Friday, April 28, 2017

Kids' Review: A New Friend (The Adventures of Sophie Mouse #1) by Poppy Green

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Publisher: Little Simon
Publication date: January 2015
My rating: 4 stars out of 5

Publisher's description

Springtime has arrived at Riverlake Forest! Buds are blooming on trees, and the air smells of honeysuckles. Sophie Mouse can't wait to go back to school after the long winter break. But she and her classmates are in for a surprise when they learn that they're getting a new classmate . . .

My review

I'm not even sure how I happened to pick this up at the library since it is really below Miss R's reading level, but there it was on the library shelf.
She picked this out for me to read to her - definitely not our usual read-aloud material. She likes that we can finish one in only a night or two though. The books are very cute and Miss R has enjoyed them. We've since read the second in the series as well (The Emerald Berries) and have the third from the library.  

In this book, we meet the residents of Riverlake Forest. The new classmate is quite the surprise and, on the first day, the students aren't very nice... including Sophie.  But Sophie's heart tells her she didn't make the right choice and so she vows to make amends the very next day. But the new classmate doesn't come back! When Hattie and Sophie go to pick flowers for Sophie's mother, Sophie gets in trouble and the new classmate comes to the rescue. There is some peril in this book, as well as the second book, but it's pretty mild with a happy ending. There are currently ten books in the series with two more already scheduled to release this year in August and October.  

Miss R's review

It was a good book. It's about a snake and he doesn't have any friends because he's new. He's pretty sad and Sophie tries to get enough courage to talk to him, but she is scared and so doesn't. Sophie Mouse loves to paint. She gets these buttercup flowers to make paint, but she gets trapped in a hole and then Owen the snake comes and saves her. He lowers his tail down and zwoop... he gets her back up. I like Sophie Mouse because she likes painting and she's adventurous. I like Hattie the Frog because she is Sophie's friend and I like frogs. I like Owen because he's a snake and who doesn't like snakes? Well, lots of people actually, but I like snakes. I recommend it to kids who like adventures and kids who care about animals like snakes. 

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