March 2022 Meal Plan

I'm doing it anyway so I might as well share with you! In February, I started planning meals monthly rather than weekly and I LOVE IT. I still shop once a week, but planning once a month saves me so much time. When I sit down to make my grocery order, I already know what the plan is and I only need to check for ingredients. It doesn't take me that much longer to plan a month at a time than it did to plan a week but I'm only doing it once a month rather than every Sunday. And no worries if I get busy one week and don't have time to do it! I started working on my March plan around the 23rd here and there. I'm already starting to create systems that make it even faster. To download the whole month in a printable PDF and to receive access to all future free resources, subscribe on any form on my website. You'll receive an email with a link and the password to the Resources page.

The April 2022 meal plan is available on the resources page.