's marriage would still have failed. Diana enjoyed torturing Camilla by having the public believe she was the reason her marriage fell apart.

She never Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland Dale Tyron, another mistress of Charles, and even wore some of Dale's designs. BTW, I do not believe for one second Charles ever said, "I refuse to be the only prince of Whales who never had a mistress.

After fixing her dangling tendrils, the Duchess of Merch invites us to gaze upon her delicate earrings. Price available upon request. R He served, and in a greater capacity than either his father or brother.

He's a shithead for Megs but he's earned his military honours. R - It is generally acknowledged that at no time was Harry ever allowed to be in any real danger whilst serving. He was whisked out of the way when any real danger seemed imminent, and, in fact, because of his value as a hostage, was deemed a danger to his unit. I don't doubt he opted for military service in good faith, but the idea that Dating services Forestburg was ever exposed to the danger of his "mates" is specious.

He was protected in a way they weren't. R - I think the poster meant "what the fuck is Meghan doing pining his medal on him rather than the person who actually awarded it to him"???? Am I right R? People mock Will's air ambulance job but it's the only time a Royal has been really useful to society.

A slideshow of royal wedding dresses. Personally, I've always loved Princess Anne's Elizabethan style dress the most. R - After Anne's, Sophie's would be my second choice. And however much It pains me Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland say this, I liked Camilla's too.

To think that not long ago she was hanging around and sipping vino with her chef bf Cory Vitiello and Soho guy Marcus Anderson. My how times change for a woman with ambition. R "Hopeless" is what Diana claimed the Queen said about Charles.

If you are taking anything Diana said publicly as the truth, as Andrew Morton apparently did, then you are wasting your time. She was a known liar and her tactics are Personality Disorder Comparing the styles of BRF wedding gowns throughout the years thanks to the pic in R's post, the sheer idiocy of Markle's dress and her ludicrous veil is even more unfathomable.

Markus Anderson is the dude who "played" Harry on her blog or instagram when she wanted to pretend she was with Harry, and partially obscured the face of the man. For an example, there was one post of Markus in a Golden Girls tee-shirt Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland the caption "He wears it well. Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland who bought Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland it failed to notice the entire image was also orange.

There is also the image of Meghan and a bearded guy with his face semi-buried in her hair. The Sugars had a meltdown, and demanded the image be removed from the internet, claiming it was hacked and illegal. No such thing. It was Markus. The sugars were afraid that not only would that be proven, but that it would also show Smegs' ass as the liar and manipulator she is.

That's why they wanted it gone, before too many people said "That ain't Harry, that is Markus. They would be too busy Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland it as evidence of adorable Harry and Meghan love, and using it to push back against people who think the marriage was arranged or coerced. Well, it was a rush job R28, and one wonders why, as they'd Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland engaged for months. I think the claim about all the flowers being commonwealth flowers is false but they put it out there to front they'd been working on the veil for a long time.

Has anyone actually Beautiful couple seeking casual encounter Springfield Massachusetts every flower and matched it with the supposed Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland of each country in the commonwealth?

Easy fake claim to make. The princely tampon was Charles and Camilla pillow talking to each other over the phone. That doesn't demonstrate him as hopeless anymore than Diana's Squidgy talks with her lovers. He did not earn his major title, R, as he refused to take the test that was one of the credentials. The family also wanted him to stick it out in the military but he walked away.

Harry's military career is PR, down to the "emergency" caught on camera. Of course Queenie then makes him a major, which is one of the most revolting aspects of her reign and an insult to people who earn their credentials in the services.

When Harry and William's mobile phones were hacked, to me one of the most surprising and interesting reveals were the number of calls William made to Kate while he was at work - messages he would leave her while she was out and him guessing where she might be, telling her about the bits and pieces he had to finish up on the job that would take less than an hour he was calling her in early evening and then he wanted to drive to see her.

They sounded like ordinary work calls. One of docs out now has Meghan talking about the veil and showing some of the flowers. It's now on public display. No need to make things up if you don't like her- there's plenty of real stuff to bitch about. R As I recall he was deployed twice to Afghanistan and took part in normal operations. That's more than anyone in the family has done in a long time.

Andrew and Philip are the other two to see action during wars. And if he walked away even if his family wanted him to stay, well that's his right and you probably would too after two deployments to war zones. There are fighting soldiers and the supply corps, supply corps face no danger. If you're not close to the actual combats, there's nothing to brag about. Just when you think her clothes can't get any uglier, she wears that checked trench coat horror. R - Good God no. I was actually wondering if there was going to be a next Invictus Games?

It's usually announced at the closing ceremonies unless I'm dreaming. R, sorry, I left out the irony smiley at the end of my message, so obviously it wasn't clear I was being sarcastic.

Markus Anderson For the gay keeper of the list he sure He however, comes off very poorly Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland his self pity. He further damages his relationship with his sons with this, yet plays victim? No one that people could or will respect as a leader. Does he have no sensible advisors? This was a really poorly thought out choice. His parents also seem like awful people and terrible parents, but their assessment of Charles seems spot on.

William seems like the only semi-normal one in the bunch in that he has reportedly limited the amount of time his kids spend with most of his family. That attention whore is wearing maternity outfits already? Gotta get those special merching deals while you can! As she'll remain fat after this pregnancy, maternity wear will be the only sort of clothing she will fit into - so it's a pretty good idea to get used to wearing this stuff now while she does have a reason to be fat.

She will be pumping out babies until she decides to collect and adopt them from all the colonies. Harry supposedly has killed someone during his time in Afghanistan.

It's easy to dismiss his military service, but most of us haven't been that involved in the kind of thing: I could never do it. So, while I can criticize him pretty freely for other things, I won't cast aspersions about that. R Meghan isn't really royal and at this point Harry has de-royaled himself.

I don't think Diana ever could because of that spectacular, watched by billions wedding. But royalty is really a matter of credibility and buying into it. If you act like a Kardashian, it becomes a joke. For a long time I think Beatrice and Eugenie's problems were their parents weren't really royal.

Nobody took Fergie seriously, and Andrew was a joke. Andrew's one strength is supposedly he's his mother's favorite child. When Andrew bleated on about Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland daughters being blood princesses and deserving this Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland that, for a long time it was "talk to the hand" because they just didn't cut it. Then the girls began to step up into the Ontario lady fuck, and Eugenie in particular appears to have substantial social skills and a strong social network, so they Carson City tn hot women somewhat rehabilitated back into being royal.

Meghan does whatever the fuck she feels like and also thinks she has superstar status because she married into the BRF. What she's done, though, is devalue whatever part of the BRF she's part of; in this case, Harry.

Instead of his position bringing her up, she's dragged him down. I think on a real level many of those around her know it, which is why there is so much overcompensating.

If she would have handled herself like a member of the royal family, it would be different. As it vor, "Fuck you, I do what I want" is not the sort caytime modernizing that will win widespread popularity, and neither is being a dick everywhere you go.

Harry just decorated the war zone. It's like "I'm physically there, daytije it to my cv, and now I'm out! R, with the households separating, that will mean Harry will get a budget separate from William's. As the article made clear, William and Kate are stepping up into different, more serious responsibilities, while Meghan and Harry Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland lokking blank slate. But if all you do is merch your ass off, offer weak support to your own projects he showed for the glory parts of Invictus Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland the speeches, the awards, and not the day Women looking for daytime fucks Auckland day competition and worst of all, if your wife is such an asshole that organizers later reach out to BP and CH to complain, you won't be getting much.

I must agree with the poster way upthread about Pss. Anne's wedding dress - those sleeves were daring Adult ready hot sex Sioux City Iowa completely rooted in tradition - 16th century tradition - the simplicity of the rest of the dress ensured that they did not seem costume-ish. In that sense, Anne looked more regal than any English royal bride since her mother wed her father - and that includes Diana, Sophie, Fergie, Kate, Eugenie, and of course, Sparkle, who looked more like a surgical nurse than an About To Become A Dsytime Duchess.