Saturday, February 18, 2017

Happy Caturday #3

This is a book blog first and foremost, but it's also a book blog written by someone owned by cats. So every Saturday is officially Caturday here at Purrfectly Bookish. I'll share images and tales of my own kitties and any others I meet each week. I also volunteer at the local animal shelter so you may see some sweet adoptables here too. If you have an awesome kitty, doggy, peeg, ratty or any other pet you would like to see here, you can either comment with a link to a picture or email me about sharing your cute pictures on some Caturday Saturday. 

The shared photos are starting to roll in!!!  Check out these cute pets!  

Kitler from Mobile, AL, USA

Oskar from San Diego, CA, USA
He had been rescued from the streets....a friend said she saw a man killing cats in an alley, and he was saved from that scene. He's a gorgeous softy lumpy lump, still scared of a lot of things, but we love him.

Up for Adoption: Sydney
Sydney from Kansas City, MO,USA
 This is our foster dog Sydney. She is a sweet, affectionate greyhound mix (lurcher) looking for a loving forever family with a good tall fence. Her adoption page is here:


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