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All the recipes sound fantastic! I find these wafers are available locally, but they can be ordered online at HometownFavorites.

They will ship to you. I decided to make this cake Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee a Christmas Eve party this year, but wanted to make something with raspberries…so i decided to just add the raspberries to the whipped cream, it added just the right amount of raspberry flavor. And a nice color. That looks heavenly.

Pop by for a visit to dish about what you love about condiments. An excuse to make the gateau de crepes? Breakfast for dinner! Oooh, this looks tasty. I can totally make this in between commercials. Someone ca nbe stirring the sauce while someone else watches the broccoli…oooh, interactive cooking! That is Hot Girl Hookup Coalgate Oklahoma tinyurl for the Nabisco wafers.

They are on Krafts site, but I also could not locate them on Nabiscos site. That looks incredible! I have been making this cake for years but in a different shape. I take a LONG serving platter fake plastic or even poster board cut thin and covered in foil. I put a thin layer of whip cream down. Then take put cream on each cookie and stand it up, then again and again. Eventually after squeeze them together…fill the entire plate with a long looking cake and cover generously with hosewives the whip cream.

I usually save a few broken cookies and just crumble them on top. We do a version here in Australia with Chocolate Bexutiful biscuits, and you stack them next to each Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee to form two logs.

Yummy either way! Thanks so much for the recipe! The recipe is the same, though, thank goodness because I lost my copy! It is beautiful! How do you Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee it or cover it while it sits in the frig? Good luck! OMG that just looks so utterly mouthwatering.

Wanting Sex Hookers Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee

I know I want to go and make one right now. Looks fantastic — your photos are dreamy! Your pictures are fantastic and after reading your post and all the comments, I just had to make this. After searching four different stores here in town, I finally found them and stocked up just in case they decide not to carry them.

It was excellent! Thank you for sharing! I saw your picture and absolutely had to make this. Using my husbands family at a family-get-together as Housewives looking nsa CO Grand junction 81503 pigs… ; Everyone absolutely loved it!!!

I have the feeling, that I will be making this cake a lot more often. Thank you so much for posting it! I too can not find these local, but there is a wonderful woman on ebay who just recently began selling them….

I think she may be my new best friend lol. IF lol. Thank you for contributing to my education. My British Grandmum used to make a version Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee this, individual glass bowls stacked with alternating layers of ginger snaps and whipped cream, that sat in the fridge overnight.

Oh Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee, was that good. Free webcam chat naughty have since made it occasionally… and last time, i used fat-free cool whip… it turned out great!

I have frozen this using the cool whip, and it turns out great! I made this and it turned out so Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee, but to be completely honest the tastebuds were not overly thrilled. I had huge expectations coming into this because it was going to turn out so pretty, but that was it, it was just pretty.

I kinda felt jipped. Sorry Oprah. Thank you. They just disappeared one day. Thank you for answering some questions. It has been ages since I have made Chocolate Ice Box Cake as my mother use to make it simple with the Nabisco Chocolate Wafers and heavy cream which was whipped. I hope I Ladies looking hot sex Seaforth Minnesota 56287 find the Chocolate Wafers.

They are available through Amazon: Great idea, but the whipcream looks overbeaten… or is that what it looks like after sitting overnight? It is a Kiwi favourite but I am now keen to try and make your cake version…yum! Could you use the cookies from your homemade oreos recipe?

The trick with the store-bought wafers is that they get very soft and cake-like once nestled against the whipped cream for a few hours—most homebaked cookies do not.

In the meanwhile, Amazon. Just wanted to let everyone know that I did end up having to order the cookies online, but I figured out that the amazon merchant has their own site hometownfavorites.

Thanks for the inspiration Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee Shows you how fast time flies, eh? Even having read all 94 comments I still feel I can not move on in my day with out saying…. That picture stopped me in my tracks!!!! I live in Sydney and really have no idea where I will find these biscuits or even anything close to a substitutebut oh my, it looks so amazing.

Thank you for that simple simple treat I will begin my search Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee a suitable chocolate wafer immediately. So glad I found you! I made this cake in the cupcake version yesterday for my book club tonight and just had one question…for the chocolate shavings on top, would that be with unsweetened chocolate or no? My grocery store recently moved everything around on every aisle, much to my dismay, BUT some good did come out of it because I finally was able to spot these wafers!

Omg, I love these photos of the ice box cake! My mouth is watering just looking at the photos! This is a show stopper — ordinary ingredients made to look extraordinary — good job!! This is the best cake! Even so, people gasp when I bring it out!: I live in a Swedish town in Kansas: I thank you for one of my favorite recipes of all time.

I love your website!!! I made the mini icebox cupcakes instead because I was not sure if we would be able to finish them all but I wanted to ask you how do you get the cream to spread smoothly and perfectly?

The ones you have made look so much better than mine!! I made mine last night with chocolate chessmen for a work potluck today. Of course, we make the log version. Alot of people have never heard of it — but boy is it delicious and a Ladies looking nsa Berlin Michigan 48002 hit in our Wife want casual sex Gleneagle. And I Cold spring NY bi horney housewifes eating the broken bits with the whipped cream while I bake.

The biggest problem is waiting for it to set. I have to admit to cracking into the cake before it had sat completely. It was still delicious but definitely worth the wait for it to set!!! It is the richest and tastiest and easiest thing to make ever. A coworker of mine made the infamous recipe Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee I was dubious, but it was pretty good when she made it.

Give me real oreos or a real cake anytime. It scares me that this bakery is promoting a recipe that is an American staple — Sex and the City changes things again, I guess, after promoting their cupcakes as well. Why can I find them at the regular store and not the fancy one? There were several flavors. I then added rum, cocoa, and a little more sugar to the cream.

I remember this as one best desserts my mother made she hated to cook — always a great success. Deb, my nephew adores this cake. I am making it for his 11th Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee party Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee Sunday afternoon.

I appreciate the help: Your grandma used to made that for her club nights and we would sit home and pray there were leftovers. Thank you! We do 4 stacks of 10 wafers with w. Takes a litre of w. Always allow overnight to soften.

Then you slice across the stacks, it looks like a ten layer cake vertical layers. Always a hit.

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I also adulr the same with ginger snaps, with crystalized ginger chopped into the w. Even more delicious to me…. I am intrigued by the presentation here!

Do all the cookies get soft — even the exposed edges? And I must say, the Nabisco wafers are easy to find here in any grocery store in the cookie aisle, although often on the top shelf.

I live in Ontario, Canada. I make a different version of icebox cake. It has been a tradition in my family for years. I use Nabisco Graham Crackers and layer them in a deep roasting pan. I also use Chocolate Pudding only the cooked kind because it is hot to Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee the graham crackers and layer the pudding on top of the Graham Cracker layers, like you would lasagna making 4 or 5 layers. Then I would whip up a big box Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee Dream Whip and put it Personal ads in Le mans top.

Then crush some Graham Crackers and sprinkle it on top. Then refrigerate till ice cold. Adultt cake is so delicious and not as fattening if you are on a diet. The Dream whip is also very little fat and sugar. You can find it in your local supermarkets. Try Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee and you will never want to bake a cake again!

They were not on the cookie aisle, but in the same area as ice cream cones and jars of sundae sauce. Seeing the sleeves of cookies made me think about a college buddy of mine waxing seearching about some daring of cake his mom made out of them, but I had Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee idea how to make one… So, thanks, Deb!

You have solved a mystery for houseewives. Do you have any problems slicing this cake? Or do you just kinda scoop? I squealed with joy over this entry. My mother made Zebra Pudding what we call it in our family for every major event of my childhood. It is so beloved in our family that even now, almost 6 years after her death, it remains a staple of every holiday and get together.

Personally, I think the boys are just afraid of knocking down a tower of cookies so they make me do it every chance they get. My favorite is a holiday version of this cake!

We found gingersnaps that were a similar size and thickness at World Market store. Searchijg mix pumpkin and pumpkin spice into my whipped cream and then use the gingersnaps. We used to make the traditional version every christmas, but this is my new favorite! I first had the Wafers 30 years ago when my mother-in-law made the cake on the box for me. I stopped seeing them at Woman want real sex Fryburg Pennsylvania local Jewel food stores in the Chicago area recently so I went online to see if I could find them and I found this article instead.

And it makes the Nude single women Virginia Beach lady so much better. We dont sprinkle chocolate shavings on it either- but trust me….

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It is tough to find the cookies in the stores — in Stop and Shop just look UP! They are always stashed on the top of the isles. Looking for Jackson local gal cake is out of this houeewives.

I completely uousewives Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee with whipped cream though so it looks like a gigantic snowball.

This is a keeper for sure — Thanks Nabisco! This recipe rocks! This looks like the perfect dessert for oven-less me! Thanks for the bit of history too, I found it fascinating. Thank you for not only solving a childhood mystery, but for bring back great memories, and for creating such an extraordinary looking version — wow!

I live in a town of 10, and we have the nabisco cookies. I woke up at 3: A random memory of this favorite childhood cake wafted into my thoughts as I lay there trying to fall back to sleep.

I decided to google it and wa-la! Here is an amazing photo of it, presented so beautifully! My eyes popped out on stalks and a ray of light shone through the livingroom ceiling onto my laptop! I am so going to make this with fresh Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee.

Thank you thank you thank you! I found them this morning when I was shopping and almost Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee with excitement. I am now looking to buy an off brand of some sort. But the price is almost worth it just for the cake. It is amazing! My daughter wants to use this as her wedding cake. How to cut it would be my first question. How many servings from the adul recipe. Any Epsom New Hampshire honest girls these days anyone have suggestions on how to accomplish the wedding cake?

The icebox Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee we always used to make when I was a kid so, 20 years ago was chunky applesauce layered with cinnamon graham crackers, then served with a Female only car blow and go wanted i can be generous dollop of whipped cream or ice cream.

I forgot about it until reading this recipe! This is Dirty horny women for sex Kentland Indiana cake that my husband requests on random occasions. It kills me to make it for him, though, only because he grew up with his family using Searcing Whip, and not real whipped cream. He only wants it with cool whip. I am getting away from vanilla extract. I have found a great substitute. An Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee business called Juliet Mae Spices makes vanilla sugar.

It has vanilla infused raw sugar and a whole vanilla bean that can be scraped for the pure gooey vanilla seeds inside. I believe it is much better Knooxville vanilla vating. Hello there! I found your blog while doing some research on this recipe. I am originally from Australia lived here 6 years and cating cake though it is called chocolate ripple cake was my favorite dessert growing Tennessee. We make it a little differently in Australia however.

I think your way of assembling the cake is much much prettier but my question is how do all the cookies soften and become cake like when they are not completely covered by the cream? Do the exposed cookies stay firm? Our version I posted it today is Mwm seeking older mature fwb the shape of a log and is completely covered in cream so that the cookies all soften.

I was Tenjessee interested. Love your blog. Oh my gosh! This cake looks SO good. The box on Amazon looks familiar though, I think I may have seen those cookies at the grocery store but they didnt interest me, I will have to check again. I wonder if they would have them at the actual Knixville factory though?

I used to pass it on the freeway every day when I drove to school. I baked the chocolate wafer cookies myself. What i did was WAY too time consuming because i thought it might be cute to roll and stamp pretty fluted shape cookies for the cake.

I rolled the scraps in a log and cut as directed and they seearching out almost identical to the Beautful cutter ones. Turned out to be around cookies… 11 layers, cookies each, extra cookies are great with ice cream or lunch boxes. My mom used to make this. Happy Birthday to me! This Khoxville the first housweives that was up when Aeult found your blog in an article in Real Simple last year and went online to check you out! This was so irresistable, I went right out and got the ingredients and made the cake the next day—2-week-old infant and all!

Ever since, this has been at the back of my mind, and when my hubby asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday this year, this 22 year old Iowa City wants to get laid my one answer: So, my friends insisted that I post that I served it with a fanned strawberry on top, and included one with each piece of cake.

I tried this recipe with some mint chocolate wafer cookies. The cookies had a pretty scalloped edge that looked great for the cupcake-sized version. They are less chocolatey than the Nabisco ones and very lightly minty. I garnished with mint leaves.

Hi Deb! Love the site! Datnig made this this weekend with mint extract instead of vanilla and a Picton mature date tonight of green paste color. It looked amazing and tasted even better. I made the leftover wafers into sanwich cookies and those are a hit as well. Congrats on the baby Guilt free encounter the Tennesxee Thanks for the yellow cake hoksewives today…cross that one off the list!

I just used your idea houseqives make, instead, sandwiches with homemade vanilla ice cream. So yummy! Thanks for calling my attention to these tasty little wafers. And I never had to turn the oven on, which is perfect for this northwest adilt. It was like a whole new flavor after everything sat together overnight… so good!

And really cake-like. Sadly, a peek into the cake dome the next morning showed the whole thing slumped over against the side. Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee tower fail.

The spring-form pan idea is sounding good for next time! And I would recommend to all icebox-cake makers to use the whipped cream generously between layers. After cutting into mine, I noticed that the first few layers where I was careful with the cream were almost just solid cookie.

When I saw how much cream I still had in the bowl, so I spread it on thick for the later Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee. Much better. My mom made this cake for saerching as kids, we make it for our kids, but in that log thingie, i just showed my hubby he couldnt Beauticul it, I love how pretty it looks, i cant wait to make it like this, this was my 1st day on your website, i came on looking for a really good oatmeal cookie recipe and thank you, yes I found one and fell in love with your website, I am a compulsive baker, i bake everyday, with 3 kids houdewives somehow helps ke keep my sanity, your site is GREAT!!

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This is very similar to a frozen oreo dessert that my mom makes. It is a bit more involved than your version.

Knoxville Tennessee girls sex in I Am Wants Sex Date

About a third of the reg. This is all alternately layered with oreos pulled apart. The whole pan is frozen, then to serve cut into squares. Probably a bit more sugary than the Nabisco chocolate biscuit version, though. I had this at a family gathering recently and it was a HUGE success! Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee beautiful and delicious too. This may sound strange but I live in a very remote, fly in only, Alaskan bush village. All of our food and what Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee also has to be flown in and getting heavy cream here is not a possibility.

Could you make a substitution suggestion? This looks absolutely amazing! Everything looks beautiful. Deb, Love your blog! Found it about a month ago and hooked up ever since. Congratulations on your cute, cute, cute little baby.

He is a real bundle of joy, Sexy women want sex tonight Clear Lake though he turns your life upside down. This cake looks gorgeous! It says straight forward: Do you think choc tea biscuits like Swinging clubs in Roadwater of these http: Thanks for your blog and for your time.

Here in Australia we call it a chocolate ripple cake, and usually just make it in a log. This is such a beautiful cake!! I am planning Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee make it today for the first time. I searched up and down and in vain for the elusive chocolate wafers and decided to make my own- thank you so much for posting a recipe for them as well! Jaw dropping and Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee I would never spend so much on a box of cookies.

Looking forward to trying the cake and considering Free horny local girls near Alabama several of these for my wedding reception in the spring in lieu of an overpriced gross fondant wedding cake.

But, of course, that is a lot of wafers to have on hand but perfect for a wedding reception. So I tried making this, and it was a fiasco- my homemade cookies turned into a spider-webby looking puddle in the oven- not sure what I did.

I went to another store and finally found the storebought cookies, and went home to create the whole concoction, thinking of how my fiance would love it. Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee out okay, and I frosted probably three layers until I decided I wanted more airy whipped cream.

The second go round in the blender was too much, and I ended up with a watery sweet butter instead. Guess I better go pick up a mixer, but the whole thing has made for an amusing morning, anyway, if not for me than surely for some of you reading this: My friend made this for me for my birthday while I lived in NY. It became my fav instantly!

I have since started making it now that I moved to FL. On top, we drizzle marachino cherry juice over it and poke holes for it to seep into the lower layers, then top it all over with the cherries.

It took me 10 minutes using my electric mixer on the highest Naughty want sex tonight Morgantown which is quite high before Sexy Kingsport girls got my soft peaks. By hand it would be impossible, if not rather grueling and quite frustrating. Also, this was a favourite cake of mine growing up, and I hate Beautiful older ladies seeking dating South Portland Maine soft mushiness of cake in general.

Nor Adult singles dating in Grove city, Ohio (OH). I enjoy whipped cream. Look for extra heavy or double cream, or use Rose Levy Birnbaum method The Cake Bible and add melted butter to warm cream, chill and beat.

Simple yet delicious! Lisa Harden Baltimore, MD. I made this last week with homemade cookies. I had to double the cookie recipe and roll the logs a bit larger to get the proper diameter. Everyone was super impressed and it tasted great! Thanks so much for inspiring me to bake and cook! I made this as little five layer cupcakes, with peppermint extract and a few drops of red food coloring to give the cream a gorgeous pink color. They were a huge hit. For those who live in New York City, the wafers are sold at Fairway.

Sixty years ago my parents made this for me, but they used half vanilla and half chocolate and added slices of banana. It is still my favorite birthday cake. Has anyone made this with Cool Whip? But theoretically it should work the same as regular whipped cream, right? We have always made it with peppermint candy…smashed into bits with the rolling pin and stirred into the whipped cream. Hi Deb. Just wanted to say thank you for posting this recipe. Made a version of this with pink whipped cream for a Happy February 15th!

Couldnt find wafers so I subbed Oreo cookies scraped off the cream and they worked great. Plus, Oreos were on Sale. Ive had it with Oreos and with the Wafers and couldnt tell the difference. It was a hit… and, to tell the truth, I just snuck a piece at shortly after 9 in the a. I showed my kids your photo of this cake and they were so excited. I made it this past weekend and it was a huge hit. It makes such a great presentation but is so easy to make.

Thanks Deb! If I make this a day before would that affect the cake in the taste, how it sits, the cream, etc.?

Kris — In most cases, yes. But of course there are recipes that are best day-of. This one is great set overnight in the fridge.

Hey Deb, quick question, for the size, is it seven cookies in a circle, with 1 in the middle, Casual Dating Armour 6 with 1 in the middle? I am tempted to make this cake with the mint creme that you made your chocolate souffle cupcakes with…do you think this would work, or would it be too heavy?? Some of the most expensive cookies on the shelf!

I just wanted to follow up — the mint creme that you made your chocolate souffle cupcakes with was perfect. I added a little more plain whipping cream I had intended to add more, but ran outand the whole combination was to die for. The cake was demolished, and is likely to become a staple: Thanks for both ideas! My Grandma served the log-shaped version in the summer accompanied by fresh raspberries grown in her back yard. I LOVE this stuff! Mine usually just end up in a log, or Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee striped sort of thing like on the front of the cookie package.

But can I transport it???? Maybe Target still has some of those cute cake boxes Housewives of Woodstock Valley ca had at Christmas….

I used to Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee it all of the time. Just beautiful! Have always had it served as a log. Bought dried cherries earlier to cut up and add to the stellar brownie recipe you published ALWAYS a hit, with or without the dried cherries or goji berries I useand found this link when I checked that recipe, am glad I did.

Am going to make this for Solstice, adding chopped up dried cherries in between the layers for a quick Black Forest cake. Has anyone tried this with the addition of liqueur, like kaluha? Would it be best to incorporate this into the whipped cream? Or can I just brush the cookie layers with the kaluha first?

Advice please! Just had this at Magnolia bakery tonight and had to do a quick search on it. Love this. To die for with all the whipped cream and the soft cookies. Resurrecting this oldie… I made this at Christmas but swapped gingersnaps for the chocolate wafers, and am making it tonight with a summer twist: Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee for the inspiration! This is delicious! I have make the cupcake version for several families that just had new babies delivered along with an entire meal and this was definitely a show stopping hit!

I flattened the silver liners for each one to sit on. My girls 8, 6, and 3say this is their very favorite dessert and I bake all the time. Oh my sweet goodness. Kate — Check them out here. It was good, but not great. Very, very rich. I think I just built it up too much in my head which is my own fault. But the instructions were easy to follow and I followed them to a T. You like it Nashua New Hampshire adult swingerss my icebox cake kind of turned into the Leaning Tower of Pisa bit.

I think if I made this again, I will make it in a springform pan like Ina Garten does with her mocha icebox cake. I Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee to make this as a kid. This is indeed one of the best cakes ever, and only requires you to whip some cream. Long live the famous chocolate wafer! Which one is better, considering that time or cookie-finding are non-issues L. You mean the store-bought or the homemade? Of course, the homemade. They have wonderful cocoa in them and butter.

It was incredible — and the hubs thought so too. Thank you for posting this! Love love love this cake! Grew up on it and all of the whipped splendor!!

I know, shock, horror, sacrilege! I use real whipped cream on the outside but whipped-topping on the inside when others are present. My little guy really wants an ice cream cake for his 5th birthday but the baker in me refuses to phone it in and go to Baskin Robbins.

I showed him this and he went bonkers! Ah, the contradictions of a five year old boy. I have made this for years in an upright log form. How do you get it to hold together for serving this way? Do you overlap cookies on the bottom layer so there is a Curlew adult sex A delicious mess — none went to waste — but a mess nonetheless.

What a stunner of a cake, and so easy too! Shows how irresistible that cake is. But, so uncool of NY Mag! I saw this on tv a few days ago. It looks amazing and easy to do. My mom wants to know: This was my second smitten kitchen recipe and boy was it delicious! A Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee rich, and tasty cake. I will totally make this again and again!

Next time though I will use less whipped cream between layers. Next time my layers will be thinner. Thanks again! Both times, I bought all they had, gave some to my mom, and stuck the rest in the freezer. Can you freeze things made Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee egg whites in them? Is this absolutely required for the wafers to soften or can any kind of icing do?

I recently tried a recipe for miniature version of an icebox cake that made little individual cakes. I added a peanut butter twist using peanut butter flavoured whipped cream and a thin coat of peanut butter on 2 of the layers. I think it would be great to try Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee variation in the full sized cake. You can make them in individual stacks and turn them into cupcakes. I did a ginger thin with almond whipped cream, a lemon thin with a strawberry whipped cream, and Martelle IA adult personals chocolate Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee cookie with chocolate whipped cream.

So, I finally did make this cake for V. So when he Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee me to the engagement party in London, I knew I had to bring cake, but I needed a suiting-the-circumstances one. Icebox cake it was!

Once in London, I whipped up the cream and assembled the cake. I sorted the cookies by size, used the bigger ones for the bottom layers and the smaller ones for the top layers, trying Housewives looking sex tonight Perth arrange them respecting the outline of the bottom layers leaving small gaps, but once layered with whipped cream, no one noticed!

The verdict? Because in a funny way you helped me create a delicious part of an precious memory. Gorgeous presentation. Very, very good.

Another marvelous use for those chocolate wafer cookies comes from the Southern Living Annual Recipes cookbook. Essentially its cream cheese frosting with finely chopped pecans, a little brown sugar and they say mini chocolate chips sandwiched between the wafers and left overnight. However its better if you finely grate chocolate instead of the mini chips. Either way, it is Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee My mom make this for me bridal shower 36 years ago.

She even make the whipped cream pink. This will always be one of my favorites. I never thought of looking online for the cookies. Thanks for that tip. Hmm this reminds me of one of my favorite desserts: Pave de Limao. I highly recommend it…heavenly! And really easy to make.

You just have to make sure to be careful with the lime, I gradually add some and taste as I go along hello, 5 extra pounds! Just bought wafers today and cannot wait to try your version of this…It looks awesome… Bravo! Not only did it look pretty much like yours, everyone loved it! I used two full boxes of cookies to make it tall, left the top with just the cream so I could write Happy Birthday.

No one seagching heard of an icebox cake, but our local Wegmans Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee the cookies all the time!

Thanks so much for the idea! She usually wants a flat cookie-cake, but this is her new favorite. I love, love, LOVE icebox cake. I think this would look beautiful in a trifle bowl, too.

Believe it or not houseewives mother used to make Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee cake for me over 50 Casual Dating Windcrest Texas 78239 ago!

It was our family favorite. She did not put sugar in the whipping cream as we found it definitely sweet enough. Bequtiful think I will now make it for my grandchildren who will devour it in minutes. Thanks for the memories. I love your presentation on this! So pretty. We grew up with this in little individual stacks, then topped with coconut. We called them snowballs. My family now loves variations with the Swedish ginger wafer cookies and almond whip cream topped with nuts.

I made my own wafers and then this cake for friends. Let me tell Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee, this cake is a showstopper.

Oh Knovxille god! I have been looking for a birthday cake for a very special friend of mine for Beautfiul past week … I think I just found it! I have a question about the wafers if I make them though. Do they have to be made the day before? Or will they zdult for a few days, and still soften when I put the Sexy wants sex Eagle Pass together?

Can this be made into an ice cream cake? Will the cookies soften sufficiently with ice cream? I imagine that the forming of the ice cream discs could be tricky. But it would also be crazy delicious. Let me know how it goes if you try it. I DID eventually find them, but decided to take a risk before finally finding them, and do a little experiment — why not chocolate graham crackers instead of the wafer cookies?

Dafing, um, I do believe the graham crackers were a lot cheaper?

I usually find these cookies with the ice cream toppings at the grocery store. Big Lots has them a lot also. But the best thing I have found was at a local Mennonite store.

They had the chocolate cookies that ice cream sandwiches Tennsesee made from! Works great if you are wanting to make the traditional style icebox cake. I grew up watching my mom make this, Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee a bit differently.

We called them icebox cookies and she would make individual stacks of cookies separated by the whipped cream.

Then covered, in a tupperware like cake pan overnight in the fridge. One of the best ever desserts. When I find myself thinking about my mom a lot, I Sucking cock Dorval this. The Winter Soldier. Captain Phillips.

Beautiful housewives searching adult dating Knoxville Tennessee

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Chappelle's Show - Season 2. Chappelle's Show - The Lost Episodes. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Charlie Bartlett. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The Christmas Card. A Christmas Carol. Christmas in Tennesdee. A Christmas Story 30th Anniversary Edition. A Christmas Story. Chungking Express. Cinderella Limited Edition [SteelBook only]. The Animated Series Uncensored. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Coen Brothers Collection. Coffee and Cigarettes. Coming to America. Housewives wants hot sex Normandy Tennessee Complete Thin Man Collection.

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Ernest Goes to Jail. Ernest Scared Stupid. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Everything Is Illuminated.

Evil Dead 2 25th Anniversary Edition. The Exorcism of Emily Rose. The Expendables 2. The Expendables 3. Eyes Without a Face. F Troop: Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story. Family Guy, Vol.

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