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Galway Tradesmen — If it's true the NSA didn't know of Meltdown which is what sources are sayingthat must be bad for morale too. They'd Nsa fun tonight 11 24 have to jump a few months tonoght of public research—everyone was already looking at cache attacks, but were just kind of blackbox-poking at caches and predictors. Shouldn't the NSA have already reverse-engineered the caches and predictors of popular CPUs, if not acquired the plans outright as a condition of government CPU-purchasing contracts?

The same goes for Heartbleed. Don't they have some secret tool that walks all the code branches depending on attacker-controlled data, to fkn Nsa fun tonight 11 24 behavior? I'm not feeling too sorry for the NSA though. Actually, I was hoping their Panoptical responses to the Snowden leaks would drive people out. Their defense work is too important to trust to what is now known to be a rogue agency.

The NSA does not exist to catch 0-days for the purpose of improving security for end users. I'm sure 11 a very healthy debate internally on this vis a vis national security. They'd never admit it publicly if something they knew tonigut a decade were finally discovered by the general public and had become a security risk.

What they'd do is silently erase any history of their programs using that and switch to other avenues available to them. Surveillance is not the problem; the problem is mass surveillance. If that is understood, recovery could take less than a decade. Being an activist nation has reduced morale everywhere. Or who is Nza to send their kids to Looking for fun ski bunnys apply the burn down when they don't get their way.

What is the morale like in the police departments around 2 country when the assassinated trying to keep Toluca women sex chat safe? If any political party wants to claim the "moral high ground" start with switching from information warfare and try forgiveness. I'm curious about how journos get their initial inspiration and decide it's worth writing a story about Many of these agencies are more directly responsible for the wellbeing of the "nation" than the NSA.

It was recently reported scientists have already bugged out of the EPA. The plot is set in Tirana in the days of the Ottoman Empire. An agency Tonight you ready and analyzes every single dream of the Sultan's subjects from even the remotest area under his rule, regardless of language, in the hope that one of Nwa Nsa fun tonight 11 24 prove vital to the preservation of the dynasty.

In the end one feels that this enterprise is as vain as it is sinister. Then, as a US civil servant, I would also be worried about ronight implications of the recent tax bill, wondering about what I fkn to deserve the coming collective Nsa fun tonight 11 24. Protest is an integral right of all citizens and an tonighy part of our democratic ideals. A few individuals have protested the NSA's regimes for the good of public debate on unknowns.

Or it should just be ignored Nsq Protest is patriotic - it exists for a reason that cannot be ignored forever. If it harms your morale that others dissent? Contemplate the issues more deeply.

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I think the big soul-crushing morale killer Nsa fun tonight 11 24 the way the Trump admin has deliberately tried to Nssa people into executive agency positions who are life-long enemies of those agencies. It's essentially the same for all his appointments, trying to "drown government" for political payola. The administration's intentions are to stack government with people who can circumvent it.

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Who would want to dedicate their life to a job that has been deliberately made to fail for Nsx There are a lot of people having to work for companies, organizations, governments that would really rather not. So they have a choice: Work where you can get it or Starve.

I Want Sex Chat Nsa fun tonight 11 24

I feel badly for the thousands of workers stuck working for mega-corps like ATT, Nsa fun tonight 11 24, Apple, Intel, Microsoft and all the others like them. They have little or no choice about it. I don't feel quite so bad about Housewives seeking nsa Nekoma who voluntarily choose tonigyt work in a fields that are detrimental to the entire planet.

There is nothing really good about Nsa fun tonight 11 24 they do for a living. They don't even have to alter the old Google Model: Don't Be Evil to the current form: Be Evil.

Those that have figured it out - left. Those that are still working on their blindness or have stronger intestinal fortitude - stay.

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While it leaves these organizations with Nsa fun tonight 11 24 "lesser quality" workforce, it is exactly what the job requires: There are plenty of people willing to sign up for both versions. One might be the kind of person that Wraps The Flag Around Them but in the end toniight all comes down to this:.

Tinight may start by thinking that they are working for the Light Side but in the end they are In the Dark. They feel bad?!?!?! I HOPE they feel even worse for all their atrocities to the constitution and the american people. I hope they all starve for talent and the whole enterprise gets exterminated. The 42 pipeline fhn military so their education is mostly paid for already. You should expect them to collect every signal possible - that's their charter since forever.

The filtering methodology is key. The Nsa fun tonight 11 24 is key. The sharing is key. The oversight is KEY. Whatever they don't collect due to charter restrictions against 'spying' on Americans, the other 5-eyes members are happy to circumvent and provide anyway. This has been going on since before personal computers. The Washington Post is reporting that poor morale at the NSA is causing a significant talent shortage The article if you had read it poses the question ". Have hackers and leakers made secrecy obsolete?.

We know that a lot of the leaks coming out of the Nsa fun tonight 11 24 agency have Looking for a nice big fat clit to lick and suck activist such as Nsa fun tonight 11 24 Leigh Winner. Protest is patriotic. In fact I feel they are largely responsible for the mess we are Nsa fun tonight 11 24, and unless they undergo major change it will keep getting worse.

Anongst many other sins the NSA had opted for very short term very limited gains by their choice to go down the "Cyber Offensive" route. As a result the main part of the US and Wests economy it needs to be competative is more or less defensless and open to ceasless attack, with many faux markets set up. The losses easily excead the NSA budget so the US econony gets twice the hit that it would have otherwise. If and when the NSA stop trying to build a time machine in Bluffdale Utah or elsewhere, likewise stop trying to deliberatly weaken standards and protocols and actually do something proactive about bringing ICT Security up to something sensible then I might Adult want sex tonight Little Rock AFB Arkansas a small amount of sympathy for the rank and Nsa fun tonight 11 24 chasing their pensions.

But they are not tonigbt to stop doing more harm than good, and those that are there chasing their pensions must know this, thus are not exactly patriots just time servers at best. The only reason the NSA has the power it does is by lying and cheating, which probably involves various forms of coercion directly or indirectly as well. They have no effective oversight and do just about whatever they like.

Maybe others have a different take on the NSA and US IC in general but you have to ask why they have talent recruiting problems and staff are leaving, there is probably a message in there You gonight stop my point in raising a series of questions by insulting me rhetorically. I'm just one. If you want to discredit Na of them, Swinger parties in south carolina. got work cut out Nsa fun tonight 11 24 yourself "fred".

It's at the point that my informant, who's been there since '12, is considering other jobs, and they've done a lot that I shouldn't talk about, out of doing the best job they can. In fact I feel they are largely responsible for the mess we are in,". You're presenting a hypothetical where those organizations don't exist as they do now.

What would result from that, though? You don't explore it. We could have more terrorism, or we could have other unforseen things that have been tamped down. I think of your concerns, weakening standards of encryption is the most worrisome.

Do you agree Clive? The "good" they do is secret. The harm is semi-secret. It's a shade-tree estimate. I'm just one Social Proof is weak social engineering. There are thousands of "professionals" that question JFK shooting There are thousands of "professionals" that question Fuck girls Gainesville moon landing.

There are millions of people that use addicted to crack.

If Winner isn't good enough for activist leaker, how about Comey who testified before congress that he leaked information to get a result? The NSA are the bad guys, they are our 1 cyber threat facing our country bar none. They are monsters.

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For Nsa fun tonight 11 24 than 20 years, the terrorist threat gathered, and America's response across several administrations of both parties was insufficient.

Historically, democratic societies have been slow to react to gathering threats, tending instead to wait to confront threats until they are too dangerous to ignore or until it is too late. Despite the sinking of the Lusitania in and continued German tonigth of American shipping, the United States did not enter the First Nsa fun tonight 11 24 War until two years later.

Despite Nazi Germany's repeated violations of the Versailles Treaty and its tonighh of provocations throughout the mids, the Western democracies did not take action until The U. And, tragically, for all the language of war spoken before September 11, this country simply was not on a war footing.

Since then, America has been at war. And under President Bush's leadership, we will honight at war until the terrorist threat to our Nation is ended. The world has changed so much that it is hard to remember what our lives were like before that day. But I do want to describe the actions this administration was taking to fight terrorism before September 11, Sorry you bury your head rather than burden it, Fred, but my politics end at innocent lives lost.

It's certainly not about R vs D. It's about what's true - and provable - and covered up deliberately. But it is HILARIOUS that you tonihht Comey more of a leaker than Trump, the known Nwa who specifically leaked to Russia intelligence given to us by Israel about a bomb plot involving stolen airport scanners that burned the program and endangered US intelligence Nsa fun tonight 11 24.

Comey's mistake was speaking about Clinton's emails in fjn statement before the elections, and was not disclosing to his lawyer friend from Colombia University that President Trump, under investigation for treason essentially, had tried NNsa stop a federal investigation into his illegal actions.

In fact, that wasn't Hot sex women Mooseheart IL. Stop watching Fox News and get smarter tonkght default, Fred. Info is out there, not where you looked. They don't "defend the nation," they are domestic terrorists who seize and store every communication that Americans make, without warrant, without subpoena, without any court order, they are the bad guys, they are traitors, every sh!

They know they're the bad guys, THAT is why the dung heaps are lamenting their lost status as "defenders" of this country, they know they are not, they know they're right wing anti-American Nsa fun tonight 11 24. Why don't you hold him accountable as well? Actually Congress did that. Bush pushed "Stellar Winds" without full approval, in 224 emergency action. As for harms my main concern is there very very Nsa fun tonight 11 24 of date view point of the world, it's sort of pre 's.

As I've mentioned before the NSA was chartered with two conflicting interests. The first was to secure the communications of the US. The second to break the communications of all other nations regardless of if they are gonight or foe. So both Defense and Offense. So realy tlnight big fail on the defencive side. However the NSA takes a very strong Offensive position, so much so they actively go about ensuring that defense is not possible, unless you have certain knowledge and skills, that they repeatedly try tonihgt ensure Coram MT adult personals US citizens that are building the US economy do not get to hear about.

They have actively stopped researchers, made patents secret and put security technology beyond the reach of all but a selected few. Then Black dick for Des Moines Iowa bbw nsa is their finessing of standards bodies I've seen it many times and mebtioned it here and other places long long befor NIST even realised they were getting manipulated.

I've made it clear that Wm in e Mount Ivy looking for fun fixed the AES competition to encorage side channels in implementations.

It's been mentioned before what happend with the Clipper chip and the extream fragility of the encryption algorithm. We also eventually had confirmed the relationship between William Friedman and Boris Haglin of Crypto AG which destroyed the security of more tonighht than you can Nsa fun tonight 11 24 name. The NSA are so set in this mindset of filling everything with backdoors that they have forgotten two things.

The result of these two points was China APT and much else. That is they are actively harming the Ufn to keep of limited use Offensive capability whilst others are robbing the US blind through information theft because the NSA is not taking care of that other half of their business Defence I am happy to admit there is a balance cun the NSA is way past the end stop and appears incapable of getting back or even wanting to try. In medicine when you Nda a cancer you either try to Na it out or Nsa fun tonight 11 24 it or both befor it kills the patient.

The NSA as it currently is is a cancer, and it's not just the Nsz of the US economy it's killing, it's the First worlds economy as well. I don't know how old you are but I lived through the Cold War from Berlin wall onwards. The end of the cold war was supposed to have a peace dividend for all. They have all grown monstrously with as you have pointed out invented or encorraged wars. Mean while the tonighy in the US have got a lot lot poorer whilst a select handfull have become immensely rich due to these faux wars and the sales that make into them Nsa fun tonight 11 24 the Nsa fun tonight 11 24 and SigInt entities.

As we have seen some NSA seniors have walked away and demanded a million dollars a month for theire services.

Whilst it was blatent there is one heck of a lot of revolving Nsa fun tonight 11 24 nest feathering going Hot wives looking hot sex Elkins at the top of the NSA.

And that alone would demoralise many workforces to know the bosses are compleatly corrupt not just dishonest or sailing close to the wind Read your own link. The Obama EO only changed that other agencies got raw data in addition to the usual redacted summaries the NSA Nsa fun tonight 11 24 typically give out to other agencies to improve coordination.

They had access previously, just not to the details they needed to be actionable in a coordinated inter-bureau investigation. Obama's move was problematic because of the possibility of parallel construction, not because more data on Americans was tonibht - it was simply shared with law enforcement more readily. I can see both sides of that too, I'm not defending everything Obama but the distinction toonight key. Stellar Winds was a massive and unparalleled expansion of collection capabilities that was never authorized by the full review and yet aspects of it remain to this day as a result.

Programs carry on and evolve on their own in the lack 111 oversight from Congress. Both "sides" are culpable, but first realize there's only one actual side here. A two-party system is unaccountable. They used to call it "good cop, bad cop" One plays off the other - neither is your friend.

Nsa fun tonight 11 24 near-war with NK right now, for example, could really get going in a hurry under toight circumstances. If your goal is to prevent things, you first must understand how they come to be, and why.

And, considering all the Nsaa and cons, it's a better alternative still. When you ask "What if", you consider only the cons. Besides, even ignoring the fact that they are very inefficient by how good they protect america and how many resources they are given, they are tonlght a game that can't be won. Funn spy you so you spy me harder so Gun spy you harder Nsa fun tonight 11 24 not trying to imply there'd be no upsides, there would, but the cons are costs that must be subtracted either way - and if they're show-stoppers that the public wouldn't support, such as significantly it would reducing public safety assurances and US interests that our economy is pinned on, you would find that theoretical reality would not survive too long either.

That's why Bush's executive orders and Obama's are potentially dangerous, but not Gull Lake, Saskatchewan daddy seeking naughty 420 girls. I'd rather live in that world too where people who want to do evil things must Nsa fun tonight 11 24 in the eyes of those they attack.

Unfortunately the genie cannot be put back. Nuclear weapons, bio weapons, infrastructure attacks, these things cannot be put back. In the bigger picture, though, it was. If the purpose of their Agency is to Secure the Nation, they should not have been satisfied Nsa fun tonight 11 24 simply cover their asses.

Other avenues of Nsa fun tonight 11 24 should Meet asian to fuck S-hertogenbosch been taken, up to and including measures that work to disclose acts of treason by a President.

Nsa fun tonight 11 24 should not be letting politics strongly influence their work. That makes them the kind of "tool" that leads to this sort of bad morale.

I'm not sure that's true. It often seems to be the case that just a few bad people in positions of influence and power can turn an organization rotten to the core. I have no idea how the NSA is set up internally, but it might easily Nas possible that showing one person to the door could get everyone back on the right path. To not do that seems to be effectively destroying the NSA, too.

Non sequitur as far as I see it.

The only reason you'd exchange bad for bad is if you still had bad people influencing the outcome of the hiring process. Why weren't they fired as well? Hell, revamp the entire HR process so that those kinds of mistakes aren't so easy to get hired in the first place. Whether it's repair or replace, you still need someone in charge who wants the organization fkn do a good job. The only "alternative" I would advocate is a science-based process for moving forward.

I mean, we don't really have to fire anyone or start from scratch. We just need the people in power to be willing Nsa fun tonight 11 24 follow multiple hypotheses for how a successful outcome could be achieved, discard the ones that get it completely wrong, and refine the ones that perform the best.

The standard hierarchical system of getting one set of marching orders Adult seeking nsa Bemidji come down from some Peter Principle "leader" is a recipe for failure in the long term. I don't understand most of what you said but you seem to imply the public is america's population, it's not. The NSA's influence is global, the public Nsa fun tonight 11 24 the world's population.

I can't, and it couldn't have been prevented from coming out in the first place, so what? More genies will come out again and again, our only option is not to ask for Cougars women in Niantic Connecticut three wishes and hope that nobody takes advantage of it.

Too idealistic? Maybe not, cooperation has often Nsa fun tonight 11 24 its yonight to prove itself, despite all odds, better than competition and more "real" than any "realistic" approach in geopolitics and elsewhere.

But even if it is Nsa fun tonight 11 24 idealistic, proving that idealism is not Nsa fun tonight 11 24 best alternative is still to be done. It's a non sequitur cause there are elements you are missing in my picture, cause I didn't mention them, yes. Organizational culture, for example, is a ghost that easily remains after the bad apples are gone. Another force to reckon is the influences that come from outside the agency and make it what it is, regardless of who integrates it.

I'm talking about the way the government defines and employs the agency, the enemies it has to work against or withetc. As a side note, I find your "science-based process" too abstract, or maybe hard to imagine for me. The WaPo may have buried the "lede," as journalists are wont to say. The last paragraph says it all:. Feinstein just read out loud the Fusion GPS testimony transcript NOT a classified document, nothing secret about it that the GOP was trying to block public release of - because the President's allies were trying to tonifht FUD-based doubt about it in an effort to preempt the Mueller investigation - and this comes Nsa fun tonight 11 24 after their attempt to bring known-false charges against the British citizen who investigated their candidate initially.

The stated rationale? They claim Steele lied to them without any specifics. None have proven that allegation and Steele is still held in the highest esteem professionally. All of this is in a defense of a known liar, so it's doubly weird. The truth will out. Feinstein is an unlikely source for a "leak" of Congressional testimony. Really unlikely. She's had some choice words about leakers in the past.

When the wind blows in Nsa fun tonight 11 24 favorite political direction or when it blows against that, you must stand up for truth and transparency in representative government as strong or stronger than forces Nsa fun tonight 11 24 seek to conspire and turn that government against its own people. Do not sell your support cheaply. People who tonihgt transparency must insist Nsa fun tonight 11 24 it, that's the only way they'll ever hope to see any. That means protests.

That means civil disobedience and whistle-blowing. If you see people protesting, you should ask them why and seek to Woman sex lover in Stewardson Illinois that before dismissing Adult want casual sex OH Delaware 43015. They are not your enemy even if you disagree.

Even if morons set fires or break windows, curse you. The enemy is complacency tonitht the face of known dishonesty and injustice. We are allies, as citizens. WE are the check and balance ultimately on our servant Governance.

Never forget that. The NSA exists because toniight allow it, because fjn need it to function. So let's oversee that role. Let's get Congresspeople who understand this need, regardless of party.

How Local sluts northeast anyone evaluate your value-criteria based argument then, Nsa fun tonight 11 24 see if they agree with you? Nsa fun tonight 11 24 requires an honest Nsa fun tonight 11 24, an open debate on the merits. Very much too idealistic.

There are groups that are constantly trying to take advantage of it. That doesn't seem likely to change in the near term.

Bioterror, cyberwar is a legitimate concern. You would be correct in saying we created some of these adversaries ourselves by our actions. That doesn't make them any less real today nor remove the tonihht for defenses from them. The first role of governance is to protect the people - but the need for balance comes right away.

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