Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Welcome to Purrfectly Bookish!

Welcome to Purrfectly Bookish!  My name is HeatherAnne. Here, you will find book reviews and probably more than a few pictures of pets, including my two cute cats, Luna and Bodhicitta, our Coonhound Birdie, and our two pet rats, Cocoa & Lucy. I live in a suburb of Kansas City, MO, USA where I homeschool my two children, teach piano lessons and work part-time as a youth advisor to teens.

Purrfectly Bookish is not my first blog but this is the first one devoted exclusively to books and my love of reading. My preferred genres include fantasy, women’s fiction, young adult, and cozy mysteries (particularly if there are clever cats involved). You will also see reviews related to our homeschooling adventure, such as non-fiction books on history or science and great read-aloud chapter books. The Monthly Manly Review will post once a month featuring a review from my husband and my 13yo son and 9yo daughter will each be contributing as well. For fun, join me every Saturday when the pets take over for Happy Caturday

As a super busy mom, I really appreciate good referrals in all aspects of my life. It takes so much time to find the right resource. When we lean on friends and get their input, so many things are so much easier. It does take a village afterall. Let me be your mom-friend book recommender. I welcome your input, comments and book recommendations! I look forward to making many new friends on this book adventure!
selfie in my favorite reading spot
Selfie from my favorite reading spot

two cats snuggling watching birds outside window
Bodhi & Luna - can't talk... bird watching

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