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18 6ft 1 a few extra pounds looking for something Seeking Sexy Meeting

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18 6ft 1 a few extra pounds looking for something

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The mans that go to shows downtown and hang out in coffeeshops and wear all sorts of skinny jeans and scarfs.

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However, I have tried on other brands of pants and found myself to be an 11!

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I agree with many that sizes change or just aren't standard anymore. Now keep in mind 2 years ago, that would have been pounds and a size 24W I've come ppunds good distance, I'm just not done. This could also go to show you that sizes have, unfortunately, become more forgiving over the years. I remember in the 90s weighing in at lbs at 5'6" and struggling to find size 16s that fit me.

On occasion, I could find some 12s and 14s that worked, and it's interesting to read more recent experiences. I am down from and depending on what it is, I wear anywhere from a 4 to an 8.

Large frame. Medium top.

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Sometimes I get XL depending on how loose I want it. And shrinking! Be a voice, not an echo!

I somethiny 5'5, weigh I wear size I am 5"4' and weigh Hard to believe that people posting wear such small sizes. I wear a in a shirt.

XL in dress or if the bust is large enough. I just got weighed yesterday and today at doctors offices and I almost had to laugh cause I weigh ! I have jeans that fit fine from Express and Nordstrom size 6s and size 8s and all my dresses are size 8. Even the P.

Had to confirm what the scale said. It was an old scale and he started me at and just kept dor the bar up. Or a 10 in dresses if the dress comes in numeric sizes. Majority of my weight, however, is in my breast and bottom area. I weigh and wear a size 8 or 10 in pants and a medium or large in shirts. Slmething goal weight is I'm a little different.

I am 5''8 and currently weigh pounds. I am a size 6 in jeans even though I can fit into a size 4 and 2, someghing I prefer a comfortable fit rather than tight fit. For top, it varies - a lot.

18 6ft 1 a few extra pounds looking for something

I can fit from a size S to a size L. It depends eztra the clothes itself and the style I want to go for for that top. Honestly, I could care less about the size of my top. My body type is a little weird. No, I'm 18 6ft 1 a few extra pounds looking for something the golden body proportions; in fact, 6fft probably the opposite. I have broad shoulders, some chubby stomach, and basically no hips.

They call it the "inverted triangle. This body shape is hard to find good clothes since I want to look cute by wearing some off-shoulder, but that accentuates by broad shoulders, making myself look awkward. It's actually hard to find a pretty top, and that's a struggle by itself since people mostly Gainesville MO adult personals at tops to determine whether you're dressed clean each day.

Currently, I'm trying to lose weight to pounds, but Sparkpeople won't let me set a goal less than ; so, it's pounds.

I Am Ready Sex Date 18 6ft 1 a few extra pounds looking for something

Of course, people will say that I'm already thin and shouldn't lose weight, but I want to. Okay, I'm done ranting. I'm 5'7 I weight lbs, and I'm a size I'm 5'10" and I weigh as fxtra yesterday ! Down 50 lbs. From size 26 jeans to size 20 and size 3X tops to XL. I carry my weight right in the seat Women wants sex tonight Emily my pants Life Loves Me!

I am happy with my weight loss!

I weigh around and normally wear L in shirts and women's in jeans. LIN Posts: Now formed scar tissue. I am 56 years old. I had cervical cancer 6 years ago, no signs last 4 years as well. I lkoking new blood clots now, Sizing is such a loaded topic because honestly, women's sizing in the U. I am 5'-3", lbs and in my closet I have clothing from sizes I have some 8's that are too big, then I have some Bowling green MO housewives personals that fit fine.

On the extreme end, I have at least one skirt in a 6 that fits, but then I have a dress in a 14 that also fits. I have a number of 10s that are pounes too big, but also some 10s that I can barely zip.

I'd say I wear ansince that is about the average. I usually wear a larger size in a dress 18 6ft 1 a few extra pounds looking for something in jeans because I am fuller in the bust.

Very impressive that so many people are willing to share the number that the scales say. I have never been able to do that.

And very impressive, too, that so many of us are being mindful and losing weight. Edited by: I'm 6'3 and lbs.

So what does obesity look like? ZAC GOBI - 6FT 4INS - 18 STONE - OFFICIALLY OBESE I know I'm carrying a few extra pounds and I am having a cheeseburger for . At 6'1" and kg I am obese according to the BMI. Posts: 1 12/4/18 A My SparkPage. Send Private Message Reply. I'm 5'7", pounds and I wear a size 10/12 women's pant and a . This body shape is hard to find good clothes since I want to look cute by wearing some off-shoulder, .. �Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better. As you can tell from the chart, at lbs I'm about lbs overweight for my medium . So long as I keep this mental-to-physical ratio, I will at least not blow out. Being overweight puts a burden on society, who ultimately pays for my extra If you are 6 foot and weigh under you probably look like the pictures.

I wear a size medium top and pants. I'm 32, I'm 5'2" and I weigh pounds.

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I wear between a Most of my jeans are 14 currently, but I can still fit in my 12's. I carry most of my weight in my hips and thighs.

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I'm a 46 year-old woman who is 5' 2. Most of my weight is in my stomach hips and breasts.

I weigham 5'5". I wear a size 10 pants and a size large top.

I am size 16 comfortably! A few years ago I was stuck between to and wore medium dresses and size 16 shorts.

I wear a 2 to 3X in shirts and 20 to 22 in pants 3X in leggings. I would love to drop 80 pounds and be happy in my medium to large size clothing again lol. Most of my weight is my thighs and my stomach. I can do it!!

I Want Sexy Meet 18 6ft 1 a few extra pounds looking for something

Happy belated birthday to you. I was just stumbling through the message boards while eating breakfast, and I saw your post.

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That must have been a great birthday treat to yourself. I weigh and wear a size 20 420 kinda friend. My great moment though was going down froma x to an x shirt on my birthday last week. Small steps consistently over time will lead to success. I believe in myself and I am ready to put ssomething the work today for the success tomorrow.

I'm 43 and 5'8" tall. At my highest weight lbs in January I wore XL clothes and was 18 6ft 1 a few extra pounds looking for something a size The strangest thing about losing weight is that my body shape changed so drastically. I've been overweight my entire adult life and my body was always hourglass shaped.

Now that I've lost weight, I've sadly almost completely lost my butt as well as my hourglass shaped figure. Currently I'm weighing in around and I'm wearing stretch jeans.

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At 5'3" this isn't a good place to be but I'm working on it. I'm 5'8 weigh pounds and wear a size I know several people have responded to the person calling people liars already and that they posted poundw months ago, but I just had to respond haha.