Paw-Don Me by Corrine Winters

Paw-Don Me by Corrine Winters

Publication date: September 30, 2022

My rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤍

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Publisher's description

Lilith McRae, a conjurer witch, intended to spend the afternoon hiking Cowboy Mountain with her friends and familiar, the caustically sarcastic cat Toho.

Instead of a relaxing afternoon, she finds the body of local hippie guru Kenny Holland. And with his hands tied behind his back, she doesn’t think he just tripped and fell.

Newly transferred (and admittedly handsome) police officer Josiah Campbell takes lead in the investigation. He doesn’t want Lilith’s help…but he needs it. Without an insider, the people of Cowboy Mountain are close-knit and tight-lipped, as inscrutable as the mountains that loom over the small town.

Lilith and Josiah soon discover that not only did Kenny have a lot of enemies for an ambassador of peace and enlightenment, but that some of those same enemies might be after her, too. Soon, her search for justice brings imminent danger to her door.

There are dark things happening in the tourist town of Cowboy Mountain. Mysteries beyond murder. With a score of young men in town disappearing, trust in the police is lower than ever.

Can Lilith help Josiah solve the case?

Or will she be the next victim?

My review

I haven't read any books from the Wild North - Casper, Wyoming in this case. It was fun looking up photos of what the area where Lilith, Toho, and friends were hiking.

I appreciated that, while there was discussion early on of Josiah not wanting Lilith's help, that he wound up seeking it out and her help was even legitimized by the police chief. This is definitely a different twist than how most cozies handle an amateur sleuth butting her nose into an investigation. I LOVED Toho (a talking cat... yea, duh) and all of Lilith's friends.

I also appreciated that her interest in Josiah - and his in her - so far has been metered and not rushed. A+ all around. What a fun new series! I can't wait to read more.

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