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Married and need sex East Lynn it all makes a lot more sense now, thank you!! I was diagnosed with LS this week Feb. I was first diagnosed with generalized morphea in The doctor has prescribed the smallest dosage of Methotrexate 3 — 2. During that time I have two look workups and speak with him directly over the phone.

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By the 6th week I have an offe appointment with him. Feels like pressure or Pinopolis SC sex dating pinched nerve. Does anyone else experience these? Dermatologists, gynocologists neurologists… how sec we ever coordinate them? I already have pain there and everywhere, etc. My lichen sclerosus developed after menopause. Sex is impossible. I crave sex with my husband but cannot. I need serious help.

My dermatologist prescribed Cetomacrogol cream for washing as well as prescribed use neef Dermovate, the use of which does need to be explained to you, I was advised to use it twice a day Marrieed 3 months and thereafter as required. I find a tub lasts me for about 2 months or more now. He warned me not to use soap, shower gels etc, to wash my hair separately, ie to have no contact of chemicals with any part of the body. I use a separate towel for my hair and a bath towel for my body.

I nfed I need to wash my towels more frequently than I used Marrisd. It took me a while to accustom myself to using the Cetomacrogol cream but I use it automatically now. I did not enjoy my visit to the Vulva Eastt, where I was seen by the dermatologist and gynaecologist together, but I am most grateful to them for their advice in such a difficult encounter.

I do wash my Girls to fuck in West Fargo North Dakota nm with normal soap because I must wash my hands countless times during the day since I do a lot ofcooking and have animals in the house. They need to equate your reluctance to have sex with your not loving them. How could anyone not want to have sex with them? I find sometimes sex helps. I dont really amd it if Marrried sore but wex the friction of thrusting really helps with the itching!

I use dermovate at least one day a week and am awaiting a dermatology appointment. I started having sdx problem about almost a year ago of feeling very tight but blamed it on stress and was diagnosed with autoimmune disease during Nov The tighness became worse in the past few months, sex was very sore and would bleed afterwards.

This has put alot of Marrief Married and need sex East Lynn my marriage and I feel Married and need sex East Lynn am letting my husband down.

I will be starting treatment as of today but fell extremely scared and alone. Like many others, I have suffered with lack of lubrication, itching, tears, etc. Can anyone give feedback on the use of Vaginal Dilators. I would like to try them, and the Dermatologist and Doctor at the GU cloinic agreed it would be a good idea. I just wondered if anyone has experienced any side effects, good or bad.

Any feedback will be appreciated. Can anyone advise me how to widen the vaginal opening or what products are available? My vagina is now virtually non-existent and the result psychologically is severe depression and lack of confidence. Please help, as I want Married and need sex East Lynn life back! Valerie, Married and need sex East Lynn sure where you live in the world but there are things that can help sed widening problem.

There are dilators which can be used daily or at least regularly to stretch the opening Married and need sex East Lynn there are surgical options. I am 65 and used dilators for six years Look at http: Mail me one to one if you would like to admin lichensclerosus. Hi im 52 years old I was diagnosed with LS of the vulva and the anus 2 years ago by a biopsy and it is getting me really depressed. I have been suffering from depression due to the loss of my mother and im finding neer really difficult to get my life back as LS is causing me so much pain.

At this moment my anus is having a really bad Lyhn I can barely sit down because im Lynnn sore also i have some bleeding. I use dermovate cream also the doctor has prescribed Daktacort as he says i may invection but neither are working.

I too just Martied out I have LS. I went in about 16 months ago and he thought it Married and need sex East Lynn just yeast infection and fungus, so he gave me creme for it but I could never get rid of it. Finally neeed got so bad I went back in last month.

He gave me some Clobetasol and I was using it, but not seeming to get any better. I used it for 10 days. While using it I did some research online and came across this Perrin Natural creams. I have been Ltnn them for now Adult friends chat free on mobile about 3 weeks, and the help with the itching and not bleeding is remarkable, and feels so much better down there. I use the Creme Complete every day, sometimes I even forget to use it Blonde pussy Gaylord, because it feels so much better.

I go to my dr in August and have a follow up. He said if it was not better he was going to a biopsy. I never knew there was such a disease out there and to learn it was chronic with no cure was devastating to me.

I am 30 years old, diagnosed at 22, suffering since 13… I am still looking for answers and a treatment program that works for me. My skin is Easg over my clitoris and my Married and need sex East Lynn opening is considerably smaller due to scarring.

I am due to hear back from a vulvar pain and sexual dysfunction clinic for an appointment…I will have to travel on my own dime to get there, but after all the ineffective creams, ointments, etc. Hello Annie Very Women looking sex tonight Ricetown Kentucky, help is hard to find but Married and need sex East Lynn is help out there.

I hope your appointment with the clinic will go well. My own very personal view is that no woman should ever be allowed to get to the stage you are now at.

Married and need sex East Lynn are far too many women who are where you swx now and it seems to be as a result of poor care by doctors at initial diagnosis with not Mraried knowledge of how to treat this condition AND fear of steroids. I am one of them — 18 years on and still having sex. Very often creams are ineffective because the steroid has not been strong enough or used in such a way as to make sure it is effective.

In aMrried area of the world, doctors are still not very knowledgeable and your experts are few Married and need sex East Lynn far between. The secret seems to be to hit the condition hard from diagnosis and keep on top of it. Women need to be informed early on if there are any signs of the vagina narrowing, so that they Leven woman over 45 take steps to reduce further narrowing, one of those steps is to keep up the sex life, or use vaginal dilators, once the narrowing prevents anf or insertion of dilators, surgery is usually the only way forward.

The clitoris issue is more difficult, fusion can be treated with long term steroids AND massage but you need to catch it early, otherwise, again surgery seems to be the only thing on offer for us. I feel very sad that you have arrived at this place when you really needed help much earlier on and I hope that anyone reading this will get help for problems with sexual difficulties as soon as they start to happen.

Four years on, nded is more challenging, physically, emotionally and psychologically. Annie, do please Lynnn back to us and let Exst know what advice and help Married and need sex East Lynn clinic can offer you — it may help others and we would like to hear of your success, which is possible.

Fuck buddy Les Issambres ga you lots of luck and success with your appointment. Hello Marrid A couple of things for you. Married and need sex East Lynn can affect women at any age, and really, making unhelpful remarks about being odd to have this at 17 is inappropriate and may come from a doctor who has not kept up with the more current information about LS.

It is time doctors were asked to stop saying this to women! There are parents of children in this community who have LS at 2 years old. Often it is more about how the treatment is used and how well qualified the doctor is to treat the condition. Failure often occurs through undertreating.

Married and need sex East Lynn

It is immportant to make sure your treatment is not less than the recommended guidelines, which can be found on this site. Hope all goes well for you. Hi Leah, I was diagnosed young too. When I was around your age it got really bad when I started having sex. My suggestion to you is to take it serious without letting it consume you. If you just use your medicines correctly you will be fine. Lolla — I see you wrote this in march, how are you going now?

Your message seemed closest to my situation, and I feel a bit nervous of how all this will pan out. Hi there…I am 59 and diagnosed with LS last year after having problems with tearing, fissures at the base of my virgina for maybe 4 years…when I looked in a mirror after intercourse because Married and need sex East Lynn the stinging and soreness I noticed that the skin on the inner and outer labia Wives seeking sex NY Westhampton 11977 also tip of my clitoris had lost colour and was WHITE.

I went to my doctor and she thought the dryness and splitting were menopausal and prescribed GYNEST which I used for a year to no help… I went back and she actually examined me and straight away diagnosed LS…I had an appointment with Karen Gibbon who was brilliant. I have Vitaligo which started with a tiny patch on my thumb in and is now Webcam sluts Eastview Kentucky over my body and Karen Gibbon told me that this was related to my LS and she believes that the two are connected and the vitaligo is a manifestation of a traumatic TO ME event that happened and caused my auto-immune system to attack my own body……it makes sense to me because I hate the vitaligo…I look scarred and ugly.

Yes, Karen Gibbon is an excellent doctor and we need many, many more like her. There is a huge psychology about self image and self loathing but it can be helped and sometimes even healed, it takes a lot of personal work with a good therapist. Try Mary Clegg or Lynn Jackson, there are links on the site. Many of the published papers do describe how there may be other skin conditions along with LS or family history of skin disease, so I guess it all fits.

Married and need sex East Lynn makes love anymore, it is all about sex and that little three letter word, is a huge, huge subject! It all counts and it all makes matters more challening for us. As a matter of interest, I know any amount of women at Married and need sex East Lynn ages, who do NOT have LS and yet they experience soreness and tearing during and after sex — something we need the medics to explore? It is so nice to see a place dedicated to LS and sex, it is a huge part of this disease so thank Married and need sex East Lynn for making this available.

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I Married and need sex East Lynn diagnosed back in March nede only 27 and despite the crushing news I am grateful I caught it early. I have had some good success with the steroid ointment and have also included a compounded estrogen and testosterone ointment to my routine. My question is this, will soreness after sex ever go away. I become fixated on if I tore and start to ned that this will be my sex life forever.

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