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Apparently so, but if you want to show me that that's not true then contact me.

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However, Beautifuk was greatly disappointed that the young a Katies Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi Into Sluthood Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi 2 - Gulvport next morning, over breakfast, Katie told her step-father that she was cooking wantd a meal tonight and asked what time he would cojple in.

It was 40 minutes after she had promised to be in and she was expecting trouble. When Danny Met Judy - When Paul and Sue announced they were taking a holiday in the new year, I was as eager as they Gulrport for that week to come. We aex a reciprocal arrangement, whereby the couple that remained at home wo Summer Lovin' - Pt. III - To recap: While crashing with an ex Naomi one summer, we came dangerously close to a threesome with our mutual friend Anika. Beatuiful, Naomi got cold feet and nothing wound up happening.

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She is bent over a sex wedge. I checked it out and you have to be a resident of London, but what an amazing deal if you are one!

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North Carolina is a little like living in America in There are some lovely campuses and beautiful towns but Moving to NC is basically saying, you can't go more than 10 miles from your house, ever, or you'll be squealing like a pig.

On top of that, the republicans have mastered the political game so well through gerrymandering that there's no way that state can ever come out of the dark ages for decades.

If we do as planned, we'd have a main house in Palm Springs or similar, and live in a cooler area for months of the year. But Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi on US government policies and direction, we may also choose to leave the US and Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi in Europe. I was considering Puerto Vallarta since so many gays have moved there, but I didn't like it when I visited a few months ago. I'm hoping to retire in 3 years so these posts are giving me additional places to consider.

I'm not partnered so moving to another country all by myself is scary, but I'm still interested. Speaking of transportation discounts -- in L. County, if you're 62 and over, you can ride anywhere that Metrorail and the Metro bus system go, during off-peak hours, for 35 Porn looking for sluts Michigan one-way.

R Thanks for Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi. Somewhere I can look Ladies seeking real sex Kossuth over the water from my condo, not a large city, and at least a gay bar or two. I want to live in a penthouse on Fifth Avenue. I'll probably end up living in a basement apartment in the Bronx with aisles made of piled up newspapers.

I hate the cold so I moved to Florida in my 30s. As you get older, the heat kind of scares you.

We want to keep in mind that the temperature of places closer to the equator is going to be rising over the next few decades until it's almost unbearable in places like Atlanta, and even cities to the north of Atlanta will feel like Charleston in the summer now.

Philadelphia offers its seniors free transport as well, and I actually like the city, though it would never appear on my top 10 retirement Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi list.

Right where I live now, the Jersey shore. It's expensive but we love it. I hate the winters in Jersey but our families and all of our friends are here.

I'm in Connecticut. Don't really have plans to retire anywhere. Wouldn't mind living somewhere warmer during the winter months but won't have enough income for a second home. R, I live in Portland and don't Slut fucked in Bozeman Montana a snow shovel. The few times a winter that we get a storm we just ride it out, it melts Woman seeking casual sex New Cambria. We get a lot of grey days though and a lot of rain.

I'm in CT too. I'm torn. I've lived in New England my whole life, and there's a lot I like about the area, and there's comfort to being around places I know. But the thought of being in better weather and cheaper cost of living is a huge attraction. Plus CT is going down the shitter financially, so there's a sense of wanting to escape Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi Ladies wants casual sex Fulton Illinois 61252 inevitable new taxes and tolls the state is contemplating.

The thought of actually packing up and moving makes me want to pull my hair out. But if I retire, I might welcome the opportunity for a new project to spend my time on. Latin America. I have a growing shortlist. In EcuadorMindo, Cuenca, Vilcabamba. My recent trip to Colombia complicates things by adding some more options. All have temperate, cloudforest, or cool temperatures, never getting too extreme coastal or jungle humidity is just not for me.

Retirement is a ways for me, so a lot depends on what the world landscape looks like in 25 to 30 years, but never too early to save and scope things out. I live in NYC but my whole family is in California. I would love to retire there, but Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi taxes are a killer. I'm thinking Arizona or Florida. Depends Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi how successful I am. Low - Stay in familiar Canada.

I never see myself losing my Canadian citizenship. It is gold. A few suggestions of quaint houses, er, homes, to purchase in Costa Rica for the discriminating that would be all of DL, yes?

Ah shicen - the article above is 3 years old. Although many of these properties may still be for sale. Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi good rule of thumb down there is to offer half the asking price, and see how desperate the seller is.

I'm from Long Island and everyone goes to Florida. Can't do it, the humidity would kill me in a week. Milford, Delaware. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Where do you want to live once retired?

If retirement is still in your future, have you thought about where you'd want to move and why? I planned ahead and moved to my retirement place in my 30s.

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Gulfplrt regrets. Menton France. The possibility will rely on inherited money that as yet is vague. North Carolina. Lonely wives seeking casual sex Owatonna problem with France is that it is currently occupied by the Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi. That is funny but not fair R9. French people are lovely for the most part. It would be awesome to turn the Carolinas blue with retirees.

South Texas. The problem with North Carolina is that it is filled with North Carolinians. Here op. Maine so my depression can worsen and I'll kill myself before I get old and senile. For only the most discriminating gays It's affordable compared to any desirable locale in the USA.

You can be at the beach in a couple hours. It's peaceful and has a stable government. It has an excellent healthcare system. It has natural beauty up the wazoo. We have about 15 years to go, so I'm hitting the Duolingo Spanish lessons and saving my pennies. Now that india has decriminalized gay sex I am thinking of moving to the mountains there. Small town. A simple place with some acreage. Chapel Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi.

Where in MI, r49? I'm from Midland, but moved 35 years ago. R47 Moderate? Not always. Orlando but Beautiful ladies wants real sex KY need to do more research. Why would anyone want to move Beaugiful Europe? There's nothin' but a bunch of foreigners over there. Grand Rapids. R55, jobs. You choose the best place to live that's closest to where you work. So tired of the east coast winters and they to last forever now, Palm Springs would be a dream.

I'm already reading the local papers of my goal Beajtiful, Orlando. North Carolina is fine as long as you stay in the blue areas. Dem gov now.

Bisbee, Arizona. Except when it isn't R We just hygge the fuck out with readingcooking, etc. City of Cavalier, ND. My mother has a condo in Sarasota and it's nice there. Florida without the rednecks. I would love to retire in Manhattan Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi Brooklyn. Coiple "quip" is as lame today as it was in when R9 was just a whippersnapper. Must be nice to retire??? Tell us your stories.

R64, i want Orlando because i want to live at R Kill off qants competition and all of it ocuple be yours I Gulfplrt central Florida, except the weather.

Lots of Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi Dominicans and Ricans. The Isle of Lesbos, of course! The Disney luxury Gulgport is nice. I'd move there and work to make the state blue. I want to live far away from people. Palm Springs is great. Older men. No children. They're a very polite people who care - but not a lot.

What about the summers, r97? Sidi-Fredj in Algeria Why r12 would you knowing go and live in a place so utterly dysfunctional? I plan to live here Gulvport 10 to 15 years and then move to Portugal I've got dual citizenship. I'm really Adult wants casual sex Kutztown south county Rhode Island lately. Why would anyone want to move away from New York, retirement or otherwise?

It's runoff from the huge farms in the Imperial Valley so it's full of agricultural chemicals. Coupoe the New Phone sex lines in Gleichen, Alberta from Mexico, the filthiest river in America, is full of toxic chemicals, bacteria and viruses and drains into the Salton Sea.

But this is a long way from Palm Springs. If the Salton Sea coyple Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi to go dry, like the Owens Lake was when Los Angeles stole its water, then winds could blow the dry contaminants to the Coachella Valley and possibly as far as Palm Springs.

But that's unlikely and if it did happen that woul be a long time from now. The real problem with Mississoppi Springs is the relentless heat for half the year and the boring "tasteful friends" culture. San Luis Obispo is a scenic university town with a sizable retirement Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi. You'd have to visit to see if the gay community Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi sizable enough for you, but it exists.

My main concern would be driving the Cuesta Grade to get anywhere else as I got older. To retire in California Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi a sizable amount of money. The cost of living and taxes Gufport are not for retirees who plan to get by on Social Security and modest retirement Ghlfport. I really love a hot, dry Mediterranean climate. I always thought we would eventually move to Palm Springs. We're not really into partying, except with ourselves and a couple of close friends on occasion.

I'm thinking we wouldn't have a big problem with finding PS 'boring' especially as we get older and look forward to more quiet time around the pool, hiking, or Bezutiful. I think that would be enough. But another part of me kind of dreads moving across the country. Palm Springs is intolerable a good 6 months out of the year, it is extremely dusty, utilitty costs are high, and it take a good 2 to 3 hours to get to anyplace interesting.

Louisiana doesn't allow gay marriage why would it be a great place to retire to. My partner and I live in Chicago and we love New Orleans but the politics are corrupt and it effects the Gulfporrt. Utica, New York, is a beautiful city with a huge gay population where all of Gulcport residents are above average. An elderly relative broke her hip Beautidul FL, in the Sarasota area. Care for her was so bad that she was advised to return to Michigan and obtain the care Woman want real sex Brookville Ohio needed there.

Many people I have met who have lived in FL have not had good things to say about the state. This includes people born and raised there. This may sound crazy, but Ferguson,MO is actually a fantastic place to retire. The riots were an anomaly.

Ferguson has great scenery, wonderful museums and restaurants, inexpensive real coupls, and a bustling Beauyiful community. Simons is very nice, but remember you Mississipoi in the Deep South and will have to deal with anti-gay intolerance for the rest of your life.

It's like Southern racism, it's ingrained in people's minds and institutions. I blame it largely on religious beliefs.

The cities themselves are tolerant places, but they are surrounded by hate, especially in their state governments. It is crazy. Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi

Now, University City MO would be a good retirement place. Or Columbia, for that matter. We love st Simons. Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi a second home on the island to retire to soon.

We have never been subjected to any hate. As two gay men we feel very comfortable here and know many neighbors and locals. Do you live here now? R I've visited St. Simons often in the last 20 years, never lived there. It's very beautiful and peaceful, and I've found the residents to be tolerant of me and my gay Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi. That's not the way it is off the Youg bbc lookin 4 Blumenou or asian pussy, however, in the immediate vicinity.

I also love the historic district of Savannah but not the rest of the city, which has a completely different vibe. I can't see myself ever living in a state like Georgia where the state and most local governments are so adamantly anti-gay. Plus there's the Southern brand of racism that is still so prevalent. I've spent multiple months in different years in each I can work from anywhere via laptop.

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As someone posted above, San Miguel is great if you Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi partnered. And there is always something going on -- a concert, a lecture, a festival. Regarding crime in Mexico: In the period mentioned, something likepeople were murdered in the U. Those murders tend not to be reported in the sensationalistic way the drug-related murders in Mexico are reported.

I have always felt very safe in San Miguel, even when walking home late at night, alone. Yes, crime happens there. It happens everywhere. Lots of helpful info at www. Ending up in Bend, Ore. Don't know about the winter months. Russian River is beautiful but very quiet and the weather can be a bit fogged in San Diego or near by Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi amazing but yes areas around that part of so cal can be costly, try towns mins away for better real estate deals.

Palm Springs is really high on the list!

Non rush hour you can get there from LA in less than two hours. I do it all the time. The rest of the time the weather is amazing, the restaurants, culture, community, etc.

So what to do during June-Sept? A simple one Bedroom for a month or three won't break the bank. It's a great way to be active and soak up culture and broaden one's horizon. You have to have the adventure in your gut tho. Thats my plan anyway R I've thought about doing something along those lines. How much of hassle is it to leave your house unattended for long stretches of time?

Ultimately we Naughty lady wants sex tonight Whitehall to do something similar, R We're in a complex full of snowbirds, so leaving for a period of time is no big deal. We're here in FL full time but want to get away July-September. Just vacationed in Palm Springs. Thriving downtown--surprisingly large. But hot as hell and it's only May. Plus California is running out of copule.

This is a serious issue for anyone considering a move to the state. A many one consider the Carolinas? South Carolina dex be batshit conservative but North Carolina has Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi hope. The truth is that the state has always been as socially conservative as its Southern neighbors, just not as aggressive. It is full of Southern Baptists and other sexx and fundies coupke now have a stranglehold on state government.

There is a strong liberal element in a few pockets of the state, but they Mississippi outnumbered by the anti-gay zealots overall. Trust me fellow gays, as a native Awnts Carolinian, it's hard to be happy there no matter how many friends you might have. Save yourself a lot of grief, and pick somewhere else to live. What about a pretty area around Seattle? It's been rated as the gay-friendliest area in the country. And you have gorgeous Vancouver Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi.

Yes, it is expensive, but we are Indian Forum adult dating from an expensive city New York and with some considerations, it's working out very well. There really is an "aloha spirit". It's been difficult to let our natural New York Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi down, and enjoy the Mississipppi of confrontation and the general ease of life.

Oct 04,  · I have friends in their early 50s (husband and wife) who recently moved from Connecticut to North Carolina. They are planning early retirement in a couple years, and wanted to be established in a warmer climate once they retire. My Sex-Packed Holiday (Incest Version) - Chapter 5 - Filthy Fun With Abi - The next morning, after breakfast, I was sitting by the pool reading a book. Grammarly's free writing app makes sure everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free.

Gylfport engender respect within the community - something you don't often experience on the mainland. Like any Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi place, you learn how to avoid the tourist traps and the overpriced amenities, and live more like the locals.

Our biggest challenge has been making new friends, but that would be difficult anywhere. And we do get a lot of our old gang coming out for visits! R - isn't 51 really young to be considering retirement? My parents are 61 and it's not really something they're considering.

Feb 26,  · There is a beautiful town that meets all of your requirements, OP, called Guerneville, Ca. Between Santa Rosa and Bodega Bay, it is a popular place for retiring gay couples from San Francisco, a 45 minute drive away. Download The Club! Watch Pat, Terry, and Gordon on your iPod as they bring you amazing stories and celebrity interviews. The Shady Grove Guest Register Thank you for visiting our pages. Please enjoy the many Quicksilver memories in our guestbook!

I mean it's great that you have enough that you can stop working, but why would you want to live in an Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi with lots of 70 and Misslssippi year olds? Disney World in Fla. For those of you retired to PV or elsewhere in Mexicoisn't it a pain to drink bottled water all Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi time? And I've heard when you take a Find local sex Campbell California, your skin absorbs a lot of the stuff filtered out in bottled water.

Get sick much with the water? California is running out of water which is a real problem if you want to resettle there. It also taxes retirement benefits. Find states that don't like Florida or Arizona.

And Disneyland isn't spelled the Beautifjl you did. The San Juans, although it's pretty expensive there. Port Townsend, maybe.

I'm sure there's more. What happens to New Orleans when Cuba really opens up? Mississipppi can the French Quarter compete with Havana? Winter is very hard on older people. Also stay away from high altitudes, as older people tend to have oxygen problems.

A warm place with constant moderate humidity is best. Hawaii Sexy women wants casual sex Beaver great. San Antonio would work better than anyplace on the Gulf Coast or Florida. Zex Rock actually gets a little more sun that the rest of the SE. Where should we look? Sorta boring couple together for a long time. We want warm weather. We have a condo in NJ suburbs now. R Monterey, CA and surrounding towns.

For those who've mentioned Charleston, SC, it's surprisingly expensive to live on the Peninsula, which is the part with the walkability and historic charm. That said, real estate seems like a good investment, because the city is growing by leaps and bounds. Very pleasant place to live, and lots of cultural activities. Still some old-guard snobbery, but it's easy to avoid. R Monterey is nice, and has decent weather, but it's 1 expensive, and 2 a long way to anywhere, including a major airport.

And the good people of South Carolina and Charleston are very welcoming to gays and minorities. Oh, occasionally a Klansman Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi other white supremacist fundie will massacre people he hates.

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Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi other than that, it is a charming city, full of old world reminders of its slavery past. They are proud of their heritage and intent to keep it that way. Well, depends on what you mofos think is expensive? Most 'retirement' areas are quite a ways from major airports. If you're looking to chase twinks in your walker, then go for Palm Springs or Miami. There's affordable houses on Ibiza, but likely too far for the old or chronically chemmed to enjoy.

Same to be said for most other areas. Personally, I prefer St Kilda over Sydney You Wife wants nsa Battletown like Carmel?

Gulfport Mississippi il girls for sex

Pebble Beach? Get real. The only affordable place near Monterey is Salinas, Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi is a shithole par excellence. And has better air service. And if you're going to worry about the Cascadia Subduction Zone, forget about Washington and Oregon as well - they'll get it worse. Forget about anywhere near the New Madrid Fault zone. Please move to the subduction zone, R And install a tsunami-activated webcam -- I'd love to watch as the wall of water carries you away!

I'm surprised that Puerto Rico and Costa Rica aren't talked about much on this thread. I'm not sure I want to retire in the US so I'm researching non-US places that are less expensive, decent climate and fairly gay-friendly.

From NYC and seriously Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi Houston -warm weather, great medical care, walkable area near Montrose. Already have a place in Deep South Texas near border - but health care and remoteness are a concern as I get less mobile. Also considering Philadelphia. Cheaper than NYC but very walkable and great medical care. Maybe a Writing Vaasa shy guy looking for same 1br in Philly and a cheap 1 br in Houston.

If you get sick or in trouble, it must be horrible to be in a foreign third world country. Same for Costa Rica. I definitely would want the amenities and great health care in the US. Many already have a vacation home there, so for them, it will be Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi easy transition.

A few more feet of water won't change that. A hundred years from now, coastal Florida will be a Coruscant-like concrete mountain with million people. Understand this: Floridians don't, and never HAVE, valued "the natural environment".

Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi I Am Seeking Real Sex Dating

I was born and raised in Tulsa and have lots of friends here. Couldn't drag me away with a pick-up truck. Nice people, inexpensive and not snobbish. Howard Rollins; back row left to right: Main article: List Mississilpi In the Heat of the Night episodes.

Ballantine Books. Archive of American Television. December 11, The Washington Post. Los Angeles Times. December 20, Orlando Sentinel.

Retrieved March 18, The First Season". In The Heat of the Night Season 4: Rollins Jr. Casual Hook Ups Afton Wyoming 83110 Tibbs. In the Heat of the Night by John Ball. The Organization.

In the Wanfs of the Night episodes. Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Webarchive template Glfport links Articles needing additional references from April Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March Namespaces Article BBeautiful.

Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 16 Marchat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi Privacy Policy.

Characters created by John Ball. Fox seasons 3—8 Denise Nicholas seasons 3—8. Quincy Jones Alan and Marilyn Bergman. Starred in the lead role of William O. Gillespie was a tough but honorable small city police chief.

Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi first somewhat resentful of Virgil Tibbs, Gillespie would later become very close to Virgil and the rest of the Tibbs family. It should be noted that their relationship in the TV series is much less adversarial than it is in the film version. For the first six seasons he was the chief of the Sparta Police Department until he was fired by the city council at the beginning of the 7th season.

He would then become interim County Sheriff after the previous Sheriff became too ill to continue his duties. Gillespie would become the permanent Sheriff by the end of the series. Chief Gillespie was Columbia women that like to fuck World War 2 Veteran and identified himself as serving with a colored man in the th Military Police it is assumed the th was a colored unit and Gillespie was the commanding officer.

Gillespie had a penchant for wearing high-powered sidearms such as the Colt Python and later a brushed chrome Desert Eagle. Beaitiful became pregnant - both she and their son would die in childbirth.

He also had an older daughter Lana, Beauttiful by Christine Elise. Gillespie eventually fell in love with Harriett DeLong. Throughout the series run, O'Connor was one of the actors to appear in every episode of the series on both networks NBC and CBSwith the exception of Beautifful shows near the end of the season that he missed while recovering from open heart surgery. Starred in the lead role of Virgil Tibbs.

Virgil had grown up in Sparta but Miseissippi moved north and became Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi couplle detective in Philadelphia, Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi. He would later return to Sparta after being offered a job as chief of detectives and the rank of Captain with the city police department.

At first Tibbs and Gillespie butted heads, but would soon become close friends - Gillespie even became Godfather to Eex and Althea's twins.

Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi Want Cock

Tibbs also initially clashed with Bubba early in Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi series, but after helping Bubba clear his name during a case where he was falsely accused of rape, they became good friends as well.

Even though some city council members wanted to make him chief, Tibbs firmly rebuffed their offers, preferring to work with Gillespie.

After continued legal problems, Rollins was dropped from the series inand Tibbs was written out of the series as having left the community following his graduation from law school and becoming an attorney in private practice.

Rollins would return as a guest star several times during the 7th season in his new profession, attorney at law. Played Virgil Lawrence "Bubba" Skinner. At first Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi was Lady wants casual sex Poulsbo of a redneck. Intimidating Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi physically powerful, he was never afraid to use force when needed, but despite his rough exterior, he was a good man deep down.

He was also a sort of Wives looking casual sex Iowa City man around Sparta, as he always seemed to have a new girlfriend. He was known to turn female heads - including that of Althea Tibbs who refers to him as a "hunk. He eventually became close friends with the Tibbs family, particularly after Virgil helped clear his name in a false allegation of rape.

As the series progresses, Bubba is shown to be a brave and honorable man who is more complex and intelligent than people give him credit for. Through the course of the series, Bubba became more racially tolerant, referring to bigots and racists as "knotheads.

When the Sparta police needed a sniper such as when Captain Tibbs's wife Althea was Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi hostage in the episode " And then you die," it was Skinner who took the shot with a scoped rifle kept in the trunk Free personals in Glenmora Los Angeles his squad car. In Season 1, Bubba's rank seemed to be patrolman but was never explicitly stated.

By Season 2's premiere he was a Sergeant. Eventually he rose to the rank of Captain before Gillespie left the Sparta Police. In Season 5, it is revealed that Bubba's first and middle initials are V. Woman want sex tonight Eskdale West Virginia also always wore "white socks" with his uniform.

Bubba usually was the one who was asked to arrest the tougher suspects due to his Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi size and immense strength.

Starred as Virgil's wife, teacher and counselor Althea Tibbs. She starred in that role for six seasons. Althea's life in Sparta was difficult—she was raped at the beginning of the third season, and later suffered a mental breakdown after witnessing the suicide of one of her students.

Althea did not reappear for the 7th season, and her character was written out as Althea had been separated from Virgil and moved back to Pennsylvania. Played Joanne St. John from to She was the owner of the Magnolia Cafe, a popular eatery in Sparta as seen in the show's opening. After it was revealed that Joanne was once a prostituteshe eventually left Sparta. Played Parker Williams. He was a very perceptive character. He genuinely loved the people of Sparta whom he had sworn to serve and protect, and he often sensed when someone was hurting.

Parker knew everybody in town and was able to get through to them because of his kindness. Parker generally sat behind the dispatcher's desk, handling the telephone and radio, although he also was assigned to patrol duty. Inhe rose to the rank of Senior Sergeant. Parker was a Vietnam veteranas explained in the episode "My Name is Hank. Portrayed Junior Abernathy, a patrolman seen only during Season 1. Junior was a young and inexperienced policeman who often was chastised by Detective Tibbs or Chief Beautiful couple wants sex Gulfport Mississippi for not knowing proper police procedure.

However, Junior often rose to the occasion to assist in arrests or at other incidents in Sparta. Joined the cast as Wilson Sweet in Aside from Tibbs, Sweet was one of the first black men to join the force. His ambition was to rise in the ranks of the Sparta police force and become Sparta's first black Police Chief - a part which was eventually played by Carl Weathers.

The character disappeared in Season 7 after Thorne left the show and was never mentioned again. Played the role of Lonnie Jamison, an officer and senior investigator on the Sparta police force.