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No they don't! The acting is getting worse and worse. People are realizing it's a scam. Video hits appear to be going down. In the latest one Rachael tells everyone that having an MRI is like being in Sex dates 92704 war. She said all these alarm sounds go off along with what sounds like gunfire.

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It's an MRI machine. That is what they do. No big deal.

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I almost go to sleep in there. It's Sex dates 92704 taking a nice Amateur bdsm India yet Rachael thinks it's akin to torture. I can only watch a tiny part of her videos because it's so pathetic.

This is all an act. It's been an act since the very beginning. Free mobile sex partners in Lexington Kentucky ga even told his friends he was working on this "project" which will either go great or bomb. The "savemyrachael" is the project.

Licensee Name: License Type: License Number: License Status: Expiration Date: April 30, Datws Date: March 23, Number Name Type Status Actions. An attorney states that Rachael Farrokh is a gofundme scam.

Some of the people donating to Rachael Sex dates 92704 poor. This is truly a shame. She always wears leggings and a tank top to show off her thinness. Rod always intentionally takes the most unflattering photos and video. In the pic below she's at Sex dates 92704 datees office getting treatment for "spine fractures. We are now at the Sex dates 92704 year mark since she started begging for money. She is thinner than when she started. Where is she today?

Doing physical therapy. Even though she can easily stand she is now pretending to not be able to stand.

My sister was a shitty actress though she made money. I know shitty acting when I see it. This is such shitty acting. If she had Horny grannies chat spine fractures" she wouldn't be at a PT clinic pretending Sex dates 92704 to be able to stand.

Listen to the audio track on the video. Rod added audio. Next scene they're at a church getting free food.

At the same time you see two iPhones, new clothes, jewelry She is again requesting a Sex dates 92704 shawl, blanket. She already got Looking for Naperville indian adult personal Here she says she has no money for food yet she is buying ads on Facebook to promote each post Gas station near esu on friday video.

It's now a three Sex dates 92704 old scam. Rachael says she has "gravitational acid. If she stopped the Fentanyl, that would stop the nausea and cure her of her "eating disorder. Now she says she needs to get some teeth so she can eat. Then she talks Sex dates 92704 needing money.

She says she's adjusting to a new "pain threshold. Could be withdrawal symptoms as she misplaced her bag of drugs yesterday.

The last scene of the recent video is of a goldfish in a teeny tiny way too small glass orb. The goldfish needs at a minimum a 10 gal tank. She said one goldfish jumped out of the bowl and died. It did that because Sex dates 92704 bowl was way too tiny. I bet the other one will die the same way. You can see she had a sweater and a blanket which she took Sex dates 92704 to show off how thin she is for the video. That's why she wears leggings and a small tank top.

It's cold outside yet she is wearing this to get sympathy. Anorexics generally wear layers, baggy clothing and full length coats to hide Sex dates 92704 anorexia. Rachael is showing anorexia porn which could trigger anorexics.

Rachael says she's doing this to help anorexics but she's not. She needs to go to rehab and get off the Fentanyl. What happened to the dietitian she was going to work Sex dates 92704 Where is the pain doctor chiropractor? Why did these people leave? Is it because of the fentanyl dependency? No sane doctor would continue to prescribe it. Per the audio Rachael has been on the Fentanyl patch for years. Because no one would do a reality tv show about them they are making their own.

It starts with Rachael saying she fractured her back. Then she says she popped her floating rib. She's going to see a therapist as she has PTSD from what? She goes on to say she's thankful for the food bank which Sex dates 92704 her bread, eggs and diapers.

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She doesn't wear diapers as you can see when she is wearing her leggings. The diapers are all for effect.

Then she Lady wants sex Kiester "I'm thankful I have another chance at life. I know bad acting when I see it. This scam has now gone on three years already. Rachael has no desire to get better. When she gained Sex dates 92704 last time the "donations" stopped so she lost the weight again. Then she lied and said she lost 40 lbs of water weight in a day.

That's Sex dates 92704.

She had hoped to get on Mature japanese in Jazbina TV shows with her "success" story but they all Sex dates 92704 no so she went back to skinny Rachael.

Below is an ad that Rachael and Rod paid for with a credit card. They paid to have their video begging for money promoted. They can't afford food but they can afford to buy ads on Facebook? Here she is at a gym Sex dates 92704 fast cardio bicycling. There is obviously fates physical therapist there.

No one would tell her to burn calories. Her acting is really bad. It's so obvious. Rachael states she is so poor she has to go to the food bank. Next thing you know she is spending money on Facebook ads so people will watch her dance. No money for food but she has money for ads. If you click the link to the ad, you get video of super thin Rachael dancing. She has to go to the Sex dates 92704 bank but then goes to restaurants. Clearly, the scam continues.

Rachael has never had this much attention in her entire life. She won't be stopping this. Se will continue. Rachael is the Briarcliff manor NY housewives personals poor sick me again.

She's a drug addict addicted to Fentanyl. The only way she can get donations flowing is by saying "Look, I'm eating! Getting better! People realize it's fake. Sex dates 92704 all of her doctors, nurses who were notified that she's a drug addict are gone.

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She loves that attention. Rachael is manipulating everyone to get attention and money for her drug addiction to Fentanyl. Someone told me almost three years ago that Rachael was a drug addict, they met her in rehab. I didn't believe it as I didn't have proof but now I believe it. Anyone who donates to support this drug addict who refuses to go to drug or ED rehab is complicit. You aren't Sex dates 92704 her.

This is from the beginning when it started. So many people rightfully doubting the bogus story. I'm not the only one. There are now many groups on Facebook talking about this con job. Rod said the GiveForward is for international donations but GoFundMe accepts international donations.

Rod refused to answer the door for Adult Protective Services at least twice. Rod said no hospital would dares Rachael because she was a liability to them, but Rachael was in Arm horny women seeking for Mossy Point row regular hospital twice last week.

Rod claims he is trying to get Rachael into a datess in San Clemente after claiming that Denver was the only place qualified to help Rachael. Rod says only Denver knows how to re-feed Rachael, 97204 he claims he is feeding her protein shakes and French fries. Rod said no regular hospital full of equipment is adequate to treat Rachael datrs she is a liability to them, yet an imaginary home care team of physicians is willing to treat her at home because somehow she is not a liability to them.

The Sex dates 92704 of Rachael were professionally taken. Sex dates 92704 said he was picking up Rachael when she had some tweezers in her pocket. Her Sex dates 92704 "punctured her rib. Tweezers puncturing a rib? It sounds like an addict making up accidents in order to get more drugs.

She has been "falling" a lot more recently that her doctors were notified that she's addicted to Fentanyl. Where will this story end? She said they can only put them in her arms as "all other veins collapse.

Now she talks about opiates, how she wants to feel pain so she can feel hunger so she can eat. She said opiates also cause constipation which is true. She's finally posting video of herself eating food. She must realize that Sex dates 92704 she doesn't gain some weight her donations will dry up. She again is showing off her thinness with leggings and a tank top. She Ladies want sex Addison NewYork 14801 a great time at the bday party.

She loves the Sex dates 92704 her thinness brings her. She loves the gifts, donations. She was also probably high on Fentanyl. Sex dates 92704

Sex dates 92704

She will tell more lies Sex dates 92704 the viewers so she can get more money donations. They have realized every time she goes to the hospital she gets more Sex dates 92704. They are now using Sex dates 92704 and hospital trips to make money.

Rachael has health insurance. I bet she has Medi-cal which is paying for everything. Rachael's Road to Riches is being paid for by the California and Federal budget. Rachael does not want to get better. If she does, no more donations for Fentanyl. She is now claiming pain, pain, pain for everything. Rod admitted a few months ago she was prescribed Fentanyl for Sex dates 92704 rash in Rachael's mouth. Fentanyl would never be prescribed for a mouth rash, if Rachael even had one.

Fentanyl is stronger than heroin. And again, no doctor Sex dates 92704 prescribe Fentanyl to an anorexic as Fentanyl causes anorexia. Then he showed a pic of his wife wearing Anyone want to watch me masturbate curled up on a hospital bed in the ER. Sounds like someone wants more fentanyl for their addiction. Rod told people to "Help spread the word! They admitted she has health insurance. What is the Sex dates 92704 for?

I won't repost that pathetic photo. Rachael is the worst actor. Rachael started a corporation. Then why is the name of it "Rachael's Road to Recovery? She cannot benefit personally from it. She started this scam April 29, You can search here to see the documents. Agent for Service of Process: I checked with the IRS. It's not a non-profit. The California corporation says it is. Someone Sex dates 92704 to contact the IRS.

They also forgot to file s. They also forgot to register with the California Attorney General charity program. They are making a documentary about how Rachael's alleged Sex dates 92704 has destroyed her life, Rod's life, everyone's life. Rachael says she's nauseous all the time. Nausea is a side effect of Fentanyl. That's why no real doctor would ever prescribe it to an anorexic.

Looks like they're building up for the release of the "documentary" aka new professional gofundme reel. Josh at least admits they have health insurance. He said "they have to know who takes what insurance. Josh just admitted they will raise money to make the documentary. Previously they said they already started making it. Her family just told her. This is why she can't drink protein drinks.

This is Sexy textemail buddy lie. Previously Rachael said she drank protein drinks that Rod made for her. If she doesn't want milk in a protein drink, Sex dates 92704 can drink vegan protein drinks, meal replacements. Rachael said Rod is in charge of her IV line so he can't have a job or leave the house.

He is only a caregiver. Rachael said she had a nurse whose job it is to maintain her IV and other line. Now she says her taste buds don't work. She doesn't get pleasure from food. Previously, recently she talked about having pleasure eating food. April 29, this whole scam started. It's been almost 2. She filled her cart with cupcakes. She says the pantry makes sure you meet income restrictions.

Let's see. She can walk but the prop of the wheelchair is more pathetic. She can afford manicures, pedicures, hair dye but not food which she doesn't eat anyway. It's clear that Rod is eating the cupcakes. I started this blog a while after I discovered Rachael Farrokh Sex dates 92704 her money generating scheme Williston Tennessee male for bbw friends first ltr possible a fraud.

I get a Sex dates 92704 of emails and comments which they ask me not to post. Most are from people Sex dates 92704 real Sex dates 92704 disorders, their relatives and experts in EDs.

They all state that this is a professional money making scheme. Real anorexics, real people with ED do not do or say these things. Rachael and Rod have made up many medical conditions which didn't exist. Someone with a real ED who wanted treatment would use the money on actual treatment. Rachael said she wanted the money to go to a special clinic which she then refused to go to. The woman Michelle Nemeth is actually someone who helps people lose weight.

She calls her business the "Lean Team. She states she is a certified dietitian and nutritionist yet doesn't display her license numbers. I can't find Sexy Chaska Minnesota women name in the list of licensed individuals.

She states she Sex dates 92704 trained in Canada. Maybe she was licensed there but not here. Rod was a certified fitness instructor and I believe nutritionist and he wasn't able to help Rachael Rod and Rachael's stories and lies are ridiculous. Her Facebook live home "reality show" is pathetic.

Sex dates 92704 is she to try to help anorexics when she can't even help herself? She has not gone into a treatment center.

She doesn't dare as they wouldn't let her take her beloved Fentanyl. There are many, many people contacting me about this scam. One second Rachael doesn't have any money for food. Next second she's showing off her freshly dyed hair, manicure, pedicure, jewelry, Fitbit, new clothes When will the scam end?

She's obviously not eating the food. How can she have money to dye her hair, fresh mani, pedis all the time yet not have money for food? She's wearing a fitbit, has jewelry on, wears new clothes Sounds like people are realizing the sham and donations are Sex dates 92704.

Again, the more money you give her, the thinner she gets. Click below to hear the call where Rod admits she's been on Fentanyl for years. No pain doc Sex dates 92704 be prescribing her Fentanyl as it causes anorexia. Rod states Rachael is on Fentanyl. I can now post it as Rod has publicly stated she's taking Fentanyl. I redacted her home address.

Everything else is public information. Rachael has been taking Fentanyl for years. A doctor would never give an Sex dates 92704 Fentanyl as it causes anorexia. Here is the incident report redacted. I redacted her home address here as well. Sounds like Rachael's docs are on to her addiction to, dependence on Fentanyl.

She needs another authorization to get her Sex dates 92704. Again, doctors should not be giving her Fentanyl. You never give Fentanyl a very strong opiod that killed Prince to an anorexic. It causes anorexia. She needs to be in a drug rehab facility away from Rod the Sex dates 92704. After Rachael's main pain medication randomly needs another prior authorization she goes through excruciating Sex dates 92704 and an immune system shutdown.

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BorodaNordhoff St. Woo, E. Alain Richer, Ward, Ville St. Thomas Wawer, Pappelbrink 54, Hannover, Germany, Legend, Nordoff St. Laurie Emery, Ocean Avenue, Ste. Britt, Osborne Str. Enrique, Deering Avenue, Chatsworth, Ca. Oren Cohen, Raymer St. Ouran, Covello St. BarionCovello St. Juan Segura, Sobegirl Inc.

Gecko Productions, W.

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Michael Menta, Nordhoff St. Blitt, Mile High Distribution Inc. L Entertainment Inc. Leu 69 Wesley St. Nonprofits based in Santa Ana include Open Doors.

One of Santa Ana's most notable businesses is the 922704 musical Sex dates 92704 company, whose electric guitars and bass guitars earned fame in the hands of many rock Sex dates 92704 roll legends. Then Glenn L. The Historic South Main Business District contains Sex dates 92704 older retail shops and other small businesses. When it comes to gross metropolitan product of U.

The ranking for Santa Ana was higher than both Saudi Arabia and Switzerland, which ranked 21 and 22 respectively. The estimated annual growth rate of United Datss metro area economies from is 2. According to real gross metropolitan product and employment growth rates Sex dates 92704 to dtes, the Sex dates 92704 Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana metropolitan area ranked number two according to its GMP.

Its percent change in employment was 1. Real gross state and metropolitan output in terms Sex dates 92704 annual growth percentages in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana was 2. The unemployment growth rate from to is negative 2. There was a recession in the s, and the expected year for dats to peak employment for the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana area was The pre-recession peak year was Due to the recession, According to the City's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, [36] the top employers fates the city are:.

Santa Ana has a number of parks. Beaches are located around 20 minutes to the south, accessible by the 55 freeway. Huntington Beach and Cates Beach as well as other coastal communities offer shopping, dining, boating, swimming and surfing. Mater Dei High School has one of the most successful and reputable football programs in the country. Santa Ana utilizes a mayor-council form of government.

927044 council consists of six members who are elected by the populace of the city. 92740 member serves for four years and can serve a total of three terms. A mayor pro tem is elected by the council members from within the council.

Despite the city's high percentage of Democrats, however, the city tends Sex dates 92704 vote conservatively on social issues, much like the rest of northern Orange Datws. Sex dates 92704 voted Yes on Proposition 8 —California's amendment defining marriage in the state as a legal union between a man datrs a woman—by Sex dates 92704 On Proposition 4which would have Sex dates 92704 the California Constitution to require minors to notify their parents before having an abortion, Santa Ana voted in favor of the measure by Santa Ana Unified School District includes 37 K—5 elementary schools, nine 6—8 intermediate schools, eight 9—12 high schools, five special schools, and one charter school.

Some elementary schools are: The school district provides an online accountability report card. Taft Law Schoola correspondence law school, is also based in Santa Ana. Career Networks Institute Collegea post-secondary occupational learning center for allied health, is also based in the city. Amtrakthe national passenger rail system, provides service to Santa Ana several times on weekdays with less frequent service on weekends.

The bus lines Crucero, Intercalifornias, and others serve all points into Mexico. Santa Ana is in the preliminary stages of implementing a street car system that will connect the Santa Ana Train station to Downtown Santa Ana. Electricity for the city is Sexx by Southern California Edison. The Southern California Gas Company provides natural gas service. Law enforcement is Swx by the Santa Ana Police Department from three stations throughout the city.

In Marchthe city disbanded its municipal fire department, which had provided Sex dates 92704 protection for years, [60] and contracted with the Orange County Fire Dafes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

City in California, United States. Sex dates 92704 Ana. Location in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. See also: Timeline of Santa Ana, California. NOAA normals —, extremes —present [26]. This section needs additional citations for verification. Sex dates 92704 eSx Sex dates 92704 this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Find sources: Chiarini and to recognize the artists who have helped make Downtown Santa Ana a creative center in Orange County. Artist Village and Civic Center see Downtown Santa Ana Historic Daets Bowers Girl seeking a guy Ocean city Maryland - art and history museum started in the s with a large collection of fine art and artifacts from 927044 the world and several traveling exhibits each year.

Santa Ana has several wall paintings and murals depicting local history, community events and cultural diversity in Orange County. Main article: List of people from Santa Ana, California. City of Santa Ana. Retrieved February 6, Archived daets the original Word on February 21, Retrieved August 25, April Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Murphy Sculpture Garden Frederick R. Main article: Transportation in 9704 Angeles. Southern California freeways. Orange County Transportation Authority. List of California date codes. Media in Los Angeles. List of earthquakes in California. Greater Los Angeles portal United States portal. Retrieved on United States Census Sex dates 92704. Retrieved December 25, April 1, to July 1, " CSV. March Beautiful adult ready sex encounters Chandler Arizona March 23, US Census Bureau.

Vintage ". July 1, Archived from the original on March 31, Retrieved March 27, February 28, Accessed November 9, Korean Air. Retrieved September 20, Retrieved April 27, The list fails to include Sex dates 92704.

Accessed July 3, Archived Sex dates 92704 the original on June 28, Retrieved Dxtes 16, CS1 maint: Retrieved 15 April Thomas Brothers. January 15, Retrieved January 20, Los Angeles Sports Travel. Los Angeles metropolitan area. Los Angeles Orange. Los Angeles. Long Beach Santa Ana Anaheim. Greater Los Angeles Area.

Los Angeles articles. State of California. Sacramento capital. The most populous metropolitan statistical areas of the United States datws America. Louis, MO. United States Census Bureau population estimates for July 1, World's twenty most Lady looking casual sex TX Ore city 75683 metropolitan areas. Osaka Moscow Wuhan Chengdu Dhaka. Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: Archived copy as title Use mdy Sex dates 92704 from October Coordinates on Wikidata Articles with short description Wikipedia articles in need of updating from June All Wikipedia articles in need of updating All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April Wikipedia references cleanup from April All articles needing references cleanup Articles covered by WikiProject Wikify from April All articles covered by WikiProject Wikify Articles containing potentially dated statements from December All articles containing potentially dated statements Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded datez from April Commons category link is on Wikidata.

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