Two Can Witch the Game by Valia Lind

Two Can Witch the Game by Valia Lind

Publisher: Self Published

Publication date: Jun 15, 2021

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Publisher's description:

It’s a new month in Monroe Cove and magic is in the air.

So is the smell of freshly baked goods as the town prepares for its annual spring bake-off. Cassie’s best friend is a top contender, and Cassie is there to lend a hand. But then, everything starts going wrong, from a ruined mixer to a clogged garbage disposal. It’s as if Penny’s Bakery is cursed.

Now that Cassie is starting to feel more at home at Crooked Windows Inn, and with her magic, she’s determined to help her friend out.

Is it a curse or just a case of bad luck?

When a body turns up at the back of the bakery, the whole town is in an uproar. And with so many new faces mulling about, there is no saying who could be the culprit!

With the help of a quirky cat, a handsome handyman, and a meddling aunt, Cassie will do whatever it takes to make sure her friend isn’t next on the killer’s list.

If you love a little magic and wit with your murder, you’ll love this fast-paced paranormal witch cozy mysteries series from USA Today bestselling author, Valia Lind!

My review:

I received a free copy of the ebook from BookSirens. All opinions shared are 100% my own.

Cassie and friends are back for book number two in the Crooked Windows Inn Cozy Witch Mysteries series by Valia Lind. [Read the review for Book 1 here.] When strange things start happening at her best friend’s bakery, Cassie finally starts to embrace her witchy powers in order to help figure out this mystery. When a body is found behind the bakery - and it turns out the victim is a witch! - Cassie dives into another mystery, including the mystery of why Aunt Grace is avoiding her.

Cassie again finds herself embroiled in another mystery. Fortunately, this time, unlike in Book One of the series, the ghost of the victim doesn’t torment her, though she does make an appearance to give Cassie some guidance. Magic is involved in the victim’s life and, it turns out, she was a witch. Cassie starts to embrace her own magic in an effort to help solve the woman’s tragic end and to solve why Penny’s bakery equipment seems to be cursed. She is also starting to work as an interior designer again and gets a job to help the new mayor remodel her home as well as help rehabilitate an old neighborhood in town that needs attention. It looks like she is fitting back into her hometown seamlessly and with more deep connection than Cassie could have ever dreamed or hoped for.

While the mystery of the murdered witch is solved in this book, a lot of larger mysteries are opened up and not answered, leaving way for the third in the series and many more to come after that, I’m sure. Some of the plot devices were frustrating and left mostly unanswered: why did Auntie Grace suddenly become MIA just as Cassie does the very thing she’s been wanting (embrace her magic); why is Cassie still being so hard on Dean when, from all appearances in the first two books, he is a kind and good man; what is the dark magic that is happening around the town? While the end of this book brought us to the edges of answers on some of these big questions, none of these were solved. I will definitely be reading book three Third Witch’s the Charm.

This cozy series checks all my favorite cozy boxes: magic and talking cats. (spoiler? …. hmmm). If the talking cat is magic too… well, then. That’s even better. The one thing I don’t like about the series? The cover art. But we can’t have everything. I recommend the series to anyone who likes cozy mysteries with magic and felines.

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