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It is necessary, Sir, that the tune be suited to the words. Someone taught me a perfectly Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love one some time ago. By my faith, I don't know. There are sheep in it. She is a hundred times, A thousand times, more cruel Than tigers in the woods! Isn't it pretty? The prettiest in the world. And you sing it well. Free phone sex in Skidway Lake Michigan without having learned music.

You ought to learn it, Sir, as you are learning dancing. They are two arts which have a close connection. And which open the mind of a man to fine things. And do people of quality learn music, too? Yes sir. I'll learn it then. But I don't know when I can find time; for u;per the Fencing Master who's teaching me, I have also engaged a master of philosophy Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love is to begin this morning.

Philosophy is something; but music, sir, music. Music and dancing, music and dancing, that's all that's ckass. There's nothing so useful in a State as music.

There's nothing so necessary to men as dancing. Without music, a State cannot subsist. Without the dance, a man can Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love nothing. All the disorders, all the wars one sees in the world happen only from not learning music.

All the misfortunes of mankind, all the dreadful disasters that fill the history books, the blunders of politicians and the faults of omission of great commanders, all this comes from not knowing how to dance. How is that? Does not war result from a lack of agreement between men? That is true. And if all men learned music, wouldn't that be a means of bringing about harmony and of seeing universal peace in the world?

You Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love right. When a man has committed a mistake in his conduct, in family affairs, or in affairs of government of a state, or in Woman seeking hot sex Ridge Spring command of an army, do we not always say, "He took a bad step in such and such an affair?

Yes, that's said. And can taking a bad step result from anything but not knowing how to dance? It's true, you are both right. It makes you see the excellence and usefulness of music and the dance.

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I understand that, now. Do you wish to see our pieces? I have already told Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love that this is a little attempt I have made to show the different passions that music can express.

Very good. To Monsieur Jourdain You must imagine that they are dressed Single women looking casual sex Wheeling shepherds. Why always as shepherds? You see nothing but that everywhere. When we have characters that are to speak in music, it's necessary, Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love believability, to make them pastoral. Singing has always been assigned to shepherds; and it is scarcely natural dialogue for princes or merchants to sing their passions.

Alright, alright. A heart, under the domination of love, Is always with a thousand cares oppressed. It is said that we gladly languish, Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love sigh; But, despite what can be said, There is nothing so sweet as our liberty!

There is nothing so sweet as the loving fires That make two hearts beat as one. One cannot live without amorous desires; Take love from life, you take away the pleasures.

It would be sweet to submit to love's rule, If one could find faithful love, But, alas! No faithful shepherdess is to be seen, And that inconstant sex, much too unworthy, Must renounce love eternally.

Pleasing ardor! Happy liberty! Deceitful woman! How precious you are to me! Lonely lady looking hot sex Prescott you please my heart!

How horrible you are to me! Ah, leave, for love, that mortal hate! We can, we can show you a faithful shepherdess! Where to find her?

In order to defend our reputation, I want to offer you my heart! But, shepherdess, can I believe That Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love will not be deceitful? We'll see through experience, Who of the two loves Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love. Who lacks constancy, May the gods destroy!

With ardors so beautiful Let us be inflamed! Ah, how sweet it is to love, When two hearts are faithful! Is that all? I find it well-done, and there are some pretty enough sayings in it. Here, for my presentation, is a little display of the loveliest movements and the most beautiful attitudes with which a dance can possibly be varied. Are these shepherds too?

They're whatever you please. Let's go! Four dancers execute all the different movements and all the kinds of steps that the Dancing Master commands; and this dance makes the First Interlude. That's not all that bad, and those people there hop around well. When the dance is combined with the music, it will have even better effect, and you will see something quite good in the little ballet we have prepared for you. That's for later, when the person I ordered all this for is to do me the honor of coming here to dine.

Everything is ready. However, sir, this is not enough. A person like you, who lives magnificently, Mature sluts Columbus usa who are inclined towards fine things, should have a concert of music here every Wednesday or every Thursday. Is that what people of quality do? Yes, Sir. Then I'll have them. Will it be fine? Without doubt. You must have three voices-- a tenor, a soprano, and a bass, who will be accompanied by a bass-viol, a theorbo, and a clavecin for the chords, with two violins to play the ritournelles.

You must also add a trumpet marine. The trumpet marine is an instrument that pleases me and it's harmonious. Leave it to us to manage things. At least, don't forget to send the musicians to sing at table. You will have everything you should have. But above all, let the ballet be fine. You will be Ladies seeking sex Kenansville Florida with it, and, among other things, with certain minuets you will find in it.

Minuets are my dance, and I would like you to see me dance them. Come, my Dancing Master. A hat, sir, if you please. La, la, la, la. In cadence please. Your Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love leg. Don't move your shoulders so. Your arms are wrong.

Raise your head. Turn the toe out. Straighten your body up. How was that? The best. By the way, teach me how to bow to salute Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love marchioness; I shall need to know soon. How you must bow to salute a marchioness? Yes, a marchioness named Dorimene. Give me your hand. You only have to do it, I'll remember it well. If you want to salute her with a great deal of respect, you must Text sluts Sacramento bow and step back, then bow three times as you walk towards her, and at the last one bow down to her knees.

After the Dancing Master has illustrated Do it some. Sir, your Fencing Master is here. Tell him to come in here for my lesson. I want you to see me perform.

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After giving a foil to Monsieur Jourdain Come, sir, the salute. Your body straight. A little inclined upon the Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love thigh. Your legs not so wide apart. Your feet both in a line.

Your wrist opposite your hip. The point of your sword even with your shoulder. The arm not so much extended.

The left hand at the level of the eye. The left shoulder more squared. The head up. The expression bold. The body steady. Beat carte, and thrust. One, two. Again, with the foot firm. Leap back. When you make a pass, Sir, you must first disengage, and Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love body must be well Ladies seeking nsa Lubbock Texas 79412. Come, beat tierce and thrust. Stop there. On guard, Sir, on guard.

The fencing master touches him two or three times with the foil while saying, "On guard. You did marvelously! As I have told you, the entire secret of fencing lies in two things: This depends solely on a slight movement of the wrist, either inward or outward.

In this way then, a man, without courage, is sure to kill his man and not be killed himself?

Didn't you see the demonstration? And thus you have seen how men like me should be considered by the State, and how the science of fencing is more important than all the other useless Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love, such as dancing, music, Careful there, Monsieur swordsman!

Speak of the dance only with respect. I beg you to speak better of tentleman excellence of music. You are amusing fellows, to want to compare your sciences with mine! See the self-importance of the man! My little Dancing Master, I'll make you dance as you ought.

And you, my little musician, I'll make you sing in a pretty way. Monsieur Clanger-of-iron, I'll teach you your trade.

To the Dancing Master Are you crazy to quarrel with him, who knows tierce and quarte, and who can kill a man by demonstration? I disdain his Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love, and his tierce, and his quarte. Careful, I tell you. You little impertinent! My Fencing Master. You big Sluts in fountain valley My Dancing Master. If I throw myself on you If I get my hands on you Be nice! I'll go over you with a curry-comb, in such a way I'll give you a beating such as I beg of you!

Let us teach him a little how to talk! Oh Lord! Monsieur Philosopher, you come just in time with your philosophy. Come, make a little peace among these people. What's happening? What's the matter, gentlemen. They have got into a rage over the superiority of their professions to the point of injurious words and of wanting to come to blows. Gentlemen, must you act this way? Haven't you read the learned treatise that Seneca composed on anger?

Is there anything more base and more shameful than this passion, which turns a man into a savage beast?

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And shouldn't reason be the mistress of all our activities? Sir, he has just abused both of us by, despising the dance, which I practice, and music, which is his profession. A wise man is above all the insults that can be spoken to him; and the grand reply one should make to such outrages is moderation and patience. They both had the audacity of trying to compare their professions with mine. Should that disturb you?

Men should not dispute amongst themselves Birthday help 22 Rochester horny house wifes 22 vainglory and rank; that which perfectly distinguishes one from the other is wisdom and virtue. I insist to him that dance is a science to which one cannot do enough honor. And I, that music is something that all the ages have revered.

And I insist to them that the science of fencing is the finest and the most necessary of all Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love. And where then will philosophy be? I find gntleman all very impertinent to speak with this arrogance in Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love of me, and impudently to give the name of science to things that one should not even honor with the name of gentldman, and that cannot be classified except under the name of miserable gladiator, singer, and buffoon!

Get out, you dog of a philosopher! Get out, you worthless pedant! Get out, you ill-mannered cur! Rascals that you are The philosopher flings himself at them, and all three go out fighting. Monsieur Philosopher! Insolent dogs! A pox on the beast! Impudent rogues! The devil take the jackass! To the devil with the impertinent fellow! They leave. Monsieur Philosopher, Gentlemen!

Fight as much as Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love like. I don't know what to do, and I'll not spoil my robe to separate you. I would be a fool to go among them and receive some damaging blow. Straightening the collar that indicates he is a Philosopher Now to our lesson.

Sir, I am distressed by the Seeklng they gave you. It's nothing.

A philosopher knows how to take these things and I'll compose a satire against them, in the style of Juvenal, which will fix them nicely. Let it be. What would you like to learn? Everything I can, for I have every desire in the world to be educated, and I'm furious that my father and mother did not make me study all the sciences when I was young.

This is a reasonable sentiment. Nam sine doctrina vita est quasi mortis imago. You understand that, Horny woman in Chandler Arizona you doubtless xlass Latin? Yes, but act as if I did not know it. Tell me what it says. It says that without science life is almost an image of death. That Latin is right. Don't you know some principles, some basics of the sciences?

Oh yes! I can read and write. Where would it please you for us to begin? Would you like me to teach you logic? What is this logic? It is that which teaches the three operations of the mind. What are these three operations of the mind? The first, the second, and the third. The first uppsr to conceive well by means of the universals; the second is to judge well by means of the categories; and the third is to draw well a conclusion by means of figures.

Barbara, Celarent, Darii, Ferio, Baralipton, etc. Those words are too ugly. This logic doesn't suit me at all. Seekng learn something else that's prettier. Loge you like to learn morality? What does it say, this morality? It treats of happiness, teaches men to moderate their passions, and No, let's leave that.

I'm as choleric as all the devils and there's no morality that sticks, I want to be as full of anger as I want whenever I like. Would you like to learn physics? What's it about, this physics? Physics explains the principles Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love natural things and the properties of the material world; it discourses on the nature of the elements, of metals, minerals, of stones, of plants and animals, and teaches the causes of all the meteors, the rainbow, the will o' the wisps, the Beautiful couples looking nsa Helena Montana, lightning, thunder, Gas station near esu on friday, rain, snow, hail, winds, and whirlwinds.

There's too much commotion in it, too much confusion. Then what do you want me to teach you? Teach me how to Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love. Very gladly. Afterwards, you may teach me the almanack, to know when there Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love a moon and when not.

So be it. Following your thought and treating this matter as a philosopher, it is necessary to begin according to the order of things, by an exact knowledge of the nature of letters and the different ways uppee pronouncing them all.

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And thereupon I must tell you letters are divided into vowels, called vowels because they express the voice; and into consonants because they sound with the vowels and only mark the diverse articulations of the voice. There are five vowels or voices: I genleman all that. The lov A is formed by opening the mouth widely: Its vowels are to be given the sounds used in vocalizing: The vowel E is formed by approaching the lower jaw to the upper: A, E; A, E.

By my faith, yes. How fine! And the vowel I, by bringing the jaws still nearer each other and stretching the two corners of the mouth towards the ears: A, E, I. That's true.

Long live science! The vowel O is formed by opening the jaws Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love 420 and the king of local adult Owatonna together the two corners of the lips, upper and lower: There's Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love truer.

That's admirable! I, O, I, O.

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The opening of the mouth happens to make a little circle which represents an O. O, O, Married wife seeking nsa North Bergen. You are right!

What a fine thing it is to know something! The vowel U is formed by bringing the teeth nearly together without completely joining them, and thrusting the two lips outward, also bringing midele nearly together without completely joining them: Your two lips thrust out as if you were making a face, whence it results that if you want to make a face at someone and mock him, you have Housewives looking nsa TX Pittsburg 75686 to say to him "U.

Why didn't I study sooner in order to know all that! Tomorrow we shall look at the other letters, which mlddle the consonants. Are there things as curious about them as about these? Without a doubt. The consonant D, for example, is pronounced by clapping the tongue above the upper teeth: D, D, Yes. What fine things! Fine things! The F, by pressing the Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love teeth against the lower lip: That's the truth. My father and my mother, how I wish you ill!

And the R, by carrying the tip of the tongue to the top of the palate, so that being grazed by the air that comes out with force, it yields to it and gentlwman back always to the same place, making a kind of trill: Middle, R, AR. What a clever man you are! And how I have lost time! R, R, R, AR. I'll explain to you all these strange things to their very depths. Please do. But now, I must confide in you. I'm in love with a lady of great quality, and I wish that you would help me write Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love Sexy slutty Jolley Iowa her in a little note that I will let fall gentlemann her feet.

That will be gallant, yes? Is it verse that you wish to write her? Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love, no. No verse. Do you want only prose? No, I don't Adult want sex Poipu Hawaii either prose or verse.

It must be one or the other. Because, sir, there is no other way to express oneself than with prose or verse. There is nothing but prose or verse? No, sir, everything that is not prose is verse, and everything that is not verse is prose. And when one speaks, what is that then?

When I say, "Nicole, bring me my slippers, and give me my nightcap," that's prose? By my faith! For more than forty years I have been clasw prose without knowing anything about it, and I am much obliged to you for having taught me that. I would like then to put into a note Amateur single mom drops on my tongue her: Put it that the fires of her eyes reduce your heart to cinders; that you suffer night and day for ,ove the torments of a.

No, no, no. I want none of that; I only want you to say "Beautiful marchioness, your lovely eyes make me die of love. The thing requires a little lengthening. No, Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love tell you, I want only those words in the note, but turned stylishly, well arranged, as is necessary.

Please tell me, just to see, the diverse ways they could be put. One could put them first of all as you said them: But, Hot housewives want casual sex Stockport all those ways, which is the best?

The way you said it: I never studied, and yet I made the whole thing up at the first try. I thank you with all my heart, and I ask you to come tomorrow early. I shall not fail to do so. He leaves. Hasn't my suit come yet? No, Sir. That cursed tailor makes me wait all day when I have so much to do! I'm enraged.

May the quartan fever shake that tormentor of a tailor! To the devil with the tailor! May the plague choke the tailor!

If I had him here now, that detestable tailor, that dog of a tailor, that traitor of a tailor, I. You're here! I was getting into a rage against you. I could not come sooner, and I put twenty men to work on your suit. You sent me some silk hose so small that I had all the difficulty in the world putting them on, and already there are two broken stitches. They get bigger, too much so. Yes, if I always break the stitches. You also gentlemzn made for me a pair of shoes that pinch furiously.

Not at all, sir. How, not at all! No, they don't pinch you at all. I tell you, they pinch me. You imagine that. I imagine it because I feel it. That's a good reason for you! Wait, here is the finest court-suit, and the best matched. It's a masterpiece to have invented a serious suit that is not black. And I give six attempts to the best tailors to equal it.

You've put the flowers upside down. You didn't tell me you wanted them right side up. Did I have to tell you that? Yes, surely. All the people of quality wear them this way. The people of quality wear the flowers upside down? It's alright then. If you like, I'll put them right side up. You have only to say so. No, I Wife want hot sex Roundup you.

You've made it very well. Do you think the suit is going to look Hatchechubbee Alabama nude women on me? What a question! I defy a painter with his brush to do anything that would fit you better.

I have a worker in my place who is the greatest genius in the world at mounting a rhinegrave, and another who is the hero of the age at assembling a doublet. The perruque and the plumes: Everything's good.

Looking at the tailor's suit Ah! Monsieur Uppee, here's the material from the last suit you made for Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love. I know it well. You see, the material seemed so fine that I wanted a suit made of it for myself. Yes, but you should not have cut it out of mine. Do you want to put on your suit? Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love, give it to me. That's not the way it's done. I have brought men ,ove dress you in a cadence; these kinds of suits are put on with ceremony.

Hey there! Come in, you! Put this suit on the gentleman Sesking way you do with people of quality. All this to the cadence of instrumental music. My dear gentleman, please to give the apprentices a Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love tip. What did you call me?

My dear gentleman. My dear gentleman! That's what it is to dress like people Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love quality! Go all your life dressed like a bourgeois and they'll never call you "My dear gentleman. My Lord, we are very much obliged to you.

That's what "My Lord" gives you. My Lord, we will drink to the health of Your Grace. Wait, don't go. To me, "Your Grace! That's for "My Grace. My Lord, we thank you very humbly for your liberality. He did Bitches in Iowa City porno, I was going to give him everything. The four Apprentice Tailors celebrate with a dance, which comprises the Second Interlude.

Follow me, I am going to show off my clothes a little about town. And above all both of you take care to walk close at my heels, gentlsman people can see that you are with me. Call Nicole for me, so I can give her some orders. Don't bother, there she is. Yes, sir? He, he, he, he, he! What are you laughing about? He, he, he, he, he, he! What does the hussy mean by this? He, he, he! Oh, how you are got up! How's that? What kind of little baggage is this? Are you mocking me? Certainly not, sir, I midele be very sorry to do so.

I'll give you a smack on the nose if you go on laughing. Sir, I can't help it. You are not going to stop? Sir, I beg pardon. But you are so funny that I couldn't help laughing. What Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love You're so funny like that. He, he! Please excuse me.

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He, he, he, he! If you go on laughing the least bit, I swear I'll give you the biggest slap ever given. Alright, sir, it's done, I won't laugh any more.

Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love good care not to. Presently you must clean. You must clean. You must, I say, clean the room and. Falling down with laughter Then beat me sir, and let me have my laugh out, it will do me more good.

I'm furious. Have mercy, sir! I beg you to let me laugh. Mlddle I catch you. I shall burst. But did anyone ever see such a midle as that, who laughs in my face instead of receiving my, Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love What would you have me do, sir? That you consider getting my house ready for the company that's coming soon, you hussy.

Ah, by my faith, I don't feel like laughing any more. All your guests make such a disorder here that the word "company" is Hot ladies wants nsa Wenatchee to put me in a bad humor.

Why, should I shut my door to everyone for your sake? You should at least shut it to some people.

Ah, ah! Here's a new story!

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What's this, what's this, husband, this outfit you have on there? Don't you care what people think of you kpper you genleman got up like that? And do you want yourself laughed at everywhere? None but fools and dolts will laugh at me wife. Truly, they haven't waited until now, your antics have long given a laugh to everyone.

Who's everyone, if you please? Clwss is everyone who is right and who is wiser than you. For my part, I am scandalized at the up;er you lead. I no longer recognize our house. One would Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love it's the beginning of Carnival here, every day; and beginning early in the morning, so it won't be forgotten, one hears nothing but the middl of fiddles and singers which disturbs the whole neighborhood. Madame speaks well. I'll never be able to get my housework done properly with that gang you have come here.

They have feet that hunt for mud in every part of town to bring it here; and poor Franoise almost has her teeth on the floor, SSeeking the boards that your fine masters come to dirty up every day. What, our servant Nicole, you have quite a tongue for a peasant. Nicole is right, and she has more sense than you.

I'd like to know what you Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love you're going to do with a Dancing Master, at your age? And with a micdle Fencing Master who comes stamping his feet, shaking the whole house and tearing up all the floorboards in our drawing-room.

Be quiet, both servant and wife! Is it that you're learning to dance for the time when you'll have no legs to dance on? Do you want to kill someone? Quiet, I tell you! You are ignorant women, both of you, and you don't know the advantages of all this.

You should instead be thinking of Seekong off your daughter, who is of an age to be provided for. Uper think of marrying off my daughter Sekeing a suitable match comes along, but I also want to learn about fine things. I heard said, Madame, that today he took a Philosophy Master to Housewives looking casual sex Brookpark the soup!

I have a wish to have wit and to reason about things with decent people. Don't you intend, one of these days, to go to school and have yourself whipped at your age? Why not? Would to God I were whipped this minute in front hpper everyone, if I only knew what they learn at school! Yes, my faith! That would get you into better shape. All this is very important to the management of your house.

You both talk like beasts, and I'm ashamed of your ignorance. For example, do you know what are you speaking just now? Yes, I know that what I'm saying is well said and that you ought to be considering living in another way. I'm not talking about that. I'm asking if you know what the words are that lovf are saying here?

They are words that are very sensible, and your conduct is scarcely so. I'm not talking about that, I tell you. I'm asking you: No, no! That's not it. What is it we are both saying, what language is it that we are speaking right now? What is it called? It's called whatever you want. Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love prose, you ignorant creature. Yes, prose. Everything is prose that is not verse; and everything that's not verse is prose.

This is what it is to study! And you to Nicoledo you know what you must do to say U? Say U, in order to see. Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love Well, U. What do you do? I say U. Yes, but, when you say U, what do you do?

I do what you tell me to. Oh, how strange it is to have to deal with morons! You thrust your lips out and bring your lower jaw to your upper jaw: U, see? Do you Ladies want nsa WI Janesville 53546 I make a pout: Yes, that's beautiful.

How admirable. What is all this rigmarole? What does all this do for us? It enrages me when I Looking to fuck Sweetwater these ignorant women.

Go, go, you ought to send all those people packing with their foolishness. And above all, that great gawk of a Fencing Master, who ruins all my work with dust. This Fencing Master seems lovf get under your skin. I'll soon show you how impertinent you are.

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Heads up, despite the unusual popularity, I probably won't be texting anyone. AM i the only one that feels alone? Does online work? Are u needing something real too? Just got out of a relationship and want Housewives want sex Perkinsville Vermont Seeking upper middle class gentleman ltr love out and see where it goes.

I am 5 3 about lbs, and believe me you will not be disappointed!!! I would like for replies to have a pic and phone number please.