The Hollyday Spirit by Beth Prentice

The Hollyday Spirit by Beth Prentice

Publisher: Witchy Mysteries

Publication date: August 29, 2022

My rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤍

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Publisher's description

How many Santas does it take to commit a murder?

Daisy Montgomery remains stuck somewhere between life and death, leaving her spirit roaming Dandelion Ponds. But when Mrs. Baker, Daisy’s neighbor and faux grandmother, turns up in the morgue screaming she was murdered by Santa, Daisy is determined to find the killer.

Convincing super-sexy Charlie O’Sullivan to help her find out whodunit isn’t difficult. But finding the murderer amongst the town’s several resident Saint Nicks is!

With the annual Santa contest about to bring even more wannabe Kris Kringles into Dandelion Ponds, time is running out to find the killer. And when the murderer catches onto the investigation, it’s Charlie’s life on the line. If they can’t catch this bad Santa in time, then Charlie could be the next victim of ho-ho-homicide.

My review

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Having the main heroine be a spirit (not a ghost exactly) is a really interesting twist for a cozy. Daisy isn't dead though... her physical body is in a coma. She's still trying to figure out how to get back into her body. While she's working on that mystery, another mystery pops up... her kindly neighbor was murdered by... Santa Claus? With the holidays and a Santa Claus contest fast approaching, Daisy, Charlie, and a whole band of helpers - human and ghost - must race to solve the murder before even MORE Jolly Ol' Saint Nicks show up to complicate things.

The mystery was fine. It's the characters that really make this series - especially the ghostly ones. It's a lot of fun, even if there are more dogs than cats (you know I'm all about cat mysteries). I do wonder how long we have to wait until Daisy gets reunited with her body though.

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