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All rights reserved. It is produced and distributed bi-monthly through http: Return to sender, address unknown. Everybody Loves Miltonby Stephen J. Recollections of a Porno Photographerby Gary Sohler. Our favourite Race Mathews storyby Bruce R.

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Ditmar Portfoliocover by Ditmar. If it weren't for pickpockets, I'd have no sex life at all. In the world of science fiction, it is also in memory of Gregg Shaw and Tetsu Yano.

I would like to call your attention not Bruce R. There is more about this effort on eFanzines.

As always, everything in this issue of eI beneath my byline is part of my in-progress rough-draft memoirs. As such, I would appreciate any corrections, revisions, looknig, anecdotes, photographs, jpegs, or what have you sent to me at earlkemp citlink. Bill Burns is jefe around here. If it wasn't for him, nothing would get done. He inspires activity.

He deserves some really great rewards. It is a privilege and a pleasure to have him working with me to make eI whatever it is. You will find his assembled words of wisdom separating the Reondo throughout this issue of eI. Victor J. Gertz, Jay A. A special thanks goes to Tony Single wives looking hot sex Redondo Beach for working overtime to furnish the Luros and Greenleaf publications cover Private local sex date scattered throughout this issue.

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This issue of eI features original and recycled artwork by Ditmar and William Rotsler. Sex is God's joke on human beings. We get letters. Some parts of some of them are printable. Your letter of comment is most wanted via email to earlkemp citlink.

BoxKingman, AZ and thank you. Also, please note, I observe DNQs and make arbitrary and capricious deletions from these letters in order to remain on topic.

This is the official Letter Column of eIand following are a few quotes from a few of those letters concerning the last issue of eI. All this in an effort to get you Single wives looking hot sex Redondo Beach write letters of comment Women wanting sex in Church Iowa IA eI so you can look for them when they appear here.

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I admire your effort to record the important past as you are; there will be researchers in the future who will bless you for what you lolking doing with eI. With all the foofraw about darker fen. He said no.

Not because they were minded to agree with the old policies of the former government, but none had ever asked. We may have to wait a few years for a South African Single wives looking hot sex Redondo Beach of the Mhondoro Olney md swingers. I have to say that eI is a highly entertaining piece of work. I've just managed to get through every issue in a few days and I can say that I've taken a great deal of enjoyment Refondo your work.

Of all the many things I have to blame my Pops for, an undying awareness and admiration of Robert Bonfils is one of the most impactful. My Dad kept a large cardboard California Orange box full of old paperbacks that I wasn't to touch.

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I knew this because he had written on the side "Do Not Open: At the time, I'd rather anything than risk a bee sting, but I grew out of that phase and opened the afeart box by the time I was twelve. My Dad, though I've never asked him about it, must have enjoyed the Bonfils art Single wives looking hot sex Redondo Beach so much that he constantly bought books with his covers.

These were the only ones left after my Mom tossed the box out following my Dad's excommunication from the family. The only Bonfils covered pb I managed to hold onto until my Mother's major purge of the filth in my own room a few years later was Flee the Night.

I still miss them. Still, along with Dolly Single wives looking hot sex Redondo Beach twin early 80s classics, 9 to 5 and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texasthose A friend n Villahermosa with the Bonfils covers had a profound effect on my sexual awakening.

I briefly looked over the latest eI. Bonfils said he did not do the cover to Fantasex PR And it's Tomas Cannizarro. Looking good. You are amazing! Much obliged for the link to your ezine, and to Jhim -- as he used to be known in the '60s -- for acting as an intermediary.

Single wives looking hot sex Redondo Beach

I of course remember your name from the good old days when I was a regular at Ella Parker's penitentiary North monmouth ME sexy women London. At the time I never knew of your connection with the wonderful world of paperback porn. My discovery of the Olympia Press at the time got me interested in the field of erotic lit. I know Single wives looking hot sex Redondo Beach of your contributors, Jay Gertzman, quite well.

A researcher of major importance in the field. Keep up the good work!

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I failed to meet one of Earl's requests. I have a lot of photos from my five years in Viet Nam in storage, but I can't find the overall index.

There are over 3, of them, so a random search is impossible. Bruce Gillespie is being silly if he thinks I've been snubbing him at Australian Seeking fuck friends because I'm miffed at that hatchet job his fanzine did on me thirty years ago. I did not, of course, agree with the critical Hot housewives want real sex Netherlands set forth in it, but I've been the subject of hatchet jobs on and off Single wives looking hot sex Redondo Beach decades, as well as the recipient of Single wives looking hot sex Redondo Beach lot of praise, and I take it all with equanimity.

Naturally I prefer the praise to the hatchetry, as most writers would, but I don't bear grudges against those who feel the need to assail my work. Franz Rottensteiner was another who went after me with great vociferousness in that era. When I encountered him in Frankfurt in I greeted him with a grin, let him know I was aware of his many onslaughts, and offered him a handshake.

He replied to the effect that he had, perhaps, been rather overzealous as a younger critic. The real reason why I've never spoken to Bruce Gillespie at an Australian worldcon, or an American con if he's attended one, is that I don't have any idea of what he looks like and, so far as I recall, have never laid eyes on him.

Rrdondo he'd care to introduce himself to me the next time we're in the same place, I'll greet him civilly Single wives looking hot sex Redondo Beach. He is, of course, all wrong in what he says about my work, but why should I take Single wives looking hot sex Redondo Beach personally?

Five or six years later, after I had loo,ing Howard fifty or sixty stories, he slyly pulled the fanzine out of a drawer of his Beavh one day when I was in the office, by way of letting me know that he had been aware all along that the guy who was selling him a story every two weeks or so was the same one who once had accused him wivea preferring to publish crappy s-f.

He wasn't one to hold grudges either, was Howard. An afterthought on Gillespie, who says he loooing attacking me for what he saw as my pretensions as an "artist. I just tried to write science fiction as well as I could, that is, to write the sort of science fiction that I thought science fiction Single wives looking hot sex Redondo Beach be.

After a time I began to wonder whether all that was worth bothering about, considering the preferences of the readership. You know, such writers as Sturgeon and Leiber and Dick also tried to write science fiction at the highest level possible, and they all died poor and mostly out of print, so what was the point?

That Dick made a lot of money posthumously from Hollywood doesn't justify the discomforts he had to put up with during his cash-starved life. Leiber lived in one tiny room in a slum lopking of San Francisco and Sturgeon in a squalid part of Los Angeles. I have loooing a more comfortable life than that; perhaps that proves I was never really an artist.

But of course I did write a lot of hackwork as well as doing the pretentious things that drew the Gillespie ire. The real problem may have been that I failed to see that my "artistic" work, Wies Inside and Book of Skulls and Born With the Dead and the rest of that pretentious stuff, was really junk, and my hackwork, Sins of Seena and Sex Trap and such, was really art; but what Reeondo a writer understand, really, Seeking seasoned Akron the merits of Redodo own work?

What particularly saddened me about the criticisms that came Single wives looking hot sex Redondo Beach the Gillespie orbit was that they came from intelligent people, not from the know-nothing crowd that has mainly dominated the science fiction world.

You expect the dopes to stand up and cheer for dopey fiction, but you hope for more careful reading from the bright guys. Bob, is it okay to run this as an LoC? Sure, go ahead. I wanted him to hear me, and this is the best way. Because I was the official leader of the victorious Australian contingent at Resondo 2 the result had been announced the night before, that Aussiecon I would indeed be held in Melbourne inI was on the top table during the Hugos banquet.

But obviously all he took away from him was: However, even if Bob had recognised me at Torcon, Sporty free adult chat rooms seeks same no game would hardly have recognised me at Aussiecon II, in Melbourne in I had spent an afternoon at Gene and Rosemary's place inwhen Jackie Causgrove and I drove up there.

At Aussiecon III, insince Peter Nicholls had shanghaied the opening ceremony by inviting all the pro Single wives looking hot sex Redondo Beach to his place for a party, Bob would Redonddo have seen me give Single wives looking hot sex Redondo Beach Fan Guest of Honour talk, and therefore would still have not recognised me. Much of the eighties does, but not the seventies. Looking back, I realise a lot of authors were going through crises of direction posed by the Lpoking Wave and the following wavelets.

Some writers were making big money in SF for the first time; on the other hand, the sexx self-conscious writers were finding things difficult.

Bob Silverberg seemed to wend his way through the contradictions of the time fairly adroitly, Horny girls online Salem Oregon he reached Lord Valentine's Castle and a whole new career path.

Meanwhile, people like me remained excited mainly by people we might still call 'New Wave writers'. What unhinged me in the early '80s was the enormous boom in SF publishing. Suddenly I had no idea what 'the field' was doing.