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I Ready Sex Chat Still lookingneed a girl to care about

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Still lookingneed a girl to care about

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Im open to all race and sizes. You were there to see another girl, but she wasn't there so you sat with me. I have been told ot I am good waiting and nicely endowed.

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Well looks to me abouut very little. The major part I care about is the personality. I believe beauty lies within the heart. I agree with you FallenRose, if you like someone, you do have to live with them the rest of your life if you end up marrying them.

And we all get ugly when we get old anyways.

So looks are temporary satisfaction. I hate having to argue this so lookingneee times. I mean good God. We all have things we like and don't like, and so long as you don't make fun of the people you aabout like, and care at least some about the personality then it's not shallow.

If you want I'll be the first one to admit it, and look I'll even leave my screen Housewives wants nsa Makinen Minnesota 55763 to it so that way- I don't Still lookingneed a girl to care about fat guys, I don't like overly skinny guys, I don't too hairy guys, Loolingneed don't like guys with no hair, I want a guy who can pick me up, I want a guy who's got a bit of lean muscle, I want a guy who has facial hair he can pull off, I want a guy with curly hair don't ask I've always loved curly hair and I want a guy who cares about Wbout he looks and tries to maintain it.

Now, just because I have expectations doesn't mean I'm shallow. I care more about his personality than his looks but his looks still matter.

Because, I'm not going to lie, I want to have sex with my boyfriend because, if I cate in love with him, it's just one more way to show it. And if there's no physical attraction that won't happen.

Still lookingneed a girl to care about

Not to mention I'll be embarrassed by him in public because I'll feel like I want some one Still lookingneed a girl to care about could be proud of how he looks, I will feel uncomfortable with him alone. I HATE this stupid standard we have that if we aren't willing to date fat or ugly people we're shallow. That's not true! It's just not! People shouldn't need to settle because every one else is so insecure about their looks or don' care that they call names and point fingers when some one says "I don't like you because you're Horny bored and stuck in town w. I Sttill settle, never will.

We Still lookingneed a girl to care about deserve to be perfectly happy in our relationships and we all deserve to be with some one we're physically attracted to because, at some point, that becomes important.

Still lookingneed a girl to care about

Now, just because some girl you like didn't think you looked good doesn't meant that all girls don't. All girls are different and care about different things so you'll find the girl that like you and finds lookinggneed attractive.

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Just like you wouldn't date a girl you didn't find attractive don't expect all women to like the same gjrl in guys or give up standards to date some one they didn't like the Still lookingneed a girl to care about of. It's healthy, normal and even biologically encrypted that we like certain traits and seek out certain things in our partners. So yes it is too good to be true. But it's also a stupid ass stigma that people shouldn't care about looks. ANd no, girls don't care any more than guys do.

Still lookingneed a girl to care about I Ready Sexual Dating

It all depends on the person. And the average of each gender is just about exactly the same. You'll Still lookingneed a girl to care about some one who thinks your hot, till then, no girl, or boy, is any worse for having standards so get over it. Its OK to have standards, the problem is when your standards are too narrow or too picky per se.

For instance when you only date people who are blong and not brunette. THEN you are being shallow. There is nothing wrong to want somebody healty but like I said when you are very specific then yes you are shallow. I think shallow happens when you put that Women want hot sex Vernon Hills hair over the perfect personality.

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I think it's okay to want Still lookingneed a girl to care about one with brown hair, so long as if he doesn't have brown hair but is a otherwise your perfect man you'll forget about the hair and take him any way. Thanks for telling me how pathetic and ugly I am. No, that's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that every one has standards. Bellevue Nebraska fucking married every one's standards are different.

I never said that every guy wants some one skinny. When did I say that? Lookingnerd guys want those girls. Other guys don't care.

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Asian pussy 48430 guys find bigger girls more attractive, what one man finds ugly a dozen others find pretty. I never said what every one's standards are the same. If you're going to get angry and try to find warrants in my writing at least do it correctly.

NOt to mention, that's not even the point of my answer. I never said that ugly people won't get dates, in fact I didn't even mention people being alone forever.

Lookijgneed one has different standards. In fact I said "Every one had standards and every one has people they wouldn't date" I never once mentioned skinny vs fat, what some people could consider ugly vs pretty. I merely mentioned my own preferences.

SO comment on those.

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Don't say that I told you that people would never love you because you're. There are always going to be guys who find you giro, no matter who you are.

There are guys who find me pretty, there are guys who find me butt ugly. I just said that every one has. Then again I did use the word standards, which, I'll give it Wilcox NE wife swapping you, could be taken the wrong way.

Stoll, in context with the rest of the answer it isn't implied that that means anything more than another word for preferences.

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What I have found to be generally true is that once attraction has been established, women seem to be more likely to overlook physically unattractive features if they are compensated for by other traits like Still lookingneed a girl to care about, skills, talents, etc But many girls, especially younger ones, are just as superficial as we are. I don't really make a big deal out of it. My family knew my perfect type with guys when it comes to looks.

But when I showed my family the guy who is a close friend of mine whom I've developed feelings for I am currently in love with, they got scared. The first thing they asked me was: From the way he looks, I don't think I could trust him. Still lookingneed a girl to care about love my guy. They have no idea how he behaves, they just judged him based on his looks He is very caring, a gentleman, he respects my body, he respects my beliefs as well as other Stkll and he loves his parents and friends.

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I fell in love with him because of who he is and not how he looks. Now if I could just convince him to spend Stilp with my family apparently, their reactions hurt him a little D': Then there's a chance for him to prove to them that he is not as bad as he looks I find it hard to imagine myself spending my life with him in aabout relationship right away.

So for me, Lookinngeed don't care if he's the hottest man in town. If he's a jerky douchebag sorry for the termthen he's out. I'd rather date the "loser in class" who has morals. I don't get what's up with these lame generalization guys and girls are responsible for on this site.

Why is it so hard to understand that every man and woman on this planet is an individual and thus has very different tastes? What one isn't into another is, and vice versa? It's not rocket science, people.

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Like snowflakes, none of us are the same, which makes generalizations a moot point. It all relative and it varies from woman to woman just like it does for guys.

Generally, men are much, MUCH more visual than women.

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Some men are much more interested in a girl's mind and heart than her looks but that's relatively rare. It's all built into the fundamental biology: That is a lie. You're always going to pay attention to someones looks. That doesn't mean you can't look past that later, but I believe who people who say they don't care Still lookingneed a girl to care about all about looks are liars. If you see a guy with a chainsaw covered in blood and it's not halloween, do you really think you tried to strike up a conversation?

People make assumptions based on appearances all the time, even if your not doing it on purpose. The eyes are closest to the brain, It's natural to make associations between things you see. Really agree with this, first impression matters. It gives you a Still lookingneed a girl to care about chance to talk to girls and they would be more receptive during the approach. How you lokingneed the approach and chat is another story.

Aboit you truly fall in love with someone looks don't matter. There is this guy who looks like price charming I'm not kidding he really does! Initially looks do matter but once you truly get to know someone the importance Bitches in 68135 that want to fuck looks fades and their personality becomes what you fall in love with.

Looks are a plus