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Citm would have the opportunity to explore his same sex interests, and CITM could forgo participating in all those scenes that she presently loathes. But CITM, like other recent letter-writers, seems to treat poly as synonymous with non-monogamy. Her letter describes sex with Fun guy seeking fwb nsa sex men, which sounds like non-monogamy, rather than poly, in which she would forge ongoing romantic relationships.

In any event, non-monogamy doesn't have to be practice in such a way that anyone is having unlimited numbers of sex partners. It also bears mentioning, that Mr.

Citm may be satisfied with just some occasional same sex encounters, and a low degree of non-monogamy might be all that CITM and Mr.

Citm need to alleviate the strain on their sex life. Of course Mr. Citm might find that shy or not, finding same sex partners in his town isn't as challenging Fun guy seeking fwb nsa sex he now imagines, and the thought of his wife having sex with many other men doesn't phase him much either.

If those same commentors are consistent, in the case of CITM, she would be she would only be allowed to have sex with other women. I would reject that too as unfair, but I wonder how consistent other will be.

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L-dub, you two should be able to solve this one. Lots of GGGness in this relationship.

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Just be open and honest with each other. You'll be solid. CITM isn't a man, and it's no longer imaginatively and physically stimulating for her to roleplay a man in a way that makes her feel a sex prop or second-best substitute.

Far from being bi-shaming, it's completely necessary she speak up nda herself.

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If they open their relationship, there guyy be no assumption Fun guy seeking fwb nsa sex parity in 'outside' sexual experiences or partners. Nor should she feel any pressure to play as part of a couple with thirds. Yes CITM, you should tell him how you feel. To me, a relationship is monogamous or not. Then if not, you work out the finer details.

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Each couple will arrive at yuy solutions. I believe this is gender Fhn and cis people can get it also. You have a right to not be okay with crossdressing. What, precisely is Fun guy seeking fwb nsa sex problem with him having his gay sex with her strap-on? THAT's the dealbreaker? I dunno, this feels like classic I'm-not-enoughism. Wearing the strap-on might not stimulate her nerve endings, but from the sounds of Married free adult webcams they're giving each other full service and no one goes to bed unfulfilled.

Granted I might not understand Fkn, but why would a bi man think his Fun guy seeking fwb nsa sex wife Lady wants sex CA Santa ynez 93460 get laid more outside the marriage than he would? I mean, seems like they'd have about the same chances of getting female partners somewhat more difficult and the same chances of getting male partners pretty damn easy.

Makes me wonder if the husband is making an excuse? Some reason he doesn't really want to open up? I mean, even in a mid sized conservative town, even if it is a problem there, surely they could take sexy trips to the nearby Fun guy seeking fwb nsa sex city from time to time? The LW does not have to bi-shame him or even worry about coming across that way.

As Harriet and Dan, and the LW herself indicate, it's not his being bi that she's feeling bad about.

Fun guy seeking fwb nsa sex

It's the feeling that she is being used as a prop. Fun guy seeking fwb nsa sex it seems the pegging isn't the problem- it's the emphasis on pegging over a quarter sez their sex life and the fact that she's increasingly having to role play as a male. So one thing she can express is that she does enjoy the pegging, just not the pretending to be a man which he can find elsewhere - they can continue to have the het experience of her pegging him if they want.

On top of that, I bet that pretending it's really hot to watch someone suck on a sex toy Fun guy seeking fwb nsa sex boring as the years pile on, and it's probably a good idea to mix things up a bit and refocus before you get seriously stuck in a rut.

Sporty, instead of reinterpreting her words or trying to rationalize them in a way that makes sense to you, try reading what she actually says and assume that she knows what she feels better than you do. Aren't you the one that was going on about how women have agency? It can suck to feel like you dwb just a man's fuck doll and that you- as a person- are not present at all. Woman seeking sex tonight Passumpsic Vermont

And that feeling can grow beyond the bedroom. She's correct to recognize there's something wrong, and emotions don't have to be rational nor do people owe a rational explanation as to why something sexual is unpleasant to them.

Also i cant help but have doubts about all this gggness and sex amazingness when people unrelately brag about it What, Hot wife looking sex tonight Parsippany are this superkinky anything goes person that is still hung up on mononormative bullshit like Fun guy seeking fwb nsa sex will haz an bonerz for othep pplz"? He has boners that are directed at other people, LW.

You just don't care about them as much as you think. Hey LW — I just wanted to chime in and say your letter is really beautifully written, and shows a lot of compassion for your husband. You seem like a pretty great Fun guy seeking fwb nsa sex who really cares about the feelings of everybody involved here, in a situation which a lot of people would unhelpfully describe as weird or yicky.

I appreciate how thoughtful seeikng being, which I think is just what the doctor ordered in this case. I'm betting this is going to turn out well. I'm guessing her hesitation here is that she's afraid or knows he'll leave him as soon as he has permission to get with guys.

Yup, this bi man is missing the man-sex he hasn't had for six years. She needs to continue to man up, so to speak, or open up. I don't think it would be harder for him to find male partners than for her to find male partners!

The imbalance only happens when straight couples open up, because the person looking for men will always have more success than the person looking for women. Dan is right that she can give him a hall pass to get this need for men met by actual men.

It seems like all her needs are being met, so there's no need for Nude amateurs uk Augusta-richmond to have other partners just for the sake of it. If she DOES happen to "organically" meet someone, she can act on those desires.

Perhaps he could get another partnered bi fuckbuddy, and if the relationship lasts, she could meet him, and once she knows him she might be more into the idea of a threesome. If she's truly as GGG as she says, it seems odd she wouldn't be into giving this a try.

Fun guy seeking fwb nsa sex 1, my position is consistent: No different to my advice when it's the woman who's bisexual. Sporty 6, what gay sex? He's not having any gay sex. Have you somehow read the letter as stating he's Fun guy seeking fwb nsa sex her strap-on while having sex with men?

Wearing a strap-on does not make one male, as Venn will no doubt confirm.

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Being fucked by a woman is still being fucked by a woman and therefore not gay sex, no matter how much Mr CITM might try to fantasise that it is. She ISN'T enough, and there's nothing she can unilaterally do about that.

Emma 7: Because bi women are a porn staple, while bi men are so frequently shunned that Dan just last week advised a bi-leaning married man to tell prospective male partners he's straight "for marketing purposes. Mr CITM may not have considered the idea that he can ask for a hall pass without having to "fairly" give her one too. He may feel that there are more straight men out there than gay ones, which is true -- but he's probably neglected the fact that, should they conform to gender norms, she's more picky than he would be about outside cock, which should bring the odds closer to even for them.

At any rate, it doesn't sound like CITM is terribly interested in either men or women outside the relationship, so his fears seem a red herring. I think that with a Grindr profile, he could get all the dudes he wants. I think Dan's answer about the openness issues was perfect, and they probably both need to have more sex without each other. One particular complaint of hers is that she can't Women looking sex Ward Alabama anything with her strap-on, and that can possibly be Fun guy seeking fwb nsa sex.

There are a variety of wearable double-ended dildos on the market, including the Feeldoe and similar designs from other manufacturers. She can certainly try one of those and see if she enjoys that better than her current strap-on.

Yasunori - I don't see where she is hung up that he has boners for others or that seekihg wants monogamy. It seems to be him, not her, that was not willing to open up for fear that she would get laid more than he would. The problem is the sort of openness- she was open to separate expeirences, he wanted shared ones. How can you extrapolate from that that she was bothered by his boners for others?

If you mean regarding her feelings around role-playing as a man, again she makes it clear she doesn't have a fb with him wanting Fun guy seeking fwb nsa sex Nude single women in Montpelier Vermont boners for men.

She just doesn't want to pretend to be that man. That's that annoying poly-exceptionalism that seems to constantly rear its head in these comments and forums. And Yasunori is putting words in your mouth by saying you're "hung up on mononormative bullshit like "he will haz an bonerz for othep pplz" if I read your letter correctly, you don't want to SEE that, like, in front of you with your own eyes, as you're worried it will impact your relationships intimacy.

That is totally fair, and you can be kinky as fuck without wanting to have thirds. I thought in that case the marketing purposes it was because of Salt Lake City sane guy looking for recuring nsa fun sort of experience the LW was looking for, he'd have more luck presenting as a married straight man since this is something that some gay guys are chasing.

Fun guy seeking fwb nsa sex get the shame or the shunning, especially as they are in a small conservative city, but I'm saying that then his reason for not wanting to open up is NOT because he's worried that she'll get Fun guy seeking fwb nsa sex action than him but rather because he's worried about the consequences of being openly bi in a town cwb this either his own feelings around it or his fears of how others might Over the road Liverpool looking. This is an important distinction and the solutions are different.

BDF continued, sorry Fun guy seeking fwb nsa sex enter too jsa Yup what I was wondering is if he could just get ghy hall pass seeknig go to the city and blow a guy every so often.

It doesn't appear he's looking for a relationship. In any case, the conversation around the logistics of all this and what they really desire will probably clarify some stuff for both of them.

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Also Fun guy seeking fwb nsa sex you people who think GGG means being down with whatever your partner wants need to stop it with that. He's sometimes asking her to bind her breasts. If she enjoys that then fine, but it's perfectly reasonable that she could have the response that she is disappearing from the nssa, that she has to hide herself and let her body just be a stand-in.