How to be a Minimalist With Kids by Katie Coughran

How to be a Minimalist With Kids: Finding Your Kind of Minimalism by Katie Coughran

Publisher: Independently published

Publication date: October 24, 2018

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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Publisher's description:

Have you tried living a minimalist lifestyle and feel you've failed because your home doesn't look like a magazine cover? How to be a Minimalist With Kids: Finding YOUR Kind of Minimalism is here to help you discover the type of minimalist mindset that will work for you and your family. With sections on downsizing, creating maintenance routines, tips for getting your family on board, emotional minimalism, budgeting, and how to envision and live the type of minimalist lifestyle you want, you'll have several tools that can help you accomplish more than just getting rid of a bunch of stuff. Inside, you'll find the self-survey questions, challenges, and strategies that can get you on the road to finding YOUR kind of minimalism.

My review:

I found Katie Coughran on her podcast first (How to Be a Minimalist) and just adored her gracious approach to minimalism. She's a diehard advocate for minimalism... but for YOUR KIND of minimalism. She makes it OKAY to do what you can do... personalize what it looks like for you and your family and don't hold yourself to some idealistic standards that aren't realistic for many - especially families with kids. In her book, she goes into more detail about how to start on the journey to a more minimalist and mindful life. Highly recommended to anyone interested in the joys of minimalism but intimidated by some of the more extreme minimalists out there.

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