2022 Reading Challenges

When it’s time to decide what to read next, I have a loose structure of switching back and forth between books waiting on my TBR shelf on Goodreads and ARC* books. And, of course, I always have at least one personal development book that I'm reading plus a stack of graphic novels.

I have occasionally in the past used a reading challenge as inspiration to help me decide my next book. I always set a Goodreads reading goal, but I like challenges that also push me to try new genres or have me hunting the virtual Goodreads stacks to fit a prompt like “a book with a beach scene on the cover” or “a book with your favorite color in the title”. I don’t always complete these challenges but I do like the inspiration to try new things that they give me. To that end, I am using Whiskered Mystery’s reading challenge to help me pick books using fun prompts though I don’t think I’ll complete all 52 prompts in that challenge this year. Who knows though? Maybe I will!

Many years ago, I participated in a diverse books reading challenge that I really loved. When I stopped book blogging for a while, I forgot about that challenge (and many others). At the start of 2022, I thought I was going to use the prompts from the Build Your Library reading challenge like I did last year. Then the diverse reading challenge popped back into my head. I make an effort to read diverse books throughout the year but I know I could do more and a reading challenge is a great way to spur that on and give me ideas and structure.

I decided to combine the Celebrity Reader’s 2022 Diversity Reading Challenge and the Diverse Reading Challenge 2022 I found on tumblr. While the latter challenge has 50 theme prompts on its list, I am setting a goal of reading 25 diverse books and hope to achieve the Ermahgerd Level in Celebrity Reader’s mini-challenge. My overall reading goal for the year is 100 books. I think making sure 25% are diverse is very doable.

I will update this post as I read books that fit in the challenge and link to review posts as I write them. Let me know if you are participating in a reading challenge this year! Be sure to link to your update post if you blog and to the challenge you are following. Also, let me know if you can recommend any good books that fit any of the categories below.

*ARC stands for Advanced Reader Copy and refers to pre-release books shared with bloggers, librarians, and other book professionals so they can read the book early and publish their reviews to coincide with the book’s release.

I'm keeping track on a spreadsheet too if that is an easier way for you to view the categories. Find it here.

Mini-Challenge Diversity Themes

1. Diverse folktales/culture/mythology; or diverse retelling; or non-western setting

2. POC: Black/African American

3. # ownvoices; or gender: female authors in male-dominated genres/non-fiction

4. POC: Middle Eastern/South Asian

5. POC: East Asian/Southeast Asian/Pacific Islander

6. LGBT+ pride summer: sexuality and gender identity

7. LGBT+ pride summer: sexuality and gender identity

8. Mental health/addiction

9. POC: Hispanic/Latinx

10. Physical/sensory/cognitive/intellectual/developmental disabilities

11. POC: Native American

12. Religious minorities

Diverse Reading Prompts

1. A book about current civil rights issues

2. A book with an intersex protagonist

3. An # ownvoices book

4. A book with an LGBTQ+ protagonist

5. A book that takes place in the future with a protagonist of color

6. A historical fiction book set in Africa, Asia, or Latin America

7. A memoir or autobiography by an author from a marginalized community

8. A book published over 100 years ago by an author from a marginalized community

9. A middle-grade book with an LGBTQ+ protagonist

10. A book with a person of color on the cover

11. A book with a rainbow on the cover

12, A book with a biracial protagonist

13. A magical realism book by a Latinx author

14. A book with multiple character POVs who are members of a marginalized community

15. A book with a woman of color protagonist

16. A book with a protagonist who is neurodiverse, mentally ill, or has an intellectual disability

17. A book where the main character struggles against and/or overcomes homophobia

18. A book by an indigenous author

19. A romance book with a trans and/or non-binary protagonist or love interest

20. A book with a protagonist on the asexual and/or aromantic spectrum

21. A book with an immigrant protagonist

22. A biography of a person from a marginalized community

23. A book inspired by nonwestern mythology, folk tales, or fairy tales

24. A romance book focusing on a same-sex romance

25. A romance book with a fat protagonist or love interest

26. A book with a Black protagonist

27. A book with a Latinx protagonist

28. A romance book focusing on a polyamorous relationship

29. A book taking place in a world and/or future without homophobia

30. A book by a Muslim author

31. A romance book focusing on an interracial romance

32. A book about a religion other than Christianity

33. A book with a Middle Eastern protagonist

34. A speculative fiction book by an author of color

35. A speculative fiction book set in Africa, Asia, or Latin America

36. A book taking place in a world and/or future without racism

37. A book from the Harlem Renaissance

38. A non-fiction book by an author from a marginalized community

39. A book by a trans and/or non-binary author

40. A YA book with a protagonist of color

41. A book with an Asian protagonist

42. A book originally in a language other than English

43. A book with a physically disabled and/or chronically ill protagonist

44. A book with a fat protagonist

45. A poetry collection by an author from a marginalized community

46. A book by a Pacific Islander

47. A contemporary book that takes place in Africa, Asia, or Latin America

48. A book by a Jewish author

49. A book published in 2022 by an author from a marginalized community

50. A book by an LGBTQ+ author of color

Whiskered Mysteries prompts

1. Written by an author who lives in a different country than you

2. An animal on the book cover

3. A non-murder plot

4. A beach scene

5. A character who is an only child

6. A book published in 2021

7. A book with an animal in the title

8. A series you’ve never read before

9. A book inspired by fairy tales

10. A sequel to another book

11. A 3-word title

12. A book with your favorite color on the cover

13. Set in the winter

14. A beverage on the cover

15. The first book in the series

16. A male sidekick

17. An author who uses initials

18. A book cover with a flower

19. A Christmas theme

20. A travel plot

21. A character who cooks

22. Food on the cover

23. An author with more than one series

24. A book with a coastal setting

25. A strong female character

26. A wedding scene

27. A character with an ex spouse

28. An outdoor setting or camping scene

29. The last book in a series

30. A lighthouse on the cover

31. A book you've already read before

32. A character with a big family

33. Set in the summer

34. A romantic element

35. A character who changes careers

36. A non-magical animal

37. A character who changes residences

38. An elderly character

39. A small-town setting

40. A book published in 2022

41. A book on the cover

42. A character who is a single parent

43. Set in a place you have visited (or want to visit)

44. A book with a piece of clothing on the cover

45. A non-Christmas holiday theme

46. A book set in multiple states

47. A character with a hobby

48. A piece of furniture on the cover

49. A character who is injured and lives

50. A scene on Main Street

51. A character who changes their name

52. An author who shares the first initial of either your first or last name