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US in america think that this is fucking horrible and they should burn the baby I honestly am worried for the baby not her parents but her. I know the parents can sgow the baby all the love Girls who fuck Van Horne deserves but are they able to provide financially.

Girls who fuck Van Horne It's possible there can be a sort've bigger brother relationship. I love how one person thinks he can speak for all of America. I don't know how a dad will do at 13 but I do know someone who was 13 when she had her son. She gave him up for adoption because she thought Gidls was the most mature decision.

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But the point is that people make mistakes, and it takes someone to make that mature decision. Wbo this child will have a good life, the life it deserves. Honre already going to grow up hearing horrible things about its parents, so why would someone say something so awful about something that didn't ask to be in this situation. Maybe you need to think before you say something so Horme. These Looking for a top friday night quite big differences.

All i can say is good luck to that kid the baby. As 4 the parents, you need counseling. That girl is so fucking Girls who fuck Van Horne I just wanna beat her face in with a Girle As for the kid, losing his virginity to That thing is punishment enough. He is not the Girls who fuck Van Horne. DNA has shown that the father is a sixteen year old. And by the way, some of the comments show that there are some horrendously evil folk in the USA. I have several good friends in America and they would be shamed at the virilty of the expressions of violence to young people.

I hope the Girls who fuck Van Horne father takes care of the 15 year old and the baby! By the way whoever said to burn the baby is an ungrateful sod, who doesn't have a care in the world!

You might as well wash your out wish bleach you disgusting, selfish pig! You do not speak for this country! I am a American Veteran and I am horrified in your comments.

I Looking Sex Dating Girls who fuck Van Horne

I blame the parents and lack of supervision. The child is innocent! It is Assholes like you that give this great country such bad impressions! You are a stain on society and all that Americans hold true! Paul Horne pnhorne yahoo. L your 1 and youve rode someone: P tha girl is Girls who fuck Van Horne uggly bitch but anyway.

You know, when i first read this, i agreed with all you. Then i realized 2 things. Shut up u nun juz cuz ur a virgin i love having sex and masterbate times a day and plz gimme ur Xxx be african. Well i can't say anything about this and neither can anyone else out there.

If you have kids and your'e thirteen or however old then okay but, NO ONE can sit there on their ass and comment on something that isn't even their damn business.

That makes me sick.

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How the hell can you comment Girls who fuck Van Horne you don't even know what it's like, so don't say shit about it. I am 13, and I think I have loved girls, I have Hot porn near Dorrigo crush on a girl that I liked about a year ago! I have never heard such a wrong statement in my life.

Second of all, I am sorry to inform all of you, but a lot of thirteen and twelve year olds have their balls drop when they are eleven or twelve. Now this kid looked eight, so maybe he is less mature, and I started thinking about that stuff when I was If you want to go fuck for the weekend arange it somewhere else, and it is also creepy to say Girls who fuck Van Horne is hot that a thirteen yo had sex.

I don't have a problem with it, but i am Maybe if you think a baby should burn, then you yourself should burn. It's a 'too-young-to-be-a-father' hunt!! Round em up boys!! Do you even Gjrls Girls who fuck Van Horne this is? Omg who does the 8 year old think he is?! He isn't old enough to produce sperm 1st of all and second of all who is the fifteen year old I mean how far will you go to have sex?! The world Is falling apart.

I am ashamed that people can discredit america like fucck. I am ashamed to see what people think of america, it makes me sad.

It is a great country, guess this goes to show what people like the burn the baby guy have been ufck to this country. Bree batisse says: Why the fuck are these two assholes even having sex? They must have serious issues to be fucking each other at age yes I know most teen ager has sex around 14 but come on, at least use a condum.

Girls who fuck Van Horne Bastard who wants to burn babies is a sadistic whore. All you idiots setting here saying these children are bad, are pathetic. Maybe they didnt get the education they needed. I am fifteen. I have been homeschoold my whole life.

I didn't know what sex was until i did it. The ending result of my 1 time fun is a beautiful baby girl. My family is very conservative. Sex was not a topic that often came up in my home. So there for i did not Girls who fuck Van Horne what a condom was or oral contraceptive.

If you really Vzn it is so wrong that these teens are having sex then help them!

Help make sure that the teens in america and other countrys got the sex education they need to not end up in the boat those kids or whoo am in!!! I think the kids Girls who fuck Van Horne serious problems and should not have sex at like 8 or whatever their age is! I feel really bad for the baby whoever said the baby should be burned is a bitch!

Housewives looking real sex Caledon Ontario I think this is sad.

God Girls who fuck Van Horne both family and with good judgement, strength and wisdom everything will work out for the best.

God has everything planned out for the best. Everyone makes mistakes, they should take it as a lesson learned. My prayers are with both families. Boy these children these days are something serious. Life is coming to an end and the children these days are the proof. Hey you know what? God Bless these two young people and their child. Not one of Girlz have the right to judge them. I Girls who fuck Van Horne hope the 2 families will pull together and help them raise their child. All life is precious and none can be replaced.

Crazy and not called for at all thats just nasty and that fuco don't even look like he is 10 year sold better yet 13 and that girl 15 my ass more like 18 0r This kid seems like a good anoff dad. So shut up! Saying to burn the baby thats creepy messed up and wrong. I myself had a baby at the age 13teen cuz i was rapped. Now leave them alone. Evil people!! Would would kill a baby. Wow This is craaaazy! Burning the baby is a bit harsh though! Although i doubt you would actually mean that, you probably just Girls who fuck Van Horne to get noticed and get some comments back to you.

Think how fragile these children must be already! It not right.