Saturday, February 25, 2017

Happy Caturday #4

This is a book blog first and foremost, but it's also a book blog written by someone owned by cats. So every Saturday is officially Caturday here at Purrfectly Bookish. I'll share images and tales of my own kitties and any others I meet each week. I also volunteer at the local animal shelter so you may see some sweet adoptables here too. If you have an awesome kitty, doggy, peeg, ratty or any other pet you would like to see here, you can either comment with a link to a picture or email me about sharing your cute pictures on some Caturday Saturday. 

More kitties and a PEEG this week. Share your photo links in the comments or contact me about having  your sweet fur babies (or scaled babies or feathered babies...) featured on a future Caturday.  

Pat from Durham, NC, USA
My little angel, Pat. She is 4 pounds of fierce personality and sweet power!

Java from St. Joseph, MO, USA
¡Yo quiero Taco Bell bag! 

Mr. Alexander Rozhenko Piggy, of the Houses of Mogh from Kansas City, MO, USA
And his owner's favorite book!

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