A Creepy CATalyst by M.L. Bonatch

A Creepy CATalyst by M.L. Bonatch

Publisher: Witchy Mysteries

Publication date: September 26, 2022

My rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤍

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Publisher's description

Being a witch who can shift has its perks—seeing ghosts isn’t one of them.

Hell-o, it would've been nice if someone had warned me that my ability to shift into a cat enabled me to see ghosts. I spent a good ten minutes explaining my new pet sitting business to a spirit. I thought something was off about her, but I wasn’t expecting that!

If only I could understand what she was trying to tell me, because it turns out she was murdered. She’s followed me home until I can figure it out. And now I must care for her familiar until the inconsolable cat is assigned a new witch. Moving the ghost and her keening cat out of my house can’t happen soon enough.

When old grudges are revealed, the list of suspects grows. And it includes a young witch at the Home for Wayward Witches, who’s flaunting too much attitude and power. It can’t be her, can it?

With a killer on the loose, everyone’s got a finger or paw to point. Since I have both, I’m caught in the middle of this murder mystery. Let’s hope I can solve it before an innocent witch gets accused, or worse, someone else dies.

My review

In the second book of the Witch Shifter series, we are introduced to more fun characters as we meet more witches and familiars in Witchteria Lane. Amelia didn't get enough page time in this book, but I can't wait to read more of her antics as she, Winona, and Betty Lou reinvigorate the GGW. And the felines won't miss out on the action either as they form their own investigative group. Poor Abigail is stuck in the middle as a witch who can shift into a cat.

I love how her relationship with Olaf is growing. After book 1, I wasn't sure how much I would like Olaf. He's pretty self-absorbed and a bit of a pain... but he has his witch's back (and backside in one instance) at every turn as she works to solve the murder of an old and powerful witch - one who is haunting her as a ghost until that murder is solved.

This book in the series was pretty light on the burgeoning romance with Scott - one so tentative at this stage I'm not even sure if "burgeoning" is the right word. I don't mind the slow burn to romance and I think it is authentic to Abby and Scott, given their pasts.

Definitely read this series for the characters. I'm not sure how much of a great mystery these ultimately are... but I'm also not one who spends my reading time trying to solve the mystery before the answer is revealed. But I love the characters in this world and they are only getting better! I look forward to continuing this series.

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