Third Witch's the Charm by Valia Lind

Third Witch's the Charm by Valia Lind

(Crooked Windows Inn Cozy Witch Mysteries #3)

Publisher: Skazka Press

Publication date: November 30, 2021

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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Publisher's description

Cassie Duke is ready for a vacation.

It has been a grueling few months of finding her place in Monroe Cove. Now that everything, including her magic, seems to have settled down, she’s ready for some fun in the sun with her best friend.

But then, a strange man starts badgering Cassie in her dreams, and no matter what she does she can’t shake him off.

To make matters worse, he shows up face down in a pool at her vacation resort. And he’s not a stranger at all! Cassie’s childhood nemesis turned somewhat friend has a personal connection to the victim, putting Dean right in the middle of the investigation.

Cassie has no choice but to accept her newfound role and solve the case herself.

With the help of her ever present furry sidekick, a crazy cast of characters, and the always-annoying-but-gorgeous handyman, Cassie must dive into the past to save the future.

What’s a witch to do? And right when the future was starting to look so good!

If you love a little magic and wit with your murder, you’ll love this fast-paced paranormal witch cozy mysteries series from USA Today bestselling author, Valia Lind!

My review

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

I have been growing fond of this series, but this one felt… off. The plot had a lot of holes and unexplained elements to it. Much of the action seemed rushed. Characters made, well, uncharacteristic choices. Timelines were unrealistic in places.

I did like the developing relationships between the characters, both new and old. Cassie finally admits her feelings for Dean and starts to explore what that means. And she meets someone who knew her mother. I hope there is more to that relationship in the future. Since the action was not at the Crooked Windows Inn, her aunt isn’t as involved, but Birdie the cat is in the thick of things when she shows up at the vacation resort to help Cassie with the latest mystery.

Read this one for the relationships, not so much for the mystery, and hope this was a minor blip on the road to what will otherwise be an enthralling cozy mystery series.

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