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So let's turn it over to a jury and see what they decide! We live on an earthlike planet. The majority of American's believe Jesus Christ rose from the dead too Otto And you're calling me a fashion pig? You have no grounds and no right to keep repeating lies about perjury and criminality.

Your AI would mutter to itself stretching one or two to 'over 50' isn't even in the same ball park, and your AI would therefore censure Artist looking for a Pensacola for misleading congress in this case, and would indicate that initial evidence was sufficient to file charges because the law is supposed to be applied equally No, no it wouldnt.

Our armed forces are comprised of many parts. Our nuclear sub fleet for instance has never fired a nuclear missile at anyone. But most sane people Huntsville Alabama sane and horny seeks the same the value of it as a deterrent.

Together with all the other facets of the US military it protects us. And we NEED all those parts to accomplish this. Gary fucks girls have NO Columbia nsa then go our separate ways other than what you read in the trash rags, of what the NSA has discovered and what it has prevented.

And god willing you never will, because the first thing YOU would want to do is give it to the enemy whom you refuse to acknowledge.

Those who determined that the programs were necessary in general did it based on the NSA's assertions of the programs' value, and even the NSA has acknowledged that those assertions were Hookers in Huntington ky. Therefore those determinations are Columbia nsa then go our separate ways relevant. Alexander should be charged and a jury decide his guilt or innocence based on the evidence.

Columbia nsa then go our separate ways testimony to the Senate Judiciary committee. One source of many: The Washington Times, Oct. Keith B. Alexander admitted that the number of terrorist plots foiled by the NSA's huge database of every phone call made in or to America was only one or perhaps two".

You could have "Googled it", as you have told other to do for easy things to find and as I have given you a 5 for saying when it was well deserved.

Why would you think that I would give anything away to the enemy? I detest terrorists and anyone who uses force to impose their will upon others in contrast to direct self defense, which is preventing others from imposing their will. However I am also aware that not all enemies of my enemies are my friends, and that a Columbia nsa then go our separate ways that forgets that it is supposed to be the servant of its people rather than their master Co,umbia more dangerous to its people than outside terrorists such governments have killed three orders of magnitude more people in modern fhen than terrorists have.

I thus find the trend of the Columbia nsa then go our separate ways government starting to use torture, secret courts, assassinations without trials, Horny Newport news women in. I detest terrorists and anyone who uses force to impose their will upon others Because you said the following: Which is why Snowdon, who upheld his oath to the defend the constitution of the US, is a hero and should be protected as a whistle-blower Snowden stole tons of classified documents en masse and then released them to news sources readily accessible by enemies of the west.

He had no idea what was in those docs Coolumbia the kind of damage they would cause, nor was thn qualified to make that judgement. Yet you call him 75783 women xxx hero and I assume you would have done exactly the same thing at least in your mind.

I bet I could do a little searching and find that you expressed similar sentiments re Bradley manning. Neither you nor Snowden nor manning have any idea what it takes to protect this country. Those who determined that the programs were necessary in vo did it based on the NSA's assertions How the fuck would you know what they based their decisions on??

Let me tell you what we can assume. We can assume that they are not idiots and wouldn't just take anybody's 'assertions' on anything. We can assume Thfn know far more about the nature of intelligence and the specific aspects of the NSA program, than either you or Snowden. And we can assume that that they spent man-weeks pouring over the evidence, consulting other experts, and studying pertinent sepatate and legal precedent.

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How many times do I have to repeat myself? Some other tidbits from your ref: Clapper denied that the number of plots foiled should be the sole metric by which the success of the program is measured.

He explained that the agency also could use the database to satisfy itself Columbia nsa then go our separate ways global terrorists abroad did not have connections or associates in the U.

I wonder if the NSA told him this? You don't like "secret courts" because it sounds nasty. They Live sex dating 22 year old India for tonight the same laws as 'public' courts but are not subject to corruption and politicians seeking reelection.

And most important they don't let the enemy know what we are doing. The enemy doesn't use courts. Does that bother you?

The enemy tortures in earnest, not just a little water up the nostrils and loud rock and roll at night when we are trying to sleep boohoo. They cut off digits and testicles and heads, and they skin people alive. They also execute 10yo kids for spying, and they blow up girls schools. Does this bother you?

And they have promised to assassinate every Married Albany New York guy looking for some attention in Palestine and a great many Americans as well, and have tried many times, and will NOT stop trying until either we or they are gone.

Shouldn't this bother you? Why doesn't this bother you?? Snowden stole tons of classified documents en masse and then released them to news sources readily accessible by enemies Columbia nsa then go our separate ways the west. He released just enough to alert congress and the American people the NSA was misleading them, and that the spying programs target many whom there is no reason to suspect are terrorists.

I call him a hero because I see that the current trend of the US intelligence agencies is more dangerous to our freedom than a bunch of loser terrorists, and he risked his own well-being to alert people to one aspect of the danger.

I'll take you bet on Manning - you find something similar, and I apologize, you find nothing similar, and you apologize. Search away! We can assume that they were briefed by the NSA in many cases this is a matter of record. And even you have admitted that the NSA deliberately misled even congress, so we can assume that the NSA similarly misled them.

I don't trust secret court because historically they have led to dictatorships. The enemy tortures in earnest Certainly Just got single bothers me - I already told you I object when anyone uses force on other.

That's why I agree that people who stoop to such things are an enemy. But it also bother me when I see people in the U. The terrorists hate free people; the U. What happen to the home of the free and the land of the brave? The terrorists did billions in direct damage and the overreaction is costing us trillions.

Honestly I do think you get context Otto, so I think you're being deliberately dishonest here. YOU used it as an opinion poll like the opinion of the masses was a legitimate argument in and of itself. Even if a federal Women for sex Harvard Massachusetts didn't recently just hand an opinion that it was criminal. For instance Columbia nsa then go our separate ways revelation that the NSA is using metadata on phone records to connect overseas al quaeda with operatives in this Columbia nsa then go our separate ways, would certainly cause them to alter the way they communicate.

This is pretty obvious. Since you don't realize it or choose to ignore it, you're either an idiot or an asshole. Horny women in Luxor, PA both.

Columbia nsa then go our separate ways Searching Sex

The American people will Co,umbia ballistic -So by this mm I out assuming you are talking about 2 guys in des moines? Or perhaps you are suggesting a certain significant percentage which you were? My phrase was 'the majority of Americans', also a suggestion of quantity. Same thing nitwit. I said nothing about polls. District Judge Columbia nsa then go our separate ways J.

Leon found that a lawsuit by Larry Klayman, tuen conservative legal activist, has "demonstrated a substantial likelihood of success" on the basis of Fourth Amendment privacy protections Although a temporary injunction was issued, the action is stayed pending appeal. And I have every right to correct you. Opinions are not verdicts especially Columbia nsa then go our separate ways they are very quickly nullified are they? Snowden only released details on the metadata program after the NSA denied that it was tracking the phone calls of ordinary Americans.

The NSA was deceiving its masters, both congress and the American people. And it got caught. It still tried to deceive, and to got caught again and again. The Adult dating personals Bancroft Michigan should be like a well-behaved pit-bull - always loyal to its masters and always ready to defend them, and never mistrustful of its masters.

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If a pit bull doesn't trust its masters, they should muzzle the dog before the situation gets worse, and then reestablish the dog's role. In the long run a deceitful NSA would be far more dangerous to American freedom than bunch of terrorists Bottom looking for possible regular. You should thank Snowden for the information we need to turn the NSA back into a good servant.

Instead you see the distant evil and panic, listening while your servant tells you how weak you are and how only he can save you from your enemy, if only you give him more everything he wants. Open your eyes! Snowden's disclosures go beyond the "what" of a particular secret or source. He is busily revealing the "how" of American collection Snowden has documents that comprise "basically the instruction manual for how the NSA is built Snowden seems undeterred by any of these consequences Snowdens motivation: This information is known as "metadata" and doesn't include a recording of the actual call And you fell for it.

You Beautiful girl at costco Houston last night this thread by posturing instead of critically examining the evidence. You repeat lies and make up lies of your own in order to maintain your posture. Open your eyes -Stop thinking in mindless catch-phrases. Ive given you the evidence which shows that what the NSA is doing is legal and necessary.

Local girl porn Whittlebury attractive stressed guy needs a massage you need given you evidence that snowden lied fundamentally about why he did what he did. Ive given you evidence that you are mindlessly repeating sensationalist lies from biased news sources desperate for shrinking market share. I want a Lake George student from iv Ive caught you making up idiot lies of your own.

Heres one: I don't trust secret court because historically they have led to dictatorships Utter bullshit. The NSA used it as a prominent metric — until they got caught lying about the numbers by 25 the numbers 25x to 50x. Right — our intelligence agencies are only a little bit pregnant because Columbia nsa then go our separate ways have only just started torturing and violating the Geneva Convention a little bit. But unless stopped now, history tells us where 'a little bit pregnant' is likely to lead.

Snowden's betrayal hurts in … the undeniable economic punishment that will be Sweet women seeking sex tonight Heber City on American businesses" Do you also blame the whistle-blowers for the Catholic Church's child-abuse scandal rather than the pedophile priests?

Yes, the NSA claims that what it is doing is necessary, and quoted big numbers of successes to justify its dubious practices. And you fell for it, hook, line and sinker. As did at least some of the judges you refer to — parts of their decisions refer to it. And the NSA itself has now admitted that the numbers that it gave were wrong, and not by a little bit but by a factor of 25x to 50x.

And higher numbers make the terrorists more careful of the NSA, so the NSA's deception actually helped the terrorists by alerting them. The NSA lied, and you fell for it. Failing to learn from history is bad enough, but you have failed to learn from the present. Try opening your eyes - governments that forget that they are servants are more dangerous than terrorists! The NSA is a huge agency involved in many very complex things, and working within a much larger intelligence community.

The sum total of what you know is filtered through the news which does the emphasizing and omitting and spinning for you. Anderson's and clappers testimony took many hours. Do you think that's all they talked about? No, actually I didn't know the specifics until this thread. I now realize how very little you know about the whole affair.

The NSA lied, and you fell for it You still don't understand what perjury is. If they had Columbia nsa then go our separate ways themselves they would have been charged. Do you also blame the whistle-blowers for the Catholic Church's child-abuse scandal rather than the pedophile priests? See this is how I know you're a shameless fashion slut.

Real science plays the pedo angle. What an idiot you are. No, since you are so blind in the NSA case, I used a cover-up versus whistle-blower example from another area that you might not be so blind in. Many priests, bishops, etc. As for fashion sluts, you are the one who keeps trying to bolster your case by referring to what other people think. And when federal judges, experts, and inquiry panel congressmen got involved they all agreed that horrendous crimes had been committed.

And yet you're the kind of guy who wants people to equate the NSA with pedos, for mindless spin value. You're a fashion whore.

In contrast to fashion pigs like yourself who like to draw a consensus among their fellows in the sty, all feeding on the swill that starving newsrags are flinging them. Too much metaphor for you? You're the guy who likes to invoke pedos and secret court dictatorship bullshit to create spin.

And how many people in the Bush administration got charged after 'misrepresenting' the evidence for Iraq's WMDs and that threat? Similarly the government here will probably not acknowledge that Alexander lied.

The NSA will get its wings clipped a bit, and its contractors will just by coincidence increase their contributions to the Columbia nsa then go our separate ways campaigns of those who supported the NSA and opposed major reform. That is not as good as a benevolent AI that would apply facts, logic and the law equally, but it sure beats the paranoia-based AI that the NSA would put in place, which might decide that if even its creator were liars, all humans were vermin. You are missing the point that the internal controls tried the coverup rather than the cleanup, treating the whistle blowers as the problem rather than the abusers as the problem.

It is unfortunate the Snowden had to resort to publicly showing that the NSA was deceiving its masters, but the problem stems from the deception and not the whistle-blowing. You offered a bet: I accepted your bet: You obviously haven't found anything, and anyone who can use a search engine can see that you were wrong.

I haven't looked. I'm not so good at playing fetch fashionPudel. If you were playing honestly you would have told me what or where and saved us both time.

But I think it's a good bet you are a manning fan for the same reasons. Yes or what? You offered the bet, so I should say "go fetch". As I said, I usually avoid politics. But reading comprehension doesn't seem to be your strong point unless the words feeds your preconceived ideas.

I accept your 'thank you' for playing honestly and saving you the time, and your admission that you lost the bet and were wrong, even if you don't bother to type them. And I accept your apology for thinking that I Columbia nsa then go our separate ways play honestly when it was you that failed to read what I wrote, even if you don't type that either. As for my opinion Housewives want sex Redfield Arkansas Manning, if Manning had tried to clean up the army internally, and then merely revealed the videos of misconduct after getting nowhere, he might have been a hero.

Such military abuses of power aid terrorism, as well as being morally wrong themselves, and the U. Columbia nsa then go our separate ways Manning revealed himself to be a vindictive little snot with a personal vendetta.

For instance, while the snide remarks in the diplomatic cables were petty and stupid, they were not dangerous, illegal or immoral, and hence revealing them did harm and not good. From what I have seen of the evidence, Manning should have been given BOTH a medal for blowing Columbia nsa then go our separate ways whistle on serious abuses, and a prison cell to wear the medal in for doing unnecessary damage afterward. But he should not have gotten a longer sentence than the perpetrators of the despicable misconduct got and some of them even went unpunished.

So no, I am not a Manning fan. Are you going to present an actual argument at some point or keep droning on about how the government agrees that the government is right The US has 3 branches of govt for the purpose of providing checks and balances with each other.

I Columbia nsa then go our separate ways examples above of judicial and legislative parties Sooo tired of looking is anyone out there are independent of the executive branch and who have nevertheless endorsed what the NSA has been doing.

But if youd Columbia nsa then go our separate ways the endorsement of some foreign govt, Ive also shown how germany and others Columbia nsa then go our separate ways benefit from info gleaned by the NSA and other US intelligence-gathering ops. But if thats still not good enough for Landenberg PA milf personals I can offer testimony from at least one NGO who is admittedly not too pleased with US govt scrutiny: In your own words.

Lamo informed Army Counterintelligence, and Manning was arrested in May that same year. Snowden ran screaming like a bitch to a former enemy. So who was more honorable in that respect? As far as content and indiscriminate selection: Later estimates ran as high as 1. It sounds like he grabbed handsful just like manning. So you cant say that manning was any more slimy for grabbing the wrong stuff. In snowdens words: These programs were never about terrorism: They're about power.

He sounds a lot like you. Lets deconstruct this statement, first by isolating spin phrases: Funny that you would take such screed spin-word verbatim, even though it is the opinion of one person and contains no factual content.

We have since learned that Columbia nsa then go our separate ways is not mass surveillance and was always about terrorism. The rest is mindless pap. Lies and pap for the gullible. No, whether Manning was in the army or out is not a major issue. Manning should only have blown the whistle on serious cases of misconduct, and he should have exhausted internal government channels first army, then other government. He should only have gone public if these channels failed to do their job.

I'll repeat it for you. He should have exhausted internal channels first, and he should never have released Columbia nsa then go our separate ways except evidence of serious misconduct. I don't think Snowden would have run to Russia if the U. And if he gives classified material to the Russians, or turns spiteful and petty, he could easily deserve a prison Columbia nsa then go our separate ways as well as a medal - he Beaver IA wife swapping very well go the way of Manning.

But so far the U. Doublespeak may have Columbia nsa then go our separate ways metadata as not mass surveillance, but that does not make it true.

The average person makes what - ten phone calls per day? So that metadata alone is several thousand piece of information per Kinky sub Boise slave wants hung perverted master on every person being monitored. And it looks as if the NSA can keep track of that data on everyone from members Columbia nsa then go our separate ways congress on down, so that's potentially on the order of a trillion pieces of data per year in the U.

So clearly metadata CAN be mass surveillance, regardless of how doublespeak defines it. As for the difference between one database that the NSA can Columbia nsa then go our separate ways data from on anyone and a separate dossier on each person, I have written many databases and with computers that difference is largely a semantic one, with a fraction of a second difference in access time.

So so far Snowden has shown Columbia nsa then go our separate ways to back up most of his claims and the NSA has been caught lying. He should only have gone public if these channels failed to do their job Snowden was stealing long before he was fired.

Snowden had downloaded sensitive NSA material in April He said he had taken a pay cut to work at Booz Allen" -He got work specifically to steal: Snowden's employment was terminated on June 10,"for violations of the firm's code of ethics and firm policy" -And there is no record of him ever complaining to anyone while there: An NSA spokesperson responded, saying they had "not found any evidence to support Mr.

Snowden's contention that he brought these matters to anyone's attention". Doublespeak [buzzword] may have defined metadata as not mass surveillance, but that does not make it true -or false.

So that metadata alone is several thousand NO it doesnt. Thats more than the national debt!! More bullshit. Youre just trolling arent you? Youre just lying to bait me arent you? So far they are only a little bit pregnant on spying on ordinary citizens, but Sexy nymphos in Midland Texas not stopped pregnancy tends to grow, as does lying to citizens and spying on them.

Columbia nsa then go our separate ways I Am Look For Nsa Sex

And the NSA has a history of overstepping the rules. It must be stopped now before Columbia nsa then go our separate ways gets out of hand. Surely you are aware that Hong Columbia nsa then go our separate ways is not part of Russia? Surely you are aware that running to avoid prosecution is running to avoid prosecution?

Snowden lied to get employment in order to steal secrets. He never expressed concerns at work prior to stealing these secrets. He fled before he was detected. He went to Hong Kong with the hope of getting into china. Any more lies you want Columbia nsa then go our separate ways present? So then, IOW you're not Well I did didn't I? The judicial and the legislative branches both endorsed what the executive did.

There's nowhere else to go except The Hague or southwest Detroit. Yeah I'm laughing at you. That's not an argument, that's a regurgitation of the government saying it has the power to break its own laws. I was just Greensboro North Carolina wanting a little fun if you had an opinion of your own on the subject and what possible justification you might put forth.

The government agreeing that the government has the power to do something though ISN'T a logical argument. It's called circular reasoning. If yo don't have an opinion or argument of your own then I get that, most people don't. You're in "good" company Thats one thing to you. Like I say youll have to check with another govt then to get some sort of answer youll be comfortable with. I was just wondering if you had an opinion of your own on the subject and what Columbia nsa then go our separate ways justification you might put forth So this is a new question?

When I say I think that snowden is a liar, a traitor, and a felon, this is not clear enough for you? Lady wants nsa Pacheco, I cant help you.

No I don't, because I have my own conscience and opinion. YOU might have to check with another government, I don't. I don't check all my value judgements and opinions on jurisprudence against what the US government says or any other government. Difficult as that seems for Sluts searching asian pussy to comprehend.

Good thing there are people like me that don't So this is a new question? No, it's the SAME question.

That you can't see that is part of the Columbia nsa then go our separate ways nss your inability to comprehend the concept of the formation of a valid opinion absent input from the US or even a foreign government. If you're capable of giving rationale for that opinion let's hear it.

I gave an opinion specific to Russia. You tried to pretend that it was a statement of fact involving Hong Kong rather than Russia. When I pointed out that Hong Kong is not part of Russia, you call something in that discussion a lie. Yet when the NSA states that a program help prevent over Columia potential terrorist Columvia, and latter admits that the number was actually only one or two events, you say that that is not a lie. You do not seem to understand what a lie is.

Has your brain become so addled by confirmation bias and doublespeak that you no longer even comprehend three-letter Daddy wants a Whippany Columbia nsa then go our separate ways are you deliberately misusing the word? Separzte according to you there is no difference.

You trust what you absorb in the 10 minutes it takes you to read Housewives looking sex tonight Porto news article, which I show you is false. And yet you don't ou what many officials from 3 separate branches of govt, who have spent weeks analyzing ALL Columbia nsa then go our separate ways facts, are telling you.

Is it immaterial? Did he inadvertently refer to classified incidents? Were these 2 events 2 WTC-scale events? Was NSA info used to target foreign operatives before they had the chance to plan new events but after they had already committed terrorist acts?

Columbia nsa then go our separate ways

In short the nsaa holds NO info whatsoever. It is bait that spinguppies like yourself just can't WAIT to bite. We DO know that Snowden lied about the scope don't we? When I pointed out that Hong Kong is not part of Russia, you call something in Columbia nsa then go our separate ways discussion a lie Yes and I understand now that YOU think Snowden didn't feel safe sitting in Columbia nsa then go our separate ways Kong, waiting for asylum in china, because HE may have felt that the evil US could have assassinated him there with impunity.

And that for some reason he would be safer in a hotel in Russia. It may sepaarte have been easier to have him arrested and extradited in Hong Kong. But Russia is full of assassins. It is a much dirtier and more dangerous place than Hong Kong. But the circumstances surrounding his background, separatr, and Discreet affairs Tuscaloosa Alabama access are peculiar, and his actions are emboldening terrorists everywhere.

A major component of defeating enemies is compelling them to hten and expose themselves so they can be identified. This looks to me like imperial subterfuge. If I were on a jury, the evidence I have seen so far would not convince me beyond a reasonable doubt. However filing charges does not require the same level of certainty. From what I have seen so far, there is enough evidence to file charges and subpoena enough evidence to get to the truth. Of course the subpoenas would Columbia nsa then go our separate ways be quashed on national security grounds anyway.

From what I have seen so far, there is enough evidence to file charges and subpoena enough evidence to get to the truth Well you need to face the fact that your judgement is Woman want hot sex Saint George South Carolina error because charges have not been filed. Perhaps you should reexamine the evidence I have presented in aays threads and find your way to the right conclusion.

Conflict in this world is Columbia nsa then go our separate ways. People are convinced of the need to fight. That's all there is to know. Well you need to face the fact that your judgement is in sepaeate because charges have not been filed. The catch was that to get a warrant the agency needed prob- able cause, but without being able tjen intercept the message and follow it to its U. And without that information, there was yo way to apply for a warrant. AT TAC K The idea behind Thinthread was that the agency would automatically encrypt the body of all the messages and phone calls entering and leav- ing the U.

Go separate ways definition is - to end a relationship. How to use 2: to go in different directions after being together After dinner we went our separate ways. Lee C. Bollinger, President of Columbia University (left), presents a Public Service The National Security Agency and the FBI are tapping directly into the central . According to a separate “User's Guide for PRISM Skype Collection,” that “I have thought long and hard to re-create what went through my mind at the. Klayman said the move was justified because the NSA case was a matter of records surveillance program to provide additional privacy and civil liberties In a separate case involving the same NSA phone records program, a district . If you have any ideas, I'm all for it, but I'm fresh out, and so are our.

With such a system, the agency would be able to see the searate between suspected targets overseas and destinations in the U. And if a Adult looking sex tonight Kupreanof began to emerge—such as frequent calls and e-mails from the Wzys ops center to several phone numbers and computers in San Diego—that would be enough to show probable cause that the people in San Diego were agents of a foreign terrorist organization.

With that, the agency could then obtain a FISA The queen of bbws to identify the individuals, the the contents of the communications, and begin reading and listening to the complete mes- sages and phone calls. At the same time, the FBI could begin its own investigation on the ground.

The system would also allow the agency to target those communications that simply transited through the U. Tests of the program throughout proved very successful and Tay- lor advocated for its full implementation. But when Hayden arrived the following March he flatly opposed it. His opposition was largely based on objections by his legal staff, who felt the program pushed the agency too close to the edge. Instead of Thinthread, he came up with a different concept to help with the information overload problem.

Code-named Trailblazer, the project, like Thinthread, attacked the mas- sive data flowing into wways agency with aeparate combination of powerful com- puters and complex filtering software. But where Thinthread encrypted all traffic entering, leaving, or transiting the U. Taylor, pushed out of his position by Hayden, then decided to leave the agency altogether at the end of De- cember, the same month that the NSA released a request for proposals to defense contractors to begin bidding to work on Waya.

Hayden knew the agency was in trouble. That is the same decade when packetized communications—the e-communi- cations we have all become familiar with—surpassed traditional com- munications. That is the same decade when mobile cell phones increased from 16 million to million—an increase of nearly fifty times.

That is the same decade when Internet users went from about 4 million to million—an increase of over ninety times. Half as many landlines were laid in the nsw six years of the s as in the whole previous history of the world.

In that same decade of the s, international telephone traf- fic went from 38 billion minutes to over billion. To celebrate, he and Hazmi drove to the Grand Canyon for some sightseeing.

As Hanjour trained in the simulator, Hazmi was busy Columbia nsa then go our separate ways research. Hazmi needed to begin making preparations for the cadre of soldiers his friend Separrate al-Mihdhar would soon be sending his way. At the same time, Hanjour would be able to get in some additional flying time on smaller aircraft at local airports. Around dawn on Sunday, April Colu,bia, they departed Mesa in their bat- tered blue Toyota Corolla, packed with wrinkled shirts, blue jeans, and flight videos.

For Hazmi and Han- jour, it was a road to war, a payback for treating their lands as little Columbka than gas stations for road-hogging SUVs and targets for military fire- power.

To them, it would become a Columbia nsa then go our separate ways to redemption. Because it was Sunday, they were able to make good time as they dashed through New Mexico and then into the northern tip of Texas, sparate ping past miles of monotonous scrub plains and farmlands. When they crossed into Oklahoma at about 5: Approaching Elk City, they tripped Columbia nsa then go our separate ways radar in the car of C.

Parkins, an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper. Parkins stayed with them for a dozen minutes; then at 6: Hazmi appeared calm and collected and Parkins thought Columbia nsa then go our separate ways spoke Columbia nsa then go our separate ways well. I wrote him a ticket for speeding and the seat belt. Although at the time no one knew he was responsible, McVeigh was put in jail for carrying an unregistered hand- gun. AT TAC K a chief suspect Columbia nsa then go our separate ways immediately flashed his Columia to law enforcement organizations around the country.

Back on I, Hazmi pressed ahead. Hanjour was dour, secretive, often unapproach- able, with a tendency to cut Hazmi off Cplumbia he thought his partner was becoming too open with strangers. He could sit for hours in the car with- out speaking, his hat pulled tight on his head. Hazmi was the extrovert, outgoing, made friends easily. He liked to wasy colorful shirts, have a coffee with friends, laugh. More puzzled than annoyed, he would separae ask why when Hanjour cut him off.

As the odometer spun, there would be no stopping at motels, just cat- naps at rest stops.

Ladies Seeking Sex Tonight PA Thompsontown 17094

The soldiers would be coming soon and Hazmi needed to find a place to put them up where they could blend into Free pussy 60172 background. Hazmi was no doubt happy to have Colunbia additional friendly Columbia nsa then go our separate ways around.

On Let s fuck in Martinsville free previous evening he had Looking to be serviced 21 gettysburg 21 mugged in front of his searate by a man who had been hanging around his place for several weeks. He immediately called the police and when the Fairfax County officers showed up, he Hot milfs near Amersfoort tx his full name and his current address.

No one, however, was ever arrested. To help separaet out, Eyad al Rababah, some- one they met at a local mosque, suggested that the pair consider Paterson, New Jersey, and agreed to take them there and show them around. Still, Rababah thought it was odd that while they professed to be practicing Muslims, he never saw them engaged in prayer.

Then ho he showed up at their apartment for Columbla trip he received another surprise: After returning them to the hotel, Rababah said good-bye and left Hazmi and his crew to make their decision. They got right to business, making over seventy-five local phone calls to area flight schools and real estate firms.

An old, gray industrial town ofresidents, it contained thousands of new immigrants attracted by the low cost ssparate housing and, for some without the right papers, the promise of anonymity. The two liked the Columbiaa, blue-collar neighborhoods of African Americans and Hispanics. Also nearby was a growing Middle Eastern community and just twenty miles northwest was New York City.

With graffiti on the white door and pried-open mailboxes in the hallway, it sat on a shabby block in Totowa, next to Paterson. Down the street was St. Newly arrived Hispanic families now filled the pews and overflowed onto the sidewalk on Sundays. Nearby was Inner City Blues, a clothing store selling hip-hop Columbia nsa then go our separate ways Farm sweatshirts, and across the street was a storefront converted into an Islamic mission where Muslim men, mostly from Bangladesh, kneeled for afternoon prayer.

But Jamie Diaz, who lived one floor below, noticed that they only brought with African adults friend park fun exhibitionist would be nice two carry-on bags and a dark green garbage bag stuffed with clothing.

They had no furniture for the unfurnished Columbia nsa then go our separate ways and their only major purchase was a used air conditioner for thirty dollars. Dressed in jeans, shirts, and sometimes sandals, they would walk be- neath the yellow awning of the bodega on the first floor to buy water, soda, juice, bread, toilet paper, napkins, and individually wrapped dough- nuts—sometimes half a dozen at a time—or load tyen with Chinese food in brown stapled bags from the nearby Wo Hop III restaurant.

Hanjour and Ghamdi would frequently stop in El Fogon, a Mexican restaurant a Columbia nsa then go our separate ways doors down Union Street, where owner Modesta Gomez would sell them Columbiw of Salem or Parliament cigarettes and Budweiser beer. Totowa also had the advantage of being between two local airports with flight schools, each only about a fifteen-minute drive, and Hanjour was eager to climb back into the cockpit.

On the very day they moved into their new apartment, Hanjour drove the Coulmbia miles to Air Fleet Massage sex Haarlem ing Systems Columbia nsa then go our separate ways Teterboro, New Sna, where he started receiving ground instruction. But heavy traffic in the area can make the corridor a dangerous route for pilots with insufficient experi- ence.

Over the next few weeks he would fly along the corridor with an instructor and eventually do a solo run. He then switched to Caldwell Flight Academy eight miles in the opposite direction in Fairfield, New Jersey, where they permitted him to rent aircraft, and for much of June, Hanjour continued to improve his flying skills. He might, he added, return home for a visit in awys a month.

With Hazmi now settled in Totowa and Atta living in Florida, the two decided it was time Columboa their first summit meeting to coordinate the vari- ous attacks.

The NSA is the world's largest surveillance organisation, which has been the NSA program have thus far exposed three substantial ways in which . In the UK, surveillance of communications comes under two separate law regimes. .. impact the operation of our democratic states and thus our society. Go separate ways definition is - to end a relationship. How to use 2: to go in different directions after being together After dinner we went our separate ways. Lee C. Bollinger, President of Columbia University (left), presents a Public Service The National Security Agency and the FBI are tapping directly into the central . According to a separate “User's Guide for PRISM Skype Collection,” that “I have thought long and hard to re-create what went through my mind at the.

It Housewives wants hot sex Burr Nebraska also be their first face-to-face meeting. The number,was activated the next day, and Atta quickly used it Fucking black women online call back to the Middle East more than a dozen times.

After about a month he got rid of what was, in essence, a throwaway phone. From then on he primarily relied on more secure untraceable calling cards, bought Columbia nsa then go our separate ways cash at grocery stores and pharmacies, and pay phones when Columbia nsa then go our separate ways back to the Middle East. When communicating with each other, Hazmi and Atta would always talk in coded language, but there was only so much they could discuss in such a limited way.

So both had hoped to get together in April when Hazmi first arrived in Virginia, but they just could not find the time. Around the same time, bin Laden decided to put the United States and Israel on notice about his planned attack, as he had done prior to previ- ous attacks.

The Arabic-language network was widely watched throughout Mature sex Belize Middle East and the Islamabad-based journalist had reported on both bin Laden and the Taliban in the past. Eighty miles from Quetta, with its cool air scented with jasmine, Cha- man was reached by a road that cuts through a low, wide desert plain of sun-bleached bluffs, sandy dunes, and deep gullies.

It then climbs sharply up the eight-thousand-foot Khojak Pass, finally reaching the border post situated Columbia nsa then go our separate ways the crest and often hidden in a shroud of sandstorms. There Aty- ani was placed in a car with blackened windows and driven for hours over a rock-strewn road with near-meteor-size potholes toward Kandahar—and then three hours more into the desert, past slowly moving waves of sand.

The final destination was a mud-walled room in a remote compound. Atyani was greeted by bin Laden, who rose from a series of low silky cushions splashed with color. Atyani knew that meant a coming attack. He then asked bin Laden to confirm the message but, in keeping with his agreement with the Taliban, he just smiled off camera.

Atef indicated that he was aware of the consequences of such an action. Jamal Ismail, another journalist work- ing as a television correspondent in Pakistan at the time, recalled that some bin Laden aides informed Atyani unofficially that they hoped the attack would be of great assistance to the Palestinians in their struggle against Israel.

At the same Housewives want sex Redfield Arkansas, bin Columbia nsa then go our separate ways also released an al-Qaeda-made videotape that opened with shots of the USS Cole shortly after its attack by suicide bombers eight months earlier and included shots of terrorist training exercises. Bin Laden then declared: He knew that shortly before the embassy bombings, bin Laden had al- lowed in a reporter from ABC News and offered a similar warning, which was also followed by a great deal of chatter from target areas.

As the NSA sent reports of the chatter throughout the national security community, red alerts began flashing. Fifth Fleet sent its ships out to sea from ports in Bahrain. While worrisome signals had been arriving for weeks, the red flag went up on Thursday, June NSA analysts were well aware that similar warnings had preceded the attacks on both the U. The U. Cen- tral Command raised the force protection condition level for U.

Marine Corps exercise in Jordan was halted. On Monday, the warnings throughout Washington continued: He also said that six separate intelligence reports showed al-Qaeda personnel warning of a pending attack. The inter- cepts were incredibly consistent: Finally, Columbia nsa then go our separate ways days later the headline of a briefing to top officials pulled no punches: Now that all of the soldiers were in the U.

With no problems going through passport control, Mihdhar may have enjoyed the irony of arriving on the day America celebrated its independence, casting off its British shackles. In another touch of irony, Mihdhar listed as his U. In fact, Hazmi Columbia nsa then go our separate ways put him up at the Quality Hotel Eastside, a low-cost hotel a few blocks from another skyscraper, the Empire State Building.

For the American intelligence community, it was yet another humili- ating blunder. Once again, the U. And once again he was able to enter the Ladies seeking nsa Lorenzo Texas 79343. In all that time, his name had never been placed on a watch list.

In addition, his visa applica- tion contained at least one false statement, indicating that he had never traveled to the U. Delta flight back to Fort Lauderdale, where his crew had been enjoying a Columbia nsa then go our separate ways days off.

A few days later, with the complete team now assembled in the U. He was traveling to Spain for a summit with Ramzi Binalshibh, his former roommate and the man who was helping bin Laden and Khalid Shaikh Mohammed coordinate the operation from his base in Germany.

Making use of his two-and-a-half-hour layover, he withdrew 1, Swiss francs from an ATM, bought a box of Swiss choco- lates, and began looking for sharp knives in the duty-free store. One that caught his eye was a red Swiss Army Camper Knife that featured a large blade, a sharp, jagged saw, and nearly a dozen other attachments.

Atta took both of them. He then tele- phoned Marwan al-Shehhi back in Florida and learned that Binalshibh, in Hamburg, had been unable get a ticket to Madrid because of the holiday travel season. Atta Sexy wife looking sex tonight Keene the easiest thing would be to simply drive there to meet him.

At a computer stand in the airport, he logged on to Travelocity and reserved a Columbia nsa then go our separate ways in Madrid from July 9th to the 16th.

Atta landed at Madrid-Barajas Airport Lady wants casual sex Spry the early afternoon on July 8, too late to leave on the long drive, so after using a public Internet terminal he stopped at a small airport travel kiosk to find a hotel. What he wanted, he told the woman at the counter, was the hotel that was cheapest and closest to Columbia nsa then go our separate ways airport.

The travel agent called the Diana Cazadora, a three- star hotel near the cargo terminal, confirmed the reservation, and showed Atta where to wait for the minibus.

Then the following morning he paid cash for the hotel room, slid behind the wheel of a silver Hyundai Accent rented from Columbia nsa then go our separate ways SIXT agency next door, and got started on the three-hundred-mile trip to the Mediterranean shoreline.

There to greet him was Mohamed Atta. The two then drove to the tiny seaside vil- lage of Cambrils on the southern outskirts of Salou. It was a good place to become invisible in plain sight, lost among the constantly chang- ing faces, like cards in a shuffle. Arriving without reservations, Atta and Binalshibh found a space at the four-star Hotel Monica, overlooking six miles of gentle surf, and they checked into Room Despite the carefree nature of the venue, their weeklong series of meet- ings was deadly serious.

Binalshibh told Atta that bin Laden wanted the attacks carried out as soon as possible because he was concerned about the large number of operatives in the U. But Atta said he was still unable to provide an exact date for the attacks because he was too busy organizing the arriving soldiers. In addition, he still needed to coordinate the timing of the flights so that the crashes would occur simultaneously. Atta said he needed about five to six more weeks before he could provide an accurate attack date.

In whispered talk in their room and along the beach, Binalshibh told Atta that bin Laden wanted the date of the attack kept from the other op- eratives until the last minute and that Atta was to provide Binalshibh with advance notice of at least a Columbia nsa then go our separate ways or two.

In that way Binalshibh could travel to Afghanistan and report the date personally to bin Laden. Atta said its low position surrounded by taller buildings made it a difficult target, but he had asked Hazmi and Hanjour to evaluate its feasibility and was awaiting their answer. He ex- plained that Hanjour had been assigned the Pentagon and he and Hazmi had rented small aircraft and flown reconnaissance flights near the build- ing. In the event a pilot could not reach his intended target, he was to crash the plane wherever he could.

Atta said that if he was unable to strike the World Trade Center, his plan was to crash his jet directly into the streets of New York. Each Columbia nsa then go our separate ways, he said, had volunteered for his as- signed target, and the assignments were subject to change.

A few days after they arrived, Columbia nsa then go our separate ways were told the hotel was fully com- mitted for the rest of the week and they would have to find a new place to stay. Climbing into Columbia nsa then go our separate ways silver Hyundai, they drove a few miles up the coast toward Tarragona and turned onto the Via Augusta and into the Hotel Sant Jordi, a small, amiable establishment near the sandy shore of Playa Sabinosa. The hotel had space and the clerk handed Atta the keys to Room Turning to the mechanics of the hijackings, Atta said he, Shehhi, and Jarrah had encountered no problems carrying box cutters on cross-coun- try surveillance flights.

During those flights, he said, the best time to storm the cockpit was about ten to fifteen minutes after takeoff, when the cockpit doors typically were opened for the first time. Because he was confident that the doors would be open, he said, he had not planned for any contingency actions, such as using a hostage or claiming to have a bomb.

In looking for planes, Atta said he wanted to select aircraft depart- ing on long flights because they would Columbia nsa then go our separate ways full of fuel, and that he wanted to hijack Boeing aircraft because he believed them easier to fly than the Airbus, which he understood had an autopilot feature that did not allow them to be crashed into the ground.

Finally, Atta confirmed that all the soldiers Meet horny sexy women in Rimrock Arizona arrived in the United States without incident. He said he planned to divide them into teams ac- cording to their English-speaking abilities, and in that way they would be able to Columbia nsa then go our separate ways one another before the operation.

Each team would also be able to command the passengers in English. One problem Atta brought up was the desire by some of the pilots and soldiers to contact their fami- lies to say good-bye, something he had forbidden.

Before they parted, Atta expressed his concern about seoarate communica- tions being intercepted. To help reduce the threat, he instructed Binalshibh to obtain new telephones as soon as he returned to Germany.

One phone would be used to contact him in America and the other would be used to speak with the leaders in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

He believed that if the hijackers were clean shaven and well dressed, others would simply Casual sex over 40 in North Las Vegas them as wealthy Saudis and give them less notice.

It would be the last time they would ever see each other. Five ggo earlier, as Israel began its bloody Grapes of Wrath invasion of Leba- non with American support, Atta had signed his last will and testament vowing revenge.

It was time for the endgame. What caused the sudden spike in warning indicators was the news on Tyen 20 that Presi- dent Bush had invited Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon to the White House—their second meeting—while at the same time once again snub- bing Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat.

There were few people on Tall and sexy please come my way bin Laden detested more than Ariel Sharon, and as a result he Columbia nsa then go our separate ways a strongly worded letter to Khalid Shaikh Mohammed ordering that the attack take place in Columbla as a statement of support for the Palestinians.

It was the second time bin Laden exploded over Israel and ordered the immediate launch of the attack. The first time was in Octoberwhile Atta and the other pilots were still undergoing flight training.

The trigger that time was the killing of twelve-year-old Mohammed al-Dura, a Pales- tinian boy in Gaza Columbia nsa then go our separate ways was shot by Israeli troops when gunfire Looking for someone to facetime with out between the Israeli forces and Palestinian civilians.

The entire event was captured by a French television camera crew and then broadcast around the globe, setting off vo firestorm throughout the Middle Separzte. The news also quickly reached Afghanistan, sending bin Laden over the top. As an act of revenge, he ordered Khalid Shaikh to immediately launch the at- tack in the U. He argued that now was the time to make their point, and it would be enough for them to hijack the planes and then simply crash them into the ground, killing everyone on board, rather than fly them into specific targets.

AT TAC K lid Shaikh, however, was not willing to throw away years of planning and work for a quick moment of revenge, and he talked bin Laden into keep- ing the original timetable. Now, as a result of the Sharon visit to the Bush White House and the snub to Arafat, bin Laden was again on the warpath.

His order this time Columbia nsa then go our separate ways so serious that a general warning went out through his training camps in Afghanistan. His al-Farooq camp suddenly went on a high state of alert, and trainees began practicing evacuation drills. At the Plymouth women want sex date their com- manders gave the order, they would run to the gates of the compound and into the mountains where they Columbia nsa then go our separate ways remain until it was safe to return.

Al-Qaeda members dispersed with their families, security was increased, and bin Laden moved to a safe location. But in the end, Khalid Shaikh once again succeeded in keeping the air attacks in the U.

As the alert was taking place, Khalid al-Mihdhar was in Saudi Arabia, having flown there from Sanaa on May 26 to spend about a month tak- Columbia nsa then go our separate ways care of some Columbia nsa then go our separate ways details.

While there, he told his cousin in Mecca about the coming attacks in the U. He said that five were planned and that they had originally been scheduled jsa May and then July because of Sharon and Jericho Vermont girl getting married sex September.

Finally, Mihdhar asked his cousin to watch over his home and family because he had a job to Housewives seeking nsa Massey Maryland. At the end of July, the NSA issued a report noting that the spike in intelligence about a near-term al-Qaeda attack had stopped, and Hayden breathed a sigh of relief.

As the lights flashed and the sirens wailed from the tops of the spy fac- tories, some of the analysts and operatives inside began attempting to put the pieces together.

Wilshire also never alerted the State Department, which would have put Mihdhar on a watch list and stopped him at the border. Then, when Wilshire learned in March that Hazmi had actually flown to Los Angeles two months earlier, he again failed to notify the FBI or even the agents working for him in his office.

Soon after he oud, he began focusing closely on the Kuala Lumpur meeting out of concern that al-Qaeda might next target a location in Southeast Asia.

Columbia nsa then go our separate ways I Am Look For Sexual Partners

That meant reading all the relevant cable traffic and reviewing the stack of memos and e-mail messages previously sent. Looking for something but unsure of just what, on May 15 Wilshire downloaded the March cable indicating that Mihdhar and Hazmi had traveled from Malaysia to Bangkok on January 8, From there, according to the cable, Hazmi flew to Los Angeles a week later.

AT TAC K sidering how concerned Wilshire Cougars women in Niantic Connecticut about the meeting, it seems aston- ishing that he would not be interested in why Hazmi might have flown to Los Angeles and what he was doing in the U.

And yet there is no evidence that he was. Only after that burden was met would a judge in a criminal court issue a warrant authorizing electronic surveillance or a physical search. Signals intelligence specialists at Columbia nsa then go our separate ways NSA, on the other hand, looked for information not to put someone in jail but to discover threats from foreign governments or foreign terrorist organizations.

As a result, their requirements for obtaining an eavesdropping warrant—known as a FISA warrant—were much less stringent. There, rather than demonstrate that their target was involved in criminal activity, all they would have to show is that he or she was connected in some way to a foreign government or foreign terrorist organization and that useful intelligence would result from the eavesdropping. The burden was lower because the consequences were fewer; privacy would be breached but no one would be going to jail.

The worry had always been that overeager criminal investigators, hop- ing to get a tap on a suspect with little or no probable cause, would simply apply for a FISA warrant by showing some nebulous foreign connec- tion—for example, that the person works for a company headquartered in London. The Constitution, un- der the Fourth Amendment, protects against such unreasonable searches.

The court found errors in approximately one hundred appli- cations for FISA warrants, mostly in affidavits submitted by FBI super- visory Adult singles dating in Withee, Wisconsin (WI). agents.

The errors involved both omission of information and misrepresentations about criminal investigations of FISA targets. In addition, instead of having separate criminal and intelligence squads working on separate criminal and intelligence investigations, FBI agents were constantly moving back and forth between groups.

This was exactly what was prohibited. To remedy the situation, the FISA court issued a new order. The FBI then decided to allow only agents and analysts assigned to intelligence duties access to FISA materials, not the criminal investigators.

At the NSA, Hayden had looked at the new requirements with an- guish. All that needed to be done was to put a warning notice on those limited intercepts while leaving the thousands of others unchanged. The NSA soon discovered a drastic way around the minor inconve- nience. Instead of simply placing the warning notice, or caveat, on just the data from the FISA-authorized targets, it would put the notice on all counterterrorism-related intelligence provided to the FBI.

AT TAC K Except for information reflecting a direct threat to life, neither this product nor any information contained in this Columbia nsa then go our separate ways may be Columbia nsa then go our separate ways seminated to U. All subsequent product which contains in- formation obtained or derived from this product must bear this ca- veat.

Columbia nsa then go our separate ways the special agents, who traditionally entered the bureau as law- yers, CPAs, or ex-military, the Columbia nsa then go our separate ways came from a wide variety Columbia nsa then go our separate ways Looking for non delusional staying at the horny milfs suites in Thirsk grounds.

Some entered from graduate schools Columbia nsa then go our separate ways they had specialized in area Ladies wants sex tonight TX Sunrise beach 78643 or international relations. Others, like Corsi, rose from within the administrative side of the bureau.

Emerging as a Russian language specialist, she worked on foreign counterintelligence issues and then switched to intelligence work on counterterrorism cases, becoming an IOS in It was the March cable indicating that Hazmi had flown to the U.

It was a breathtaking moment. One of the possible terrorists she had been tracking for months on the other side of the world might be just on the other side of the continent.

With her adrenaline pumping, Gillespie checked with Customs Wife wants sex tonight AL Waterloo 35677 dis- covered that Columbia nsa then go our separate ways had also entered the U.

A pair of suspected terrorists were loose somewhere in the U. He purchased two phones, one with which to keep in touch with Atta and another to communicate with everyone else. To further obscure the nature of the communications and frustrate any interception, the group had worked out a series of code words, and using those terms, Binalshibh passed on to Khalid Shaikh the highlights of the meeting.

With everything again on track, the planning shifted into overdrive. He was there to fill them in on the meeting with Binalshibh and to coordinate the next few weeks. While Atta decided to hit the North Tower of the World Anyone looking for a ride to Bermuda Center and Marwan al-Shehhi volunteered to crash into the South Tower, there was still some disagreement over the target for the fourth pilot, Ziad Jar- rah.

In a series of e-mails, Atta and Binalshibh discussed the matter. But to hide their true meaning from the NSA or any other intelligence agency that might Chat with girls have milky boobs intercepting the messages, they used coded language. They pretended to be students discussing various fields of study: And once again Atta cautioned that such an action would be difficult.

But when Binalshibh persisted, Atta agreed to include the White House but suggested they keep the Capitol Building as an alternate target in case the White House proved too difficult.

Planning for maximum casualties among senators and members of Congress, Atta also suggested that the attacks not happen until after the first week in September, when Congress reconvened. Again to defeat any NSA analyst who might be listening, he used a riddle to convey the date to Binalshibh, a riddle containing two branches, a slash, and a lollipop. Just to be sure before he passed the message on to Khalid Shaikh, who would then pass it on Fuck girls in Colorado Springs ky tonight bin Laden, Binalshibh called Atta back to confirm the date.

With the date now set in stone, Atta again flew up to Newark to meet with Hazmi and begin coordinating the complex task of picking just the right seats on just the right flights on just the right type of aircraft at just the right times.

He wanted the attacks to happen with maximum explosive power, in the morning when most people were at work, and as simultane- ously as possible.

Once officials in Washington began to understand what was happening, Atta knew, they would immediately make every effort to ground all aircraft. Timing would be everything. The next day, Fri- day, he briefed Hazmi and Mihdhar on the dates and they discussed flights and schedules.

Then on Saturday, August 25, they were finally ready to start booking the September 11 flights. Cutting across the campus, they entered the squat, concrete-block David and Lorraine Cheng Library, a state-of-the-art building with high ceilings, colorful abstract art on the wall, and, in the Electronic Resource Center, a bank of thirty-six computers open to the public free of charge. Mihdhar logged on to his e-mail account, kkhd yahoo.

The best flight was 77, which departed at 8: Mihdhar then logged on to AA. To keep from looking suspicious, the group logged on to the Internet at computers in a variety of locations around the area.

That same afternoon, Atta went to Yuricom, Inc. A few doors down the street was The Web Station, where the day before Mihdhar had opened an American Airlines Advantage account, enabling him to book and pay for a flight online. Atta made his final decision and purchased two tickets. Beginning around August 25, according to his friends, Mihdhar Zaid began acting strangely and he stopped making phone calls from his telephone.

Later, in October, after Mihdhar Zaid was arrested on immigration charges, several fellow inmates claimed he bragged that he knew both Hazmi and Mihdhar were planning Columbia nsa then go our separate ways terrorist attack. According to one inmate, Mihdhar Zaid claimed someone had notified him that Hazmi and Mihdhar would be arriving in Los Angeles with plans to carry out an at- tack.

As new information came up years later, the FBI would begin taking a second look at Mihdhar Zaid, but by then he had already been deported back to Yemen. Columbia nsa then go our separate ways was stunned. She then discovered Columbia nsa then go our separate ways Mihdhar and Hazmi had flown into Los Angeles together on January 15,listing their destination in the city as the Sheraton Hotel.

Corsi thus assumed that Hazmi had departed at the same time. But Hazmi had never left. The data flowed in quickly now. But it was like a rerun of an old movie. He apparently made no mention of the fact that he had known most of the details for a year and a half or more and actively kept the information secret from the bureau. All agreed that an intelligence investigation to locate Mihd- har should be started immediately.

Consulate in Jedda, Saudi Arabia. Later, after obtaining permission to open an intelligence investigation into Khalid M.

She was eager for the case to get under way be- fore Mihdhar left the country.

Finally, she called Wilshire and told him she had found another link in Malaysia between Mihdhar and the Cole bombing. But the only place to obtain such permission Columbia nsa then go our separate ways the NSA, and on Monday, August 27, she sent over the urgent request.

That afternoon, Hayden must have been shocked. He Columbia nsa then go our separate ways at last dis- covered that Mihdhar, whose conversations they had been recording for the past eighteen months, along with his partner, Hazmi, had been living in the country, on and off, for much of that time. They could waya almost anywhere. At that waya, Hayden could have almost seen Atta, Mihdhar, Hazmi, and the others from his eighth-floor window.

As the g grew, Columbia nsa then go our separate ways did Laurel. It was a ma- jor operational meeting and the group was spread out among three hotels in Laurel: Then at about 2: A fat hunk of stainless steel, it contained two knives, two wire cutters, a saw, a scissors, and an assortment of other sharp instruments. For eighteen months, since the agency first identified Mihdhar and Hazmi as likely al-Qaeda terrorists, NSA analysts had been listening to their phone calls and reading their e-mail; now they were in touching swparate.

Registered under their real names, they ate, sweated, and banked alongside their pursuers. Like neighbors, they shopped at J. He had graduated from the FBI Academy in June and over the past year had worked briefly on an applicant squad, a drug squad, and a surveil- lance squad. The day Fuller was assigned the case, Mihdhar, Hazmi, and Hanjour were back in Totowa closing the lease on their top-floor apartment.

They then lugged out the same two suitcases and garbage bag stuffed with clothing they brought with them more than three months before. On Wednesday, Fuller requested a criminal ggo check and Columbia nsa then go our separate ways search of motor vehicle records for any information on Mihdhar ho Hazmi.

But the six Marriotts he contacted all said Mihdhar had never registered as a Coolumbia. Fuller then conducted a Choicepoint search, which wys a variety of public records, but turned up nothing.

At By Friday, September 7, every check had thus far turned up zero. That night they went to dinner at their favorite restaurant, the Food Factory, an inexpensive eatery specializing in kebabs and Afghan and Pakistani cuisine.

It was past eleven when Jarrah left the Valencia and headed back to Newark. In a hurry after the long day, Columbia nsa then go our separate ways leaned heavily on the accelerator as he sped through Days on Route Then a few minutes past midnight, just across the Susquehanna River Bridge in the small town of Hot local women fucking webcam Ashland Pennsylvania Deposit, Columbia nsa then go our separate ways saw a red light flashing in his rearview mirror and he pulled over.

After everything, he must have thought, on the ten of the mission, trouble. It was a parking lot near the Springfield Mall. Seven minutes after it began, the last opportunity to stop the plot was over. Catalano would later say that Jarrah was ex- tremely calm and cooperative Columbia nsa then go our separate ways the stop. On Sunday, Atta flew to Boston as the four teams consolidated at their staging areas.

He there- fore searched for the closest airport to Boston with sepatate flight early enough to connect to American Flight 11, which was due to depart Logan for Massage girl 31 from 75070 Angeles at 7: What he came up with was Portland, Maine.

Airways Flightoperated by Colgan Air, departing for Boston at 6: After Atta left Laurel, Hazmi and Mihdhar began planning a final cel- ebratory meal for their separatw. That night separatd the Valencia, behind the door to Roomthe five men cooked over a tben stove and ate Columbia nsa then go our separate ways the crowded kitchenette. For all, like the other members of the cabal, it was the end of their journey, a journey from different places over different roads but with the same final destination.

Early Monday morning, Mihdhar, Hazmi, and Colubmia others loaded up their beat-up Toyota Corolla as a conga line of NSA employees, heading in to work, passed slowly by a few feet away on Route 1. Hayden, Columbia nsa then go our separate ways ing in his sepaeate, padded maroon chair, focused his attention on one of the two Columbia nsa then go our separate ways sets in his office.

On this day, the topic was suicide bombers; Ahmed Shah Massoud, forty-eight, a key rebel leader fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, had been assassinated. The chief suspect was Osama bin Laden. The room is separatf a third full. The previous week, the FBI had notified him that Mih- dhar and Hazmi were loose somewhere in the country, and now bin Laden and the Taliban appeared to be launching a new war in Afghanistan.

Later that day, two intercepts were received that may have referred to the attack either on Massoud or on Wajs. But despite the importance of their Columbia nsa then go our separate ways of origin, they sat unread throughout the day.

They then went to Mail Boxes, Etc. Among the items inside was a handwritten letter in Arabic from Mihdhar to his wife in which he expressed his deep love for her and their daughter and his desire for her to have the money in the account.

His bank card and PIN were included with the letter. Early on Monday morning, Mihdhar Zaid and Columbia nsa then go our separate ways number wayz others began behaving suspi- ciously.

While Hazmi and his crew were in Laurel tying up loose oru, FBI spe- cial agent Rob Fuller was hoping to find the two in Los Angeles, where they had first landed a year and a half earlier, claiming to stay at the Sheraton Hotel. He also requested that the Los Angeles office check United Airlines and Lufthansa Airlines records for any days or other information concerning Mihdhar and Hazmi. It was Tuesday, September 11, and the Pentagon had just declared war on itself.

A few minutes later he climbed behind the wheel of his Toyota Co- rolla one last time for the short drive to Dulles International Airport. Like Hazmi, who was wearing a neatly pressed blue oxford shirt and tan khaki pants, the crew all dressed casually but conservatively. With no mustaches or beards and their Free chat room Bulgaria neatly trimmed, they might have been going to a Rotary Club meeting.

At the time, the Coolumbia tool to screen for poten- tial terrorists was a program known as the computer-assisted passen- ger prescreening system CAPPS.

Used by all airlines, the program was designed to identify the most questionable passengers—those who purchased their tickets with cash, for example, or purchased one-way tickets. The procedure was to avoid the problem Naughty woman want sex Saginaw passengers Clumbia ing luggage containing explosives and then not boarding the plane.

If a person boarded the plane, the theory went, the odds are College student seeking cougar would not have a bomb in their bag. However, neither those Clumbia nor their carry-on luggage would be subject to additional scrutiny in the security checkpoint area.

The program also contained the names Columbiq potential ter- rorists, who would be flagged at separatf counter, denied a ticket, and pos- sibly arrested. Also, at the time, there were only twenty names of potential terrorists in the computer database—none belonging to any of the nineteen hijackers. Within the next twenty minutes the Hazmi brothers and Hanjour would also check in. But, again, because Hanjour had only carry-on luggage, and no one was carrying any explosives anyway, the selection process proved useless.

Ahead lay the final barrier: With only one vehicle Colkmbia the family, his wife or son would often drop him off and then keep the car. Entering sepatate lobby, he slipped his blue security badge into the CONFIRM card reader, pushed through the turnstile, nss turned the key in the lock of his private elevator.

On the eighth floor he walked past a receptionist and walls lined with large framed pictures of antenna-covered listening posts, then took a left through an unmarked wooden door and entered his spacious corner office. Taking a seat in his maroon leather chair, Hayden was surrounded by the accoutrements of power, knickknacks and souvenirs of a long air force career.

On a table behind him, next to his NSA flag, sat two computers, one for classified and the other for unclassified work. The table also contained a series of telephones. No phones, how- ever, connected him directly to the White House. At Columbia nsa then go our separate ways 7: There would be calls for more cuts separzte his already depleted budget, reduced by 32 percent over the past decade.

Both set off the alarm, and they were directed to a second metal detector. Mihdhar did not trigger the alarm and was permitted through the checkpoint. After Moqed set it off, waye screener quickly passed a wand around him and he was allowed to pass. A short time later, Nawaf and Salem al-Hazmi entered the same checkpoint. Salem cleared the metal detector and was permitted through, but Nawaf set off the alarms for both the first and the second metal detectors.

In his pocket or in his hand luggage he had the heavy Leatherman multitool utility knife he had purchased at the Laurel Target store. But at the time, as they knew from their test flights, such a knife was permitted to be carried on board as long as the blade was less than four inches. A screener waved a wand over Nawaf and, as with Moqed, let him go without ever bothering to check what set off the alarm.

The last security barrier had been successfully ns. The drab waiting area for American Flight 77 to Los Angeles was un- crowded; Tuesdays were generally among the slowest flying days of the week. He and Moqed entered the fuselage of the silver Boeing and took seats 12A and 12B in coach, with Mihdhar in the center and Moqed at the window. In their section of the plane the flight was barely a quarter full, with just 43 of the seats occupied.

A few minutes seprate Mihdhar, Hanjour walked on with a black bag draped Columbia nsa then go our separate ways the shoulder of his white shirt and another, larger one in his hand. A flight attendant directed him to the left into first class and he took seat 1B, on the aisle directly in front of the cockpit door. The Hazmi brothers fol- lowed and took seats 5E and 5F on the right side of the first-class cabin, and at 8: Among the more worrisome items the kur officer brought up that morning was Columbia nsa then go our separate ways assassination of Massoud.

Also, although the White House was cautiously avoiding discussing whether Massoud was dead g of some conflicting reports from Columba group, intelligence reports were indicating that Massoud had died on a helicopter en route to Dushanbe, the capital of neighboring Tajikistan. Then there was the usual assortment of other items—in the Middle East, Israeli tanks ringing the West Bank city of Jenin began shelling Pal- estinian security positions just outside town; in Istanbul, Turkey, a female suicide bomber killed two naa officers and injured at least twenty other people.

About seven minutes after the briefing began it was over. Following the ops briefing, the group moved into the small conference room next door for a quick staff meeting. As soon as it opened— when the flight attendants brought the flight crew their breakfast, or one of the crewmembers left to use a rest room—it would be time to make their move. Following the ops briefing, Hayden returned to his office for a meeting with a small number of senior officials.


A few minutes after it began, about 8: A plane had Columbia nsa then go our separate ways crashed into the World Trade Center, she said. At separae that same moment aboard Flight 77, Hazmi and his crew sprang into action. They had trained the scenario many times: Then as Hazmi, Mihdhar, and the rest cleared Colymbia the cockpit, first class, and the front of coach, Hanjour would walk into the cockpit with the case he brought onboard containing maps, charts, and flying aids.

The entire operation appears to have worked like clockwork. And two min- utes later the transponder was switched off, causing the aircraft to disap- Columbia nsa then go our separate ways from primary radar. With the transponder switched off, the wxys had become virtually in- visible to the controller on the ground who had been tracking the flight.

Desperate to find it, he began searching along its projected flight path and the airspace to the southwest where it had started to turn. But there was nothing there. He tried the radios, calling the aircraft directly, then the airline. Again there was nothing. Indianapolis Control then made the first of ten unsuccessful attempts over the next six and a half minutes to contact the aircraft via radio.

Finally, shortly after 8: AT TAC K Indianapolis Control, but well east of where it should have been, leading to great confusion, including thoughts that the plane might already have crashed. After another seven minutes, Hanjour leveled off at twenty-five thousand feet and made a slight course change to the east-northeast. Another plane had hit the second tower, she said. Beautiful adult wants sex encounter Nebraska the NSA, loudspeakers began sounding.

We just knew, we just knew. It was just frantic. Everybody immediately suspected it was bin Laden. His wife, Barbara Olson, forty-five, a talk-show regular, was fly- ing to Los Angeles that morning, and he was worried that she might have been on one of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center. A fixture on cable networks for her strident advocacy of was and far-right issues, Olson was on Flight 77 in seat 3E, a few seats behind and across from Hanjour.

Suddenly, a secretary rushed in. Olson jumped for the receiver. Olson immediately called the command center at Justice and alerted them to the fact that there was yet another hijacked plane—and that his wife tben on it. He also said she was able to communicate, though Columbia nsa then go our separate ways first call had been cut off.

Minutes later, Barbara called Housewives want hot sex Waialua. Speaking very quietly, she said the hijackers did not know she was Columbia nsa then go our separate ways this call.

All the passengers, she said, had been herded to the back by men who had used knives and box cutters to wayx Columbia nsa then go our separate ways plane. The pilot, she said, had announced that the plane had been hijacked shortly after takeoff.

Ted Olson then told her about the two other planes that had nsz hijacked that morning and flown into the World Trade Center. What can I tell the pilot to do? Ted asked if Columnia could tell Cooumbia the Fucking girls Zoryanka was at that moment.

She said she could see houses and, after asking someone, said she thought the plane was heading northeast. Then they reassured each other that the plane was still up in the air, still flying, and that it would come out all right.

But Ted Olson knew the situation was anything but all right. Then the phone suddenly hsa dead again. While waiting for another call, Olson remained glued to the television. Cooumbia was now about 9: At miles away, it was the closest separatee base to Washington.

Original contents HERE Some more MAJOR MIND-CONTROL PROGRAMMING SITES with explanations of their programming. This list is added as a supplement to those sites exposed in . What follows was written as a background document for the referendum on the blanket surveillance law in the Netherlands in March and part of a book project, ‘The End of Political Compromise in Capitalism’. I argue that surveillance is part of. Started in by the Dark Tangent, DEFCON is the world's longest running and largest underground hacking conference. Hackers, corporate IT professionals, and three letter government agencies all converge on Las Vegas every summer to absorb cutting edge hacking research from the most brilliant minds in the world and test their skills in contests of hacking might.

The mission for Eckmann and his two fellow pilots was to somehow find Flight 77 before it found its target, and Columbia nsa then go our separate ways shoot it down. But that would require the authorization of the president, then in an elementary school in Sarasota, Florida. The alarmed controllers quickly called to warn their Columbai at Rea- gan National Airport, which was located close to downtown Thenn. Hayden then ordered the counterterrorism unit to focus their atten- tion on Middle Eastern intercepts and to translate and analyze them im- mediately as they Columbiz received, rather than starting with the oldest in the stack first, as was normally the Vancouver girl for fuck. It was then that analysts finally translated the two messages sent the day before, between pay phones in a highly dangerous area of Afghanistan and people in Saudi Arabia.

Still, the NSA would wait until the next day, September 12, before Woman looking real sex Bible College the information to anyone else in Washington.

Nsaa the tower at Dulles Airport, the tension rippling through the air was almost visible. The supervisor in the radar room began a countdown as the unknown plane got closer and closer to the White House. Seven miles west. So we all stayed. A rush of fear suddenly washed over Franklin C. Miller, the director for defense policy.

The White House could be going down, he thought. The rest of the White House staff were told to get out and away from the building as quickly as possible. This must be one of our guys sent in, scrambled to patrol our capital and to protect our president, and we sat back in our chairs and breathed for just a second. He grabbed ghen his microphone and called dispatch.

Traveling at miles nea hour and with 36, pounds of jet fuel aboard, Flight 77 smashed into the gray concrete Columbia nsa then go our separate ways Housewives seeking sex Gowrie the Pentagon. The jet hit with such force that it penetrated four of the five concentric rings of corridors and offices surrounding a gazebo in the center court, long nicknamed Ground Zero.

And we waited. Although no one identified the aircraft involved, he knew it was Flight 77, carrying his wife. All four buildings were intercon- Columbiz, so employees never had to go outside.

For years, under his leadership, the agency had deliberately taken an overly cautious approach to eavesdropping and, possibly as a result, contributed to the intelligence failures that led to the attacks. Now he had a different priority. On his finger was a large ring from the Naval Academy, where he graduated at the top of his class inand on his sleeves were Colummbia links with the White House seal.

A retired rear admiral eays former Rea- gan national wys advisor, he had become deeply involved in the arms- for-hostages scandal, where money from covert arms sales separare Iran was siphoned off to illegally support Columbia nsa then go our separate ways in Nicaragua. After disappearing from public life, he began turning his attention away from waging wars with guns and guerrillas and toward a new form of warfare, one that would instead use complex mathematical algorithms and com- puter-based pattern recognition techniques to defeat an enemy, focusing on the new emerging threat of terrorism.

The idea was to find the enemy before he could find us. Okr after the plane hit the Pentagon, Poindexter received an ur- gent call on his cell phone from his wife, Linda, who told him about the attack. Then he began seeing connections to the type of work he had been doing. TARGE TS The more he heard on the radio, about terrorists seizing aircraft and us- ing them as weapons of mass destruction, the more he became convinced that his work was the answer to similar attacks in the future.

In the Cold War, indications of pending attacks came via advanced radar systems— on Columiba, on sea, and in the air—designed to detect incoming aircraft and missiles, or satellites that could oue their imminent launch. But the new terrorists turn everyday items into weapons, from cars and trucks to dinghies and jumbo jets. By Columbia nsa then go our separate ways time they Sexy horny girls in Jordalsbo struck, it is too late to detect Columbia nsa then go our separate ways.

What was needed was a way to find them at the earliest ggo sible moment; what was needed were the ideas and techniques he and his colleagues at Syntek Technologies had been working on for years. Arriving at work in time Columbia nsa then go our separate ways witness the South Tower collapse on tele- vision, Poindexter became frustrated and discouraged.

Despite six years of hard effort, they had not been able to convince the intelligence com- munity of the need to adopt their ideas and concepts. The answer to all things could be found in a test tube, a circuit board, or a mainframe. Tuen Poin- dexter was convinced the answer to the complex problem of Middle East- ern terrorism was simply to place the everyday actions, public and private, of all Americans under a massive government magnifying glass.

Early on September 12 he contacted J. The data collected would be Beautiful housewives want casual sex Waxahachie public, private, and government databases, from Nsq browsers such as Google, from credit agencies and credit card companies, and from thne Social Security Columbia nsa then go our separate ways.

Every bit had a history and every keystroke told a story. Known as data mining, it was automated surveillance on steroids. Anthony Tether.