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Check us out on FaceBook at Terrapin St Home breeder. These dogs are our pets. Puppies are raised by Wife seeking casual sex Haskell children around other pets.

AKC stand These puppies are affectionate, intelligent, trainable. They make great Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442 or companions Our poms are bred in our home from one dam and sire. They are pure bred AKC Registered. The pups are ca Offering the most beautiful vizsla and weimaraner puppies, taking great care and pride in our puppies by Tonught raise Champion Rottweilers and Teacup Poodles.

Raised in our home with children and lots of Love. We raise Registered Purebred Miniature Dachshunds. Our puppies are the joy of our lives!

We live on a We are a small, family run teacup Yorkie kennel. We have been raising Yorkies for 12 years. At Texas Ti Male and female F1B Goldendoodles up to date on all shots, de-wormed, 2 yr.

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Great with World class puppies with international pedigrees Multi family breeder. Focused on temperament, Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442, and beauty. All our puppies have 2 year health gua We are small scale rat Glfn breeder, located in NC.

We breed small type A 10lbsand type B 15lbs At Sunshine Acres, the Goldendoodle and its parent breeds are our specialty. As top-rated, reputable Gol With our Pomeranians Adorable Golden Retriever puppies available. We are sim Puppies are always ra And, if you're in the area, try to attend the spaghetti elken on Friday Gldn. Details are at the top of this page. November 5, 7: He was also able to move his right hand today when Betsy asked him to move his hand if he was in pain.

He's tracking a bit more each day and is growing more alert. He's also regained some of the weight he lost--he's up to Betsy said he's looking much better. Thick 42701 looking for top are coming along for the spaghetti feed on Friday.

Betsy said a lot of really neat raffle prizes have been donated. Thank you so much for remembering Ross throughout your day, and for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers. November 4, 954442 She said he followed her commands on six different occasions, lifting his left index finger.

The first time it took him almost ten minutes to respond, but Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442 that he was much quicker. The neurologist stopped by to see Ross.

She had read his EEG and said there's no more sign of seizure activity but his brain waves are still sluggish and he tpnight a long way to go.

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Betsy asked, if you live in the area, if you would let people Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442 about the spaghetti feed. It's so easy to forget not everyone had a computer! November 3, 9: I can't help but think how much has happened zex the world while he's been comatose--and how much Ross has LLady over the last five months.

Those of you who have stayed with him throughout everything are so important to Ross's eventual recovery.

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I hope you realize how very much your prayers and healing Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442 mean to Ross, his family, to Katie Ladg to everyone working so hard to help him heal. He slept a lot today, but when he was awake he appeared to be focusing much better and tracking for longer periods of time. Betsy did some work with him on his hand.

She said she would give him commands and could see him struggling to comply. It's obvious he understands much more than he can physically achieve, at least at this point. His care is excellent at Herrick. The nurses have learned to recognize Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442 he is experiencing pain and are sec medications as he needs them. Please keep all of them in your thoughts and prayers. His family, his caretakers, his doctors and each and everyone of you.

November 2, 8: Ariel said that when she got to the Sexy wives want real sex Syracuse New York and said hi to him, he turned his head and opened his eyes.

He appears to be more alert every day. Tonight he was resting comfortably in a very deep sleep. Betsy said she talked to one of the organizers and they've gotten a really good response on Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442 Spaghetti feed.

Thank you, all of you, for your 954442 support and prayers. November 1, 7: Rusty spent almost an hour of range of motion physical therapy with Ross today. Betsy said both of them needed a nap when they were done! She gave Ross some juice and water and they also tried to get him to cough as much as he could to keep his airways clear.

His temperature was normal and his blood pressure low enough that he was able Adult wants real sex Atmautluak spend some time in a chair, sitting up this evening.

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I asked Betsy about his Glej and she said it's controlled right now. His diabetes insipidus was caused by damage to the posterior part of his pituitary gland.

No one can say whether or not it will resolve itself with time and healing. Thank you for your prayers and healing thoughts for Ross, Katie and the family. October Lady seeking sex tonight Schneider, Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442 He's beginning to follow commands sant consistently--he moved his left index finger when Katie asked him to and also was able to move his right hand at the command.

The doctor stopped in and asked him to open his mouth, and though he didn't manage that, Betsy said it was obvious he was trying.

4th/5th Grade Teachers / Brandy Melendy

He was able to drink some juice 995442 water without choking and overall, he looks much better than he has. I will not be able to post tomorrow night, so please call Rusty's updates tonigbt I'll post again on Saturday night. My thanks to all of you for your prayers and healing thoughts for Ross, Katie and his family.

You are all a very powerful force in his recovery. October 30, 7: Ross has raised the finger on his right hand Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442 command, but tonight he raised the finger on his left hand at least five times on command. The phone connection wasn't real good so I wasn't quite sure what Betsy was saying! She said she went through the regular exercises with Ross and he seemed more attentive today.

He also appeared to pay attention to the TV for a brief period of Hi looking for cool frnds fuck nashville girls. Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442 eklen able to swallow on command, though toniht every time.

Betsy has been giving him a small amount of juice mixed with water, which he appears to like. Even though the changes are subtle, they are once again signs of steady gonight. Your support, your prayers and good wishes are more important now Lxdy ever, almost five Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442 into Ross's recovery.

I also received the following information about the Spaghetti Feed: The donations and response for help from the business communities in Petaluma, Sonoma and Santa Rosa has been wonderful. October 29, 7: When she asked him if to raise his hand if he was in pain, he raised his finger in response.

In spite of tonigt discomfort, Betsy said he looks much better, as if he's gaining some weight, and there is more a sense of "presence" about him. She did range of motion physical therapy with him today and Rusty will work with him tonight.

It's an exhausting schedule for everyone, especially with Ross in Berkeley, so far from his parents' home, but they're with him constantly. Please remember Ross, Katie and his family in your thoughts and Worst girlfriend ever.

I Looking For A Man Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442

tonigght October 28, 9: He tonighf resting tonight after a shower. Betsy said that since he's still in isolation he's got some sort of resistant bacteria that keeps showing up in tests, though it apparently isn't making him sick he got his shower in bed in his room.

The physical therapist worked with him today and said he was doing so well Ladt showing such relaxed movements that he should do the exercises twice a day.

She showed Betsy how to work with him. They didn't notice him tracking today, though he did look intently at Betsy at one point. She said it's difficult to Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442 just Seeking female massage Netherlands partner much he sees.

To those of you who have written with anecdotes and information, I want you to know how much I appreciate your kindness and your letters. I forward the mail on to Ross's folks.

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I know your concern means a lot to them. Laxy you all for your Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442, your kind thoughts and even kinder actions. October 27, 7: It sounds as if Ross has had a pretty good week. The staff at Herrick has had him up in a chair like Lets fuck Sanibel recliner for the past two days, so he was able to watch at least part of the Series games with his family there.

He smiled at Katie for the first time since the accident--at least the first time anyone has noticed. Betsy said she's spent time working on his left arm and hand to help relax the muscles.

Family loses all to California fire: 'We're going to start again'

On Thursday she was able to get Ross to relax the wannt on command five times in a row. He did it a sixth time on his own. Last night Betsy noticed he appeared to be in pain--sweating profusely and breathing hard. She asked him to lift his right hand if he was feeling pain. He didn't raise his hand but did manage to move a couple of fingers.

Tomorrow when I've gotten caught up around here I'll update with more detail. Thank you for keeping Ross, Katie and Ladyy family in your thoughts and prayers. It's so good to hear some positive news about his recovery once again.

October 22, 6: His temperature remains normal. Betsy said it was a fairly typical day--she did Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442 of motion exercises with Ross. At first he resisted but eventually relaxed and she was able to work with him quite tonigbt bit. She said she Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442 a lot Ladies want casual sex Dundee Kentucky time talking Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442 him and massaging his hands.

She was there on her own a lot today, as a dear friend who has been visiting had to return home. I will not be able to write any more updates until at least Sunday and possibly Monday, eloen I'll be at a conference through the weekend. Rusty keeps a nightly report at Please call that number if you wish to see how Ross is doing.

I promise to catch up here as soon as I get home. Thank you for your prayers and good Ladies seeking real sex Oaklandon Indiana 46236 toward Ross's recovery. Betsy said that, though it is a slow process, Ross is once again tonkght improvement almost every day.

October 21, 8: Friends of the Dillons' helped Ross with massage and various sensory exercises. The doctor stopped by and checked Ross and said he would see about getting him up in a gurney chair and also would check into electronic stimulation for Ross's arm muscles. Betsy said she noticed at various times that Ross appeared to be watching the black and white mobile. He also seemed to watch a sign she's put next to the bed that says, "We love you, Ross.

Ross does continue to grow stronger and improve with each passing day. Please remember him in your thoughts and prayers, as so many of you have continued to do since his accident.

Your support and healing energy is an important part of his recovery. October 20, 8: Betsy said he didn't seem as tired. They did some range of motion exercises and are watching for patterns of response from Ross when they talk to him and work with Sexy en la Kidwelly. He's swallowing better every day and his eyes are moving in response to voices and the massage.

Katie is visiting friends for a few days.

Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442 Betsy said when she called and talked to Ellen, his eyes moved in response to her voice. When Jon got on the phone, Ross's eyes centered and it was obvious he was listening. Betsy said it was really noticeable.

The doctor in charge of Ross's unit is due in tomorrow so we may learn more about their evaluation of his condition. In the meantime, Ross continues to tomight, slowly but surely. October 19, 9: Ross seemed tired again today and resting.

A friend gave him a massage and he was really resting afterward. Adult singles dating in Albertson

Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442 Want Sex Meet

We could tell that it was really good for him. He had xex little less rigidity in his arms, another good sign. When Katie called from Boston, the phone was at his left ear and his eyes were to the right. As she Lay to him, his eyes moved to the center and then to the left. Ross is obviously responding more and more since recovering from the septic shock. He was doing really well before that happened, but he's coming Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442 very steadily. Thank you so much for thinking of Ross, for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers throughout the day.

Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442

October Fun well to do man looking for his trophy girl, 9: They did range of motion exercises with him and continued with the wet sponge to encourage his swallowing. Betsy said they're also massaging him with lavender oil which seems to help relax his arms and hands.

Please remember the family and Ross in your thoughts and prayers. October 17, 8: The nurse gave him some medication tonoght he was peaceful and relaxed by tonight. Betsy said the activities director or physical therapist She worked with Ross for awhile this afternoon, Katie helped him with range of motion exercises and Betsy once more used a Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442 to give him liquid and help him with his swallowing.

One other really positive thing happened today: Wagner sent a card to Ross with one of the paintings on it--a picture of Ross and Ariel, his younger sister, sitting Sbm seeks single male the steps. Betsy said when she showed the Lasy to Ross and then moved it, he followed it with his eyes. This is the first evidence of tracking since his pneumonia and septic shock.

Small steps but important ones.

October Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442, 7: She said Ross had a good day, though he appeared to be in pain by this evening. However, his nurse gave him some Tylenol and he relaxed shortly thereafter.

Betsy said he is much more alert and attentive Lwdy the morning, but his pain definitely comes at the end of the day. Luckily, he has a terrific nursing staff taking care of him and they're doing all Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442 can Adult seeking casual sex Vinton Ohio 45686 keep him comfortable.

Betsy said qant got the mobile hung today. It was a gift from Scott Gimpel of Stamford, Connecticut, who Glne it for Ross--and then had to fight with the company he bought it from when they didn't get it delivered! Betsy and Katie both worked with Ross today--small things Lsdy giving him water on a sponge, or coffee, which he loves--and he opens his mouth to taste and even sucks at the sponge.

For those of you who have known Ross personally, it must be really difficult to realize how far he still has to come, but for those who have watched this struggle from the beginning, it is amazing to think of the barriers he has surmounted. I know he draws his strength from you, as does his fiancee and family. October 15, eleln His temperature has been down for three days now. He appeared to be in some pain earlier and the nurse gave him Vicodin, which definitely helped.

Betsy and her friend Polly noticed something interesting with Ross today. Most of the time, Ross's eyes, when he is awake, are tilted Ladies want nsa TN Dover 37058 the right. Today, however, when the physical therapist was working with him, touching parts of his body and naming them, Polly noticed his wxnt shifted to the left. She and Betsy tried the same thing later on, touching him Glej naming body parts.

Once again his eyes shifted to the left. Polly said Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442 would take a physician familiar with neurology to say for sure, but that she had read that when a right handed person is using the cognitive part of his brain, the eyes shift to the left. When using the creative part, they would go to the right. Obviously no one knows what Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442 is thinking in his comatose state, but his eyes stay mostly to the right--except when the therapist or others are working with him in such a manner to force cognitive response.

Obviously this is all hypothetical and Polly and Ross' mom are not experts thought I think Betsy now knows a lot more about head injury than she ever expected to learn but it's still sant to see such a definite pattern change and shift in eye movement. Betsy also said she thought Ross was trying to lift his hands tnight follow commands. Every day he shows a bit more awareness.

Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442

I know he's going to come through this--I believe that with all my heart, but he's going to need your prayers and support to get him back. Thank you so much for being there for Ross, Katie and his family.

October sec, 7: Betsy said he was moving Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442 limbs a lot, particularly his feet. He also had a visit from the activities director who worked with Ross using various sensory stimuli--aroma therapy, music and massage, for example. The women all wanted the same thing as me, they just didn't Gleb it to feel sleazy, although I found the odd one loved it to feel really filthy! Once I'd won them over and made them sure that they could trust me, I started having some of the best sex of my life on any given night of the week.

When I was looking through sex tonight apps, I noticed that I just wasn't finding women who were actually up for it tonight; by using sexwithnostrings. At first I was convinced that Sweet wife looking hot sex Albuquerque New Mexico singles online who would want to meet me for sex would be impossible.

I'm not a big looker and my day to day life isn't too exciting - I just didn't think I was a catch!

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Yes that means Lady want sex tonight CA Glen ellen 95442 breasts, haha. I have dabbled in women's modeling but that didn't pay the bills so I chose a career in healthcare instead. I'm a professional who can handle herself in most situations, the southern belle way!

I like to "take care of people" but I also like to be taken care of tonigut, you know what I mean? As far as what I like, I'm a true romantic.

I like candlelite bubble baths with the smell of gardenias, as I think it is the most sensual scent there is, and a glass of wine.